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  1. I also recommend Cabela's or Amazon.com. I have been very satisfied with everything ordered from them. BEWARE Bass Pro Shops! I ordered the new Delorme PN-60W from their catalog, and received the regular 60. After several days of phone calls to them, what I pretty much get is that if I send them another $100, they will ship me a PN-60W. Otherwise, they will wait till they receive the PN-60 back before they will see about giving me a refund. They say it is not their fault that the catalog advertises the 60W, and I was verbally promised the 60W, because they have a disclaimer statement that was supposed to have been read to me by one of their staff (not till the 4th call did I ever hear it). Nice, they pull a classic bait & switch, but are not responsible for thgeir own actions.
  2. amagrud

    Rare Coins

    I have some samples, such as the polished gold Geocoin Fairy, 1 minted; polished silver 2009 Mississippi, 1 minted; satin silver 2009 Mississippi, one minted. Then there are the Black Nickel Geocoin Devil, 3 minted; or the copper 2009 Mississippi, 7 minted. Not sure most people could care less about these coins. Other "rare" coins that don't get much attention outside of Mississippi are the Starkville Mafia bricks, with 15 to 25 minted depending on the finish. Nice coins and can be hard to come by. I'm very fortunate to have some of the more popular "rare" coins that were minted in larger numbers, such as the Moun10bike v. 3, Capt. Prozac, 2005 Compass Rose, Geocoin Fairy (pick a finish), Micky Diver, or the first Tiki series. Of course, if you really want to see some "rare" coins, check out eBay. Seems like every geocoin sold there is rare and very hard to find!
  3. Wareagle59 and I completed the trail yesterday, including the 5 not yet published. We did it in two trips over two weekends, doing the first 94 published and then finishing the next weekend after more were published. I will agree that each individual cache was not much of a challenge, but we did have fun on each trip. A lot of the fun came from meeting other groups of cachers on the trail, racing each other to see if who could get a FTF, who could find the caches faster, finding the more difficult hides, and general trail foolishness that occurs among groups of friends. Did not see any gators, but plenty of turtles, snakes, herons, egrets, frogs, and LOTS of hungry skeeters. Overall, a fun trail, got to see lots of friends, and it does add to your numbers. Some of the hides are a little tougher than others by being put further back in the swamp or in not so obvious locations. Good job Bamboozle and SC2!
  4. I have a GW4 Volunteer coin that I will trade for a GW7 Volunteer coin if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, an illness messed up my GW7 volunteer duties and visit. Also have the following for trade: Geocoin Devil Geocoin Fairy - Antique Gold Geocoin Fairy - Antique Silver Geocoin Fairy - Antique Copper Geocoin Fairy - Black Nickel 2005 Compass Rose Capt. Prozac Earth Turtle Ver. 1 - antique Silver 2009 MOGA - Antique Copper/Red and many more.
  5. I have a GW4 Volunteer coin that I will trade for a GW7 Volunteer coin if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, an illness messed up my GW7 volunteer duties and visit.
  6. I hate that I missed most of the GW event and the coin event afterwards. I was at GW7, but spent virtually all my time in the first aid booth with my sick girlfriend, then 12 hours in ER when it was confirmed by another friend that she needed to be in the hospital (My girlfriend did NOT want to leave). Never got around to see all the vendors, but I did come away with a 2000 finds coin and pin set that Aaron of Coins and Pins walked up and presented me with. I want to again give my thanks to those who helped me with my girlfriend at the first aid booth and while I went to get the jeep. Always great to have a bunch of people around that you can count on when you are having some trouble.
  7. Received 3 copper w/red grips today, will have them with me at GW7 to trade. Looking forward to seeing some of you there, having some fun cache runs. Anyone have a black nickel or shiny silver geocoin fairy they want to get rid of?
  8. Congrats Cheesy Pigs, and all other finders. A couple of Devil coins have popped up in Mississippi and Louisiana at events as door prizes, and rumor has it that the Devil is going to GeoWoodstock. Better be on the lookout up there!
  9. Came home with my mail today and opened an envelope with a Mickey stamp on it, only to find another yellow envelope taped inside of it. I thought that was odd, as I use a similar technique for mailing geocoins but this letter was too small and light, and I was not expecting any coins to come in. I opened the yellow envelope and out popped a small red coin. I was stunned! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MICKEY! What a way to pick up a Monday! You just gotta keep believing and it WILL happen!
  10. Received a Mickey Diver in the mail today, the first via that avenue. I had pretty much given up hope of receiving one that way and was looking forward to trying to trade for one at GW7. Rumor has it that the Geocoin Devil may be at GW7 also. Will he show up at caches or at the event itself, I wonder?
  11. What a surprise, opened a letter wondering what it was and there is number 1 on my list! THANK YOU SO MUCH MICKEY!!! You really made my day.
  12. Yep, that pretty much says it all! Thanks a Million, Mickey! You really made my day today!
  13. Here is a picture as requested. Beautiful coin, the scan does not do it justice.
  14. Just received the latest Geