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  1. Got this email:You are receiving this email because this listing is on your watch list. Visit the web site to change your watchlist settings. teamdndracing grabbed The Witch's Coin Chain Mission #1 - SABRINA (Walpurgis 2008 Geocoin) at 1/1/2013 Log Date: 1/1/2013 Found this in a collection of coins from a recently passed Cacher... Will move it ASAP Visit this log entry at the below address: http://coord.info/TL4K74G1 Visit Walpurgis 2008 Geocoin The Witch's Coin Chain Mission #1 - SABRINA http://coord.info/TB289FM Profile for teamdndracing: http://coord.info/PRZ38D Remove from watchlist: http://www.geocaching.com/my/watchlist.aspx?id=1683384&DS=2&ACTION=REM
  2. Yesterday I received a cute card with little penguins and a very cool Damselfly coin! Thank you, Pingos!
  3. Email sent: Nov. 4 Name received: Nov 21 Mission sent: Yes, went in the mail this afternoon. Mission received: Not yet.
  4. Your welcome and I am so happy that you liked it!
  5. Email Sent: October 16 Name Received: November 1 Mission Sent: November 30 Mission Received: Yes! I received a wonderful Winter Mission from 57chevy. I love it all. Thanks so much 57chevy, I will be posting pics and more info soon.
  6. An encrypted 3D calling card that will allow us to contact the aliens some time in the near future.
  7. FScout


    121 Thanks for the cointest!
  8. Email sent: Nov. 4 Name received: Mission sent: Mission: received:
  9. Wow, I love em. Hope you can make a visit back down here around the homeplace.
  10. Darn! Thought I had to midnight but just checked and reservations are closed.
  11. I just received a reply to my email to Mr. Gray. I am officially NOT getting assigned a number. But he reassured me that there will be more ways to get a Mr. Gray geocoin in the future.
  12. Here's another fun one catsnfish hosted. You had to find find three coins split in halves that were hidden in their online magazine. It was a lot of fun searching for the coin matches and reading the articles written by other cachers. Here's the link: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=235032&hl=
  13. Here is one I really enjoyed although there have been many. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...c=232553&hl You had to post where the coin was hidden on Ayres Rock in Australia.
  14. Count me i too please. I also haven't done a mission in a long time. Email Sent: October 16 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: Thanks for the mission and hope Lorca heals fast and feels better soon.
  15. Sorry folks, it took me a while, but Mission #1 is now on it's way to the next recipient.
  16. I was very excited Saturday to find a silver envelope in my mailbox containing unit #070. What a really cool coin! Thanks Mystery Coiner for making me a part of the study!
  17. Mission 1 has also landed safely. What a nice gift on the 4th of July weekend. The package held two coins, of which names I do not know. One is a little life jacket and the other has hearts and roses, very pretty. I'll be getting it back out in the mail as soon as I decide on the next recipient. I have received both missions now so I will continue to have fun watching the rest of the mission play out. Thanks to the Finding Irish 4 for the neat coin and to Opalsns for such a successful and fun mission.
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