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The Herd Geocoins are in!

The Herd

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With help from Rusty, we have finally got around to creating our "The Herd" Geocoin. Only 100 of these were produced, and 40 are being offered up for sale. The first samples have come back, and the rest are being minted now, with expected shipping to us by late March. We are accepting reservations now and won't bill anyone until they are delivered to us and can be inspected for quality.


The Specs:

Coin: The Herd Geocoin

Size: 1.75" x 3.5mm

Finish: Black Nickel- soft enamel

Base metal: Bronze

Trackable: Yes

Icon: No

Number made: 100

For Sale: 40

For Trade: 20?

Mint: Personal Geocoins




We will take any reservations now (please include Herd Geocoin in email subject), and will paypal invoice as soon as they come in later this month. Cost is $8.00 per coin, limit 2 please. Shipping is $1.50 per coin, $2.00 for two coins.


Please include:

Geo nickname

real name

shipping address

paypal email

quantity (1 or 2)


Thanks all!

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I have responded to ALL emails that I received about this coin. It IS sold out. Names have been added to the "waiting list" just in case. We do still have some for trading, and if you are interested in that, please send me an email.


Thank you SO much for your support of our first coin! Who'd have thought it would be such a big hit!

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Did receive your second email, and replied. Hopefully you get mine. Please note that I do NOT get notification to PMs sent through this site. Therefore, if you sent requests through PMs, I did not get them until just now. However, none of them were dated before the coins sold out, so you will be added to the wait list...which is getting VERY long!

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Got our coins today, and they are AWSOME! For those of you that ordered one, and heard back from me with a sale confirmation, please look for your pay-pal invoice tonight or tomorrow.

interested in trading personal coins?


At this time, I think all coins set aside for trading are spoken for. If things change, I will post an update.



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