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The Geocoin Secret Agent

The Geo-Secret Agent

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Well I'm not sure if this falls under this catagory or not but here goes....


When I first started caching last year I had come accross some really messed up caches...Wet logs,empty caches, logs full, no logs at all...


So I put together a Doctor bag that goes with me when ever I go caching...It contains zip lock bags, log sheets, pens, pencils, trade items....Some cacher's who place these do not live in the same area as they have placed them so me lending a helping hand makes me feel better know that I did something for the next cacher to find it in good condition....I don't have pictures just my logs.....


Bayfield Beach Day Park


26 HCAH – Shubenacadie River


Log one Park Falls Cache


Log TwoPark Falls Cache

The Lone Wolf is my hubby




Mission Complete :unsure:

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Hello secret agent! :D


Well...I do not know if I have done anything good to the geocaching community! It is up to your agents and you, to deside that! :D


I will post some stories! Sorry, I do not have photos! :D


Just to be honest, I will also post a story that I do not feel good about it, even if I will do my best to help! If this story diqualify me, I will accept it!


Story No 1:


I am going geocaching here in Rhodes! I am not travelling a lot, so...:blink:

One day, I found a cache that was completely destroyed! Water had come inside, everything were damaged or had mud, rust etc! It was full of water! I couldn't log, I couldn't do anything!


I took the water out, but I couldn't dry all things! the log book was....:D

I wrote my log in a piece of paper, I put it in a naylon, and place the cache back! It was getting dark and I was far away from my home! when I came home, I immediatelly log my visit explainning what was wrong! I emailed the owner and asked for permision to retrieve the whole cache and fix it! the container had a problem in the cover, and that was the reason water was coming inside! I had to put new logbook, new things replace some, clean some.....


when the onwer aswered me, and gave me the permision, asked me to log that in the page of the cache just in case someone else was searching it, and asked how much money he had to send me for the things the logbook and the container! I am not rich, And even if I am not working right now, I didn;t accept payment! I just wanted this cache to stay in Rhodes, and not to be achived!!! the owner told me that this cache was the only one left from the ones he placed! All others were achived, and he just wanted to keep one! Well...this was a mission for me!

I went again and took the cache home! It was ok, becasue it was winter and I am the only cacher here! :D


I took a new plastic container, a new logbook that I fixed a little too so the papers will not leave, and I started working with the things it had inside! I died the old log book and taped the pages back! I put it inside again because it was a part of the cache that I really didn't want to throw away!!! I took the mud out, I took the rust out, I cleaned things, I replaced things, I put new toys and things for older cachers, I put coins, phonecards, a banknote, a map.... I carefully took a geocaching sticker from the old cache and place it in the new one!


while I was reading the logs in the site, I saw that water had come inside again a couple of months before I go there, so things....


Just to keep the water off, I put the cache in 2 different plastic bags!


I placed it again in the same spot, and everything is fine now! The owner put my name as a mainaner! :D


After a big rain I visited the cache again to see if everything was ok, and it was! I was proud for that! :D

I feel this cache like it is my cache!!! :D


What is the name of this cache? Little green tree! :)

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Story No 2:


Well....here in Greece, as I said a lot of times before, we are not many geocachers! We are not more than 30! Maybe even less!


the same thing is with the caches here! there are less than 500 caches in Greece! I think they are about 580 - 590 caches!


As you can imagine, to see a cache here to be achived, is not the best thing!

I haven't place a cache yet, because I am facing a problem with coordinates!


Anyway, there was a cache in a small island named "Fourni"! the island is near Icaria island!


The island is very small, and not many are visiting it! A cacher placed a cache there, but he was not seeing any movement! He made a note that he will achive the cache if nobody would go find it!

Well....if I am the only cacher who lives in an island and probably the only who is living in the area under Athens....:D


The island is not a tourist island, so...


One day, I saw that the cache was achived!!! I was so sad!

I emailed the owner and explain him how things are, and told him that the was a same problem with the Icaria's caches! I asked him if he could keep the cache for this summer to see if there was an FTF!


I wish I could do that, but I couldn't! TOO far away, and I do not think there is a connection with a boat with Icaria or Fourni!


