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  1. So. Mine apparently have just left Oakcoins'... and will arrive while I'm on holiday. Delay again...
  2. I'm just wondering. Has anyone received their coins yet? I've gotten two newsletters from shops (US and German) and it seems like the coins are available in both places. But nothing has showed up here in Switzerland yet. Any news about international shipping?
  3. We're a part of it and the Swiss coin will look like this : Only 50 coins ordered and the event is getting lots of Will Attend notes. Hoping the stock will be enough... No trade here.
  4. Here's a new batch coming up for sale! Thanks a lot to all who auctionned on the previous list of coins. If you're interested in more coins, feel free to check out our eBay list. Year of the Tiger Geocoin Lotus Compass geocoin, Set Edition Figueira da Foz 2009, LE Green Figueira da Foz 2009, LE Black & White Monster-in-a-Box geocoin, LE Black on Gold 10 Years of Geocaching geocoin, Switzerland 10 10 10 Powers of TEN geocoin, Connecticut 10 10 10 Powers of TEN geocoin, Switzerland 11-11-11 Multi-event geocoin, Switzerland 12-12-12 Multi-event geocoin, Switzerland 11-12-13 Multi-event geocoin, Switzerland Celtic Peacock geocoin Shri Yantra geocoin, Special Edition Di Li Cang Bao Geocoin Kaleidoscope Geocoin, LE2 2010 Chile Pepper geocoin, XXLE Keep on Cachin' geocoin, LE Orange GeoJellies 4 Geocoin, Sweet Mead GeoJellies 4 Geocoin, Elven Wine Happy bidding! Oh, and there are surely more coming next week...
  5. Hi everyone! I have been scarce on the forums lately, many things are going on. I have done some cleaning up in our geocoin collection and I have set aside a few handfuls of pretty old or rare coins, or newer ones who asked me to change places. In order to let energies flow, I have decided to sell these coins to get new space for new stuff! I will sell them in batches, as listing them all on eBay is time-consuming. Today, I have listed the first batch there, and more will come after they are gone. Please come and check out if there's a coin or two you'd fancy for Christmas All coins are uncirculated, unactivated and trackable on Geocaching.com (unless specified otherwise) List of coins for auction, click here to get to our eBay list Lotus Compass geocoin, Osiris Edition Lotus Compass geocoin, Nephtys Edition GeoJellies 4 Geocoin, Cloudberry GeoJellies 4 Geocoin, Poopsicle GeoJellies Geocoin, Big Bean Hot Shots Karma 2010 Geocoin, Woodland Nymph GEOFARM Swiss Mega Event Geocoin Figueira da Foz 2009, RE Monster-in-a-Box geocoin, AE Purple on Antique Bronze 10 Years of Geocaching geocoin, Switzerland 10 Years of Geocaching geocoin, Praha 10 10 10 Powers of TEN geocoin, Connecticut 10 10 10 Powers of TEN geocoin, Switzerland 11-11-11 Multi-event geocoin, Switzerland 12-12-12 Multi-event geocoin, Switzerland 11-12-13 Multi-event geocoin, Switzerland Compass Rose 2010 geocoin, Flores Celtic Peacock geocoin Shri Yantra geocoin, Special Edition
  6. No Facebook for me, so I check here regularly. It's kind of a sad thing that original official places get deserted like this...
  7. The Swiss coins are in! Great job, the design looks real good on the finished coins Thanks everyone!
  8. Today I have received a note via e-mail, stating the coins have been shipped. That leaves merely 20 days for the coins to cross borders and customs. Fingers are crossed, time is short. Considering the coins must have been sitting in Geoswag's hand since before the November event, they could have taken out of the process this extra stress for all international event hosts. Oh well...
  9. Have the international versions been shipped yet? The event date draws near quickly...
  10. I also placed my order Sunday night (own time), while the form contained some errors (0.15 for the 3rd color, and no option to leave a zone without enamel), and asked for confirmation. Still waiting, though. I preferred when we only had to pay when the coins were ready to be shipped. No trade for me, thanks.
  11. I love the antique bronze plain finish. The wood looks great! I hope to be able to get one of the LE's. I generally like the design, the coin looks good as a coin, although the dragon is no viking style. I also have to disagree with your use of runes. Never forget that runes were not meant to transcribe English... there are some sounds (th, for instance) that fit and have their own sign, and others (sh, for instance) that don't and generally don't work well with runes; and there were rules to follow to use them correctly. Plus, "than" does not mean the same thing as "then". If you need some help with runes, send me a PM, I'll be glad to be of some use.
  12. I can't activate the coins either... has someone else the same problem? I'd love to activate one coin for discoveries during the event. Wednesday is coming fast...
  13. The news are good, my husband was awake and we could talk. He can eat a bit again, but couldn't remember what happened. So I explained him about his accident and said you all are sending him good vibes. Now we must give him time to fully recover, but things are looking good. If he can be among us for the event, that would be truly great! Back on topic, I forgot to thank Michael for the good work and the goodies in the parcel. It was much appreciated. It just seems that the coin for Borek wasn't set apart the way we agreed via e-mail, but I can do it myself. No big deal. Thank you all for your kind words and support
  14. Thanks! First good news, the coins are in, and they look great! I hope to come back this afternoon with more good news...
  15. I really hope my coins will arrive shortly, that'd be one worry less. For those of you who don't know what happened, my husband and caching partner had an accident while geocaching last Saturday and ends up in hospital with a broken skull. His health has been pretty stable since he went in hospital and I'm anxiouly waiting for his real awakening. I'll keep you posted when good news come in. As far as the event is concerned, I'll still host it no matter what, all my attendants are more than willing to give a hand and are all offering me great support. I doubt I'll have many coins left, this year! Please all, cache safely!
  16. Same here, some great pictures! Wow, I can't wait to see them in real... fingers crossed so that they arrive in time!
  17. True. And is the mint shipping them directly to event hosts, or are all the coins passing through Geoswag's to be distributed?
  18. We're exactly one month before the event and I would love to know how it is going on with the schedule. Is the shipping getting started? Our event is already fully booked (which surprised me to no end!) and that's a whole lot of people I don't want to let down. There won't be many left-over coins this year
  19. I couldn't agree with you more, especially with international shipping which can get slow before Christmas. I would hate to let our attendants down on this.
  20. For me (international shipping), it was in addition.
  21. No transparency at all, that's sad. We can't even verify the original info that was posted (now deleted) on the spreadsheet. There has been no discount between the first quote and the invoice, although it's been said they'd work in that way. With only one extra (1 glow color on the backside) and 75 coins ordered, I have to pay $7.03 per coin and a whooping $0.94 shipping to Europe! I'll have to add the customs taxes, which will be very high again, especially since the rate changed last year but I hope the senders will choose to use the simplified form. I expect to add roughly $0.7-$1 per coin for taxes.
  22. Wait!! Does this mean I actually CAN get Glow #4 in the numbers on the back? :anicute: CF30 I'm confused. Was this ever not an option? I already chose it and it was confirmed... Me too, I guess it is ok.
  23. We've sent confirmation to Michael. This is what the Swiss coin should look like : We're so looking forward to seeing the coin in real!
  24. Thanks Michael for the invite! I will work on the coloring tomorrow... I'm looking forward!
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