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  1. I agree. One must see and have hands on to even "discover"
  2. O.K. then I hope you had (providing that you are off now!) a nice birthday!!
  3. Hey, you need to take care of yourself as priority!!!
  4. Now THAT is one cool coin...even though my name is almost all covered over. All in all, I really like it and relly want some!!
  5. So, answer,lindsychris, how did you know?
  6. How about the Air Force? You going to do the complete different armed forces?
  7. Was this pre-order or will be able to order?
  8. I like this coin but E-bay CAN be pricey!
  9. the Beijing is available at CoinTracking.com
  10. That's good info to know, Thanks.
  11. Also: "v3nu5.exe" and "orlando511" thank you!!
  12. Yippee , I got mine in the mail today, Thanks!!
  13. Oh behave! I hope you're talking about the cheerleader type and not the little whipping cream one
  14. I don't know, just wanted to help yopu get it re-read!
  15. Such a nice little coin AND the price is very right!!
  16. that coin wrapping wire is a great idea.
  17. try looking at the Humane Society of York County animal shelter or the Goudacat. You can find both in this forum section.
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