I also mention that the cache would help a little the island too! If geocachers were visiting the island, the people who live there would be happy (things are probably difficult in very small islands, and especially in non touristic ones!), and tourists and geocachers would discover a beautiful and "virgin" place...the real beauty and hospitality of Greece!


He said that he didn't want to leave "garbadge", but he agreed! after some weeks, there was an FTF!!!! some geocachers from Portugal I think, found the cache!!!! I was so happy!!!!!!! I emaild the owner and he was happy too!


I saved a cache, I gave with that way an FTF to someone, I brought a smile to the owner, and I helped my country a little in geocaching...I think! :blink:

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Story No 3:


This was with no happy end, but...


while I was searching in the logs of other geocachers who visited Rhodes, etc, I found a cache here in Rhodes, that was achived! I do not know why etc! It was just achived! The cache was in Phillerimos hill!


I found the page of the cache, and I saw something strange! When the cache was achived, there was probably a TB in it!!! The TB is in "unknown place" from the day the cache was achived! So...?


I went to search for the cache! I did not know if I could log my visit, but since I wanted to find all caches in my island....

By that way, I would "save" a TB too, and free it!


As I said, I went to find it! I found the place, but not the cache! The cache was achived 2 years ago, so....


I am afraid that someone found it and throw it away, or.....


well...at least I tried to free a TB, at least I tried to do something good, right?! I will look again, but...I do not have many hopes! The cache name was riddle of Diagoras!

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Story No 4!


This story is not good! I do not feel good for that! I am placing it, even if iti s not for here, just to keep the ballance between the things I did and the things I can not do! :D


I climbed hills, mountains, I went to places I didn;t even know with geocaching! The most difficult cache was the one in Akramitis mountain! Me, my sister and my brother in law, all under my codename, managed to go to all of the caches, plus this difficult one!


I loved this place, but I got too tired! My sitser and my brother in law...Well, it was very difficult for them too! too difficult!!!


the owner of the cache, was not from Greece, and asked me if I could be the maintaner of his caches there! all where in tha tops of mountains, and far away from my house!

I really wanted to do that, but I couldn't say yes! :blink: I am not driving! My brother in law is the driver, so we can go geocaching when he has time, and wants!! During summer, things are difficult in Rhodes! Almost all jobs are seasonal, so there is almost no time at all!!


I couldn't say yes and then not to be able to do anything! I explained this to the owner, And told him that I really feel bad with that! Of course, I told him that if something is wrong with the caches, to send me an email, and I will see if I can do it! During Summer all caches are well visited, so someone could fix something, During winter, I am the only one here!

I also told him that in my next visit, I can fix things, if needed, but I have to know what is needed and where!


I feel very bad for this! :D

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Hey, can I post something funny too? I hope secret agent will let me! :D


I did something good to the geocaching community! I helped by sending all Cat agents in rescuing agent 76! :blink: I sended form snipers to ninja's, from special forses, to my non cat legeon! Even I went to help! Well...at least I dressed with my military uniform! :D

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Not sure that the little I do will qualify for this, but I am keeping active regardless.


I volunteer my summers as a camp nurse at a non profit camp. We have about a thousand kids each summer, and mainly my job is to take care of them and keep them healthy while away from home and under our care.

But we also have a public campground and lots and lots of families come here for church camps and for family time away from the main stream.

I have been working on placing some caches here soley for the enjoyment of our public campers to teach them about caching and help them get the hang of the game. These are not going to be published as we are privately owned, and I am not allowed to publish, but folks are going to be offered the coords on check in. I am going to be helping folks out at their request and walking them through the steps. If they don't have a unit and if I have time I am going to take them out on my own. We have a lake, woods and lots of great spots to hide things. We also hope to use caching as a way of itroducing families to some of the more hidden areas of the camp, ie the ranch, the archery range, the trails in the woods and even on "FRED" our buoy out in the lake. I may also be setting up a lake tour with a multi. I will be explaining about the gc website and how to utilize it for future fun as they leave here to return home.

This is a work in progress, and it is fun and exciting to show folks a new way to learn about this wonderful place and to give families and groups one other fun bonding opportunity.


A few weeks ago I was able to put out a set of hides, more letterbox style for some kids who came here from a seriously underpriviledged area. They came here for a short camp from a nearby innner city area.

