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  1. I did the delete the geocache_vistis.txt file from the colorado but when I did those caches I didn't have a colorado this was like 2 years ago. So that makes no difference. The colordo and the gpx file was showing the caches as found because they are flagged in the PQ. The suggestion about using mapsource and select them to unfound and resave the data would have worked but there was way too many to click on each one and reset.
  2. I am loaning my gps to someone for the weekend and I pre-loaded some caches in the area they are going. I have done a lot of them in the area so they are all marked as found and don't show up on the gps and one you can select to find. I have a colorado 300 BTW. So I tried loading them into GSAk and removed the found flag from them and reloaded them onto the colorado and the ones I found are still showing that I found them. So is there a flag in the GPX PQ file that needs to be removed in order to show them as unfound? A workaround I did was to have a friend who hasn't found any in that area run his PQ. There should be a easier way to do this. Storm180
  3. Its actually a power glitch. Your batteries are slipping off their connectors. This has been discussed in other threads. It can cause the pointer to point the opposite way of the cache or it can make the red pointer disappear. Take a small piece of foam and put it on top of your batteries and then close the battery case up. It should keep your batteries firm. Give it a try after I did this about 2 years ago when I first experienced the issue has not come back.
  4. I know this is an old post but I had to say something. I can so tired of people who takes someone who may not know eveything about the gps call the pointer the compass. You experts know what they mean, why do you have to be little them with comments like why would you want you compass point any other direction but north and other comments. Theorectically you are on the compass screen so some people would refer to it as the compass needle and not the location pointer to the cache. Give people a break, you know what they mean.
  5. My buddies gps had the same issue and garmin confirmed it was a hardware problem with the unit. Call them and they will send you another.
  6. If it was pointing 180 degrees opposite of where the cache was then you have a bad unit. I just sent in a garmin experiencing the same issue. Garmin confirmed it was a hardware issue with the compass. Read this thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=222836
  7. Well first of all which tomtom do you have? So with no road or geographic data it might be difficult but not impossible. You would have to get to the basic vincinity first using paper maps or a google map view and then zero in from there. I know a few of the tomtom lines have snap to road feature which doesn'tlet you track yourself off road, but since you have no maps I don't know if this will be an issue.
  8. I wholeheartedly disagree. I bought a newer Colorado, with which I've had no issues, with waterproofing or anything else. I do NOT want a touchscreen GPS for the trail, and the Colorado's interface, especially the wheel, makes it easy enough for my 6yo to use! I hope that Garmin will continue the Colorado line. --Susan My personal colorado I have not had issues with either except in the beginning with it going off track which was fixed with fitmware. I have really no complaints except there are a lot of features that I like that they did on the oregon which they could easily do for the colorado via firmware. As for the roller controller I would rather have a touch screen to enter notes than the roller but thats about it. Storm180
  9. Garmin should really recall the colorado series and trade people up to the oregons. I mean seriously, the colorado was jus a big beta test to perfect the oregon. Quite a few colorados seems to have had issues with hardware and water seepage. I couldn't get the details on the arrow flipping 180 degrees whether it was problem in all the colorados or just certain production batch. They were more than willing to replace it though. I do give garmin customer service 2 thumbs up.
  10. There is no such thing as a Etrex legend 500...The 500 probably refers to the amount of waypoints it can store. Even using GSAk you will only get the basic info about the cache, and this gps is not a paperless option. On the garmin line the only truely paperless caching gps units are the colorado and oregon line to give you whatt you want, like the 5 user posts, full description, etc...
  11. If you have an issue where the red pointer disappears after you are looking for a cache or put in a waypoint. This is caused by loose battery connection in the battery compartment. Just take a piece of foam and put it on top of the batteries and close the cover and it should not be an issue. This should keep the batteries nice and tight in the case.
  12. yeh that was my post from last weekend. My friend was very frustrated and with his colorado. We did all the things garmin would have suggested in the field and it did not help. When I called them they asked me what I did and I explained everything and they said I did everything they would have told me to do. Then she confirmed there was issues like this on some colorados. Within like 5 minutes she had me a rma number and my replacement order ready. It was probably really helpful that I was running a colorado side by side and mine was no experiencing the issue proving that it was enviromental.
