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Turlutortue geocoin -UPDATE- post # 100


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Hi everyone, I would like to share with you my geocoin in progress. I received sample of my turtle (this is my logo of Creations Jacqueline). I am showing only the Antique silver version because it's the only sample that is almost as I asked. Changes are in progress but you get the general idea.


Front is in 3D with imitation hard enamel and back will be in translucent only for the AS version. No colors on the back for the other versions. Art on the back will stay hand drawn, no computer conversion, so yes it is not perfect but reflect a bit what I am, good but not perfect! It's inspired from Bali art I do for some home decor accessories.


When the new samples arrives I will post back.

Hope you like it. I do! :lol:



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An awesome new personal I must add to the growing number of amphibian coins. I agree with Beverly about the hand drawn vs. computer rendered graphic - it really gives it a hand made quality.


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OOOhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyy GGGGooooooooddddddddnnnnneeeesssssss! Absolutely love your geocoin Turlutortue.


Very Nice job, we love to have one of these in our collection, If you are keeping a trade list, will you please add us to it. Congratulation on your geocoin! Like it? Love It! :lol:

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I absolutely love this coin! Make sure to keep us updated on the progress and (though my bank account is growling at me) put me on the list to get one of these! The good thing (hopefully) is by the time the coin goes on sale I will be in my next months coin budget.


Oh well ... regardless ... it's a must have so ... I guess I need to start picking up overtime a work, huh?!?!?! :lol:

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