They said it was the highlight of their time here. These kids have never been exposed to the woods such as we have, nor do they have any idea what a hike in the woods is like. I set out 12 hides and they ran from one to the other just loving it. We have no idea how blessed we are.....



There are lots of ways to help out others. Love hearing them and love the idea of seeing what others are doing. I do not like to toot my own horn, but it is really fun to see what's going on out there to build up our community at the same time.


Thanks for the chance, anne

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Okey dokey then.

Well, apart from replacing log books, pencils, swag, etc. and doing A LOT of CITO at events and non events which every cacher does or should do...


I am THE (only) Girl Guide leader for my daughter, Cinnabear's unit. It takes a lot of time and patience and time and organization and time...

I try to organize a lot of hikes and recently introduced the girls to geocaching. Four of them (including Cinnabear) had done it before, but the rest hadn't and they were really excited about it and caught on right away.

I think that when I am able to teach the girls something new, like using a GPSr and responsible caching it makes all the time that I spend preparing and doing paperwork, etc. worthwhile.

We also hid our very first geocache while away at camp in May. Because it is on Girl Guide property I am not allowed to list it on GC.com, it is solely for the Girl Guides.

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Oh me oh my!

What an incredible and unexpected honor.

After spending the day at camp preparing for 75 teens to show up (yikes!), babysitting for teeny tiny and wired grandkids (2 months and 3 years) so that my son and his wife could have a date night, finding out at midnight that my dad is in the hospital thousands of miles away and not being able to sleep with concern, I took a chance on our remote router and spent a bit of time surfing the forums just for distraction and a lift.


Had no idea it would lead to the honor of receiving this wonderful coin.


And to think that I nearly didn't go into nursing, but wanted to be a detective......


I will post pics of life at camp when I am able and pose with the coin when it arrives.


Thank you for choosing me my dear GSA. I hope that I am able to prove my worth and pay it forward in some mysterious way.


Good gracious, whodathunk?


Thank you, anne

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Congratulations to the newest agent joining the ranks. My mission to you if you decide to accept is to repeat the dance you did when you found out this great coin would be yours just as I did a dance when I found mine! Now this secret agent disappears back into the woodwork..........No invisiblity cloak needed here..

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Congrats to the winner :angry:



Now my good deed story as well :D:


As of today, I managed to recruit another cacher to the community, I took drizztdourden80 out for his first cache and he said he would go and try some more. So we got another great person to join this hobby and hopefully give us some new caches further on.


Well at least to the Amsterdam cachers, as he is from there :D I will have to go there and visit him more often :P


Have fun


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My dream coin? Well that's an easy one! The coin of my dreams is without a doubt a GSA V2! Although I have not received many mystery coins, I love everything about them. Mostly... well the mystery! Out of all the mystery coins out there I would have to say that the GSA is my favorite. Not only is it beautiful it's also trackable! :angry: Maybe someday I'll be blessed with one...

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My dream geocoin is the QuadCacher Geocoin. It is my dream to have it, because I always liked quads since I drove one in the US, but I am not able to get one here. Unfortunately tehy are very expensive to buy. Now I like caching and quads, I think they perfectly fit together. :angry: Besides that it just looks really great designed... That is why I am dreaming of this one :P:D


Ofcourse I am also dreaming of a GSA V2 :D Who is not?

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Our dream trackable is one of the Moun10Bike coins. Wife and I have only seen one , and we were allowed to discover it then. I believe it is the first personal, or trackable coin that was made for geocaching. They are allmost impossible to find, so that makes it the ultimate dream coin....... .. :angry:

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Hmmm....My dream coin? I'd have to say my "dream" coin would be, or is, The Quadcacher geocoin.

The reason is that everyone in my family has a ATV. And being my four Wheeler is a blue Polaris 700.

I have already recieved the "Blue Quadcacher" coin. It is still my Dream coin though. I really like the detail on both sides of it too. SO....It kind reminds me of my family and our 4-wheelin' adventures!




No pictures! Dang-it. I had another good one too! LOL

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MISSION 2: In 100 words or LESS (no pictures please) name your dream trackable coin and why this coin is your dream coin. The agents will select a winner for a V2 UNACTIVATED edition. Starts now and ends at midnight Eastern Standard Time on Monday.