  13. My friend just sent his colorado in for repairs because of this. They have confirmed it to be a hardware issue. I am assuming your talking about the pointer that shows where the caches is. My friends would go 180 after every cache and had to recalibrate after each one to fix it. They are replacing his unit.
  14. I have a colorado and I like it. It works really well for me. I fear that garmin is no longer making modifications to the firmware to make the colorado better. Seems like the oregon is getting all the attention. I'll be honest though there has been issues zeroing in on a cache and have found it frustrating and is the reason I carry my 60CSx as a backup. I am considering an upgrade to the new garmin oregon 5XX series for the 3 axis compass that I won't have to hold the gps level. Storm180
  15. So back home, I called garmin today and they confirmed that they had several reported cases of this happening to those units. They are sending me out a replacement.
  16. Hope someone can help, my friend and I are currently caching out in Oregon. Seems his colorado is acting up. I also run a colorado and mine is fine. After almost every cache he has to recalibrate his compass, the map and the pointer arrow and the line for the where the cache is located is backwards. The map isn't even turning right toward the cache as he is walking. If he is walking west the cache is showing to the east. I checked all the settings and matched them to mine and they are all the same. It totally opposite of what it should be. Once he recalibrates everything is normal again until the next cache. I was going to try a hard reset but I cannot get his cache data back into his colorado because I forgot the colorado at home. I am not sure if the gpx data gets erased on the hard reset. He is set to track up, like mine also. Any words of advice would be great, won't be able to contact garmin till late next week so hopefully someone can help. I guess worst case is try a hard reset and wireless send the data from mine to his buthe won't have description or anything. Thanks in advance. Yes it has the latest firmware. Storm180
  17. Well thanks for the replies...I guess I will call garmin and see what they say. I guess I will just give it a go in the water and see what happens, if it dies I guess I always have my backup 60Csx to get me through the time of the replacement.
  18. After reading all the leakage problems about the colorado, I am concerned. I have a few caches I need to go do in the next few months where I need to be on my jet ski to get to where I need to be.. Obviously the colorado is going to get wet. Obviously I could put the thing in a zip lock bag and call it good. Has anyone called Garmin and told them they plan on doing water activity with the colorado and they offered an upgrade to a oregon? or does the unit have to die in order to get that type of replacement. I don't want to be without my gps for a few weeks while it is repaired. I mean I know the thing is going to leak and my colorado is about 10 months old. I wish they would just recall these things and be done with it, then I can get an oregon. Anyone have any advice on the subject or do I just let the thing die and deal with them after the fact? After reading that other thread in regards to water leakage on a jet ski really has me concerned.
  19. There is nothing wrong with the colorado's. It seems they have worked out a lot of their issues. Been using it for over a year now and no serious problems after the last firmware uograde. As for it being the end of line, I doubt it being still relatively new. Costco just started selling these so that usually says they are still making them and selling them. I also own a oregon and its really good also, it seems garmin has put more time into updating this unit than the colorado but the oregon is a great line of products. Depends on how much you want to spend.
  20. I know someone who actually has a similiar one to this. It is unusable for geocaches because the map have snap to roads which you cannot disable. Also you cannot enter coords in manually. Another thing once your actually close to your destination, there is no screen to let you zero in on your targeted coords off the road.
  21. Has nothing to do with the battery, mine was always set correctly. Since I upgraded to 3.70 I have not seen it happen again. Once again it does not happen all the time, seems to be once in a blue moon.
  22. Basemap is only used as a reference. You need other maps for more accuracy.
  23. This is a common issue that has been addressed before in these forums. The arrow dissappears becuase the batteries lose contact with the connectors for a split second. What you want to do is bend out the connectors so they hold the batteries better then take a piece of foam and put it on top of the batteries and put the battery case back on and it should hold it really tight in there. This should solve your problem.
  24. It works on a 600 NA also. We just upgraded a friends explorist 600 to the new firmware. Waas is now working. I wonder if someone who works for Thales leaked it out to the public.
  25. Yeh the whole explorist line is retired. If you buy one and it is still under warranty they wont fix it. They will issue you a replacement triton. Also you won't have waas support either because it is still going to be looking at the old waas sats and there is no way to correct this any more so you would be out of luck. Go with a garmin.
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