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  1. OK, I'll play, put me down for one.
  2. Trades all made and arranged - a big THANKS to those that helped save the day!!
  3. Tiki Stacker for Tiki Stacker Trade? Looks like we missed out on the latest Tiki Stacker - Five-Five, so we had a meeting, took a vote (it wasn't pretty) and decided to sacrifice one stack to save the other two. So, in the off chance anyone out there has an extra couple of Five-Five (#3), and the need for a Stubborn Stone or Following Fellow (#1 or #2), let's see if we can keep the stacks alive. (or, and this is really reaching, I can offer a "guarantee" at TikiStacker #4 (the Tiki man has been very generous) for a Five-Five) - - that's a lot of numbers. Thanks Update: half way there (Thanks) -
  4. The dragons arrived here in Utah yesterday - just wanted to say they look great, job well done! Thanks!!
  5. Probably worth traveling for, but I'll have to settle with a purchase if you have one available after. Please add my name to the list. Thanks (email request sent also, sorry for the redundancy)
  6. One leaves town for awhile, and you miss so many things - I hope not to miss the notice on these. The most interesting thing to come down the back-stays in some time. They look great - and fun.
  7. Now those brings back memories - would love to pick up a couple or a few. Thanks
  8. These are worth driving across country for, but I'm hoping there will be another way. Great design!
  9. Put an email order in for 2 - great coin!
  10. Yes, the minute I ordered a Regular, and returned to the site, the LE's showed up - bad timing, but I'm glad they are there. Got a couple of those too, so you can combine the orders if you want. They look great, but cetaceans are my weakness - Thanks.
  11. My set arrived over the weekend and they are great! Very unique and just down right fun to handle and look at - really boxed up nice, too. Thanks for a beautiful set of coins!
  12. Just to let you know, the Butterflies arrived in Utah yesterday - They look great! - Thanks
  13. E-mail request sent for a couple - Fun coins!
  14. Very nice design, it looks great - email sent. Thanks
  15. Mine came in today - it brings a smile, or should I say smirk to the face. Thanks!
  16. Coins arrived today, and they are, as promised, really nice!! Thanks
  17. Ordered one - fun looking coin!
  18. Sent in a reservation for a set - I've been waiting and watching for this one.
  19. Sent an email for one old silver - hope it got through (in time).
  20. Could you add me to your list for an antique gold one - Thanks.
  21. Could you verify if my reservation went through for 2 (I don't think I had a problem, but I can't find if you sent any response or not) - Thanks
  22. Hi CLAMM, I'd be interested in buying 1/3 of order. Me too, e-mail sent.
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