Is the dream coin one you have received or not received yet?

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My dream coin that I would like to have is the POW/MIA coin. I've been looking for once since I really got into geocoins and have yet to come across it. I collect military and patriotic coins to show my appreciation for the men and women in the armed forces. After serving in the military for six years, I know exactly how it feels to be far from home for long periods of time. I also take my military coins to events to raise awareness for those who made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can live free.

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My dream coin is a GSA V2

Because my other dreams have come true.

We are penguin fanatics as our name does tell,

But the GSA V2 would sure be swell.

We would share it with cachers whenever we could,

Let them discover it, spread the joy, oh yes we would.

So please pick us and fulfill our wish,

It's better than penguins eating fish!!

We'd dance and sing with our happy feet.

We'd keep on going and dance in the street!

So now here ends our rhyme,

We hope at least you had a good time. :angry:

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I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but I will give it a shot.


My dream trackable coin would have to involve the amount of accidental deaths in America and remind people that caution and awareness of your actions is one of the most important things you could do. According to this website http://www.soyouwanna.com/site/toptens/acc.../accidents.html the two top causes of accidental death are falls and automobile accidents. These are two things that could happen to any of us while out geocaching, especially with the more challenging terrain and caches that are farther away. While driving, a GPS can be a distraction if it is not the kind made for the car. If this coin was made trackable and someone found one activated in a cache I believe it would give people a nice reminder and hopefully prevent any future accidents. I am not sure if my dream trackable coin has been made yet, but I believe if it was it would be a good reminder for everyone. Who says it couldn't have some style and be a helpful reminder :angry:.


PS. I am sorry if I went over the 100 words. I tried to shorten it but then some parts didn't make sense or get my point across.

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Dream coin - I guess it would have to be the 2007 British Columbia Geocachers Association coin - Members Only Version.

If I was a Member, it would mean I have a BC drivers licence and therefore would be back living on the coast.

Calgary has been a great place to live, work and raise a family, but we are ready to move 'home'. We miss the ocean (and I suppose our families) :angry:

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My Dream Geocoin by SCYoli


My dream geocoin is a baby loggerheard. I have always thought that sea turtles are beautiful and graceful. For a turtle to swim back to where they where born to lay eggs to only have .001 % of those eggs survive. is sad. They are gentle and beautiful creatures and the baby loggerhead coin dipicts them so beautifully. Also Turtles and tortoises bring good health, longevity, and protection from evil.

One day hopefully I'll be able to trade for one.

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My dream coin is a "Geocoins throughout the ages - Napoleon" coin. Napoleon is my favorite historical figure and I believe he is the most influential person of all time. Napoleon was also a early champion of human rights in some areas by treating soldiers well and by helped minorities and I think that it is great that there is a coin being made based on him.

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My dream coin would have to be the Imagine Peace coin. To me, the most important thing for me when I go caching is that I can be in the natural peace of the outdoors, smell the fresh unpolluted air, hear the laughter of running water, see the birds and mammals that were put on this earth, just to be. When I am on a mountainside I can forget about wars and suffering and Imagine Peace within myself and the world.

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I have so many coins that could be considered my dream coin but one definitely stands out among the rest for me. That coin would be the GeoCoin Fairy. Geocaching and geocoins has really brought our family together and ever since my youngest daughter got a glimpse of this coin she fell in love with it. So, since nothing makes me happier than seeing my little girl happy - then the GCF is also my dream coin.


Thanks GSA...and of course your wonderful coin rates among the best....

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We already have a collection of dream coins, they are personal coins that have been given to us by friends that we cache with. Most are not trackable, but that doesn't matter to us, as they aren't going anywhere. Some are even made of wood. They are the pride of our collection, and we can tell you exactly when and where we got each and every one of them. What we can't say for sure is who we will get the next one from, but I can assure you it will be another dream come true.


Thank you my friends!

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Oh! Well....I do not know what to say!!! I love some geocoins for many reasons! 3 of my dream coins are in my hand right now...

I hope it is ok to post the whole story!


My dream coin was the first greek geocoin 2007! It was the reason I am here now! I saw it accidently while I was searching in ebay for a cheap coin or banknote for my collection! I had no idea of what this is! I loved it!!! Just because I wanted to find more info for this coin, I found the geocaching site and...here I am! this coin, and actually the Greek version that is the Polished silver (I think it is a rare one!), is in my hands!!


The other 2 coins I was dreaming to find were the Uckermark 2006 coin that was my first find, and a beautiful Morpho butterfly geocoin!!!

The time I saw the morpho, I loved it!!! Such a beautiful coin!!! Now the uckermark is in my hands and the morpho coin too!!! I do not know who sended the morpho coin, but I will thank him for ever!!!


I also like some of the newer coins, like the Titanic and the Ammonite coins but my wallet limits allow me only to dream them! Well...that's life! :laughing:


Of course, I dream one day to receive a mystery coin...there are so many beautiful mystery coins out there, but...

Well, that's what dreams are for! To keep the hope alive,



As all the other geocachers, My biggest dream is to find a moun10bike! I know that this is imposible, but a dream is always a dream! All versions are extremelly beautiful, but the first is breathtaking! It is the first coin, and I like this, but I mostly like it because someone took a piece of metal gave his sowl to it and the first personal coin was born! It doesn't have many things on it, iti s just a frugal coin (I hope I choose the right word for the dictionary!), and that is its beauty!!!! well....this is how I feel for all coins anyway... :laughing:

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A dream coin? Well, since our family is VERY green at this~ we haven't really seen what is out there. I LOVE the idea of the GSA coin- and covet it.... but truly, I have another coin on the list-


I would LOVE a coin that represents our family that we could plant & watch it go. Something on it that represents us each as individuals and then something that represents what unites us as a family. I am still pondering it... but someday, our family will have a coin to call our own!


If that doesn't qualify, our "real-live-dream-coin" would be the the earthturtle. The turtle represents (to me) a meek and mild spirit and what we (IMO, as humans) should stive to resemble to each other. To me, it is something that I would like our family coin to represent.


I hope that makes sense! ;D

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The Cape Breton BN geocoin


I am from Cape Breton and wanted a coin that repersented

my home and who I am ( A Cape Bretoner). And also to

repersent my Nephew who took his life at the age of

19 on Oct. 29th 2005 4 months after he graduated. He

was very proud of where he was from. He had a great

smile, great personality, Lots of friends,He lived

life to the fullest until something inside of him let

go. Steven was loved by all. We had no idea he was

dying inside. So when I look at the Cape Breton geocoin

a see a little bit of Steven inside.

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I instantly fell in love with a coin in the mailbox thread from GW6. The Family Sunburst geocoin says “It’s not always about the find that brings the smiley, sometimes it’s just who you are with.” This one simple statement expresses what I feel when I am caching with friends and makes this coin so very special to me. Caching is so much more fun when you are with friends and so my trackable heart’s desire is not for me but to be able to surprise them with this coin.




Now if you were interested too in an untrackable heart's desire coin I would have written this :P


There is one coin I would like one day

Dances with Moose would make my day


To go in my binder’s special place

This coin brings smiles to my face.


Just imagine an animal as big as a moose

Getting on the dance floor and letting loose!!


I have asked for trades but nary a one

This hilarious coin is so much fun!


I have tried ebay but the bids are too high

I guess this coin will pass me by


You can always dream as many do

And hope your dream can come true for you.

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An easy question :P

My dreamcoin is not made yet, but I hope it will be.

I would love to mint my own personal coin. Then I could trade for many of the other coins in my dreams :laughing:


Edit to add that if you meant a coin already made it would be the Norway 2007 that got me addicted to geocoins.

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Hmmm....in that case, I agree with you! One dream I have is that real 3d coins (not only images) could be mint, I will have the money and make in 3D the Colossus of Rhodes (like a statue), or Parthenon of Athens....an ancient greek ship called trireme.....


Wouldn't that be great???

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The easy and obvious answer would be a trackable GSA coin, but that would not exactly be the case. My GSA coin does get a lot of attention, from kids as well as adults, but the one they ALL want an icon from is the Geocoin Fairy. It's a wonder mine have any paint left on them from all the handling, chewing, being dropped on the pavement, and generally rough treatment they receive from kids and adults (well, at least the adults don't chew on them). the Geocoin Fairy has allowed me to spread MUCH more joy to our community than any other coin, bar none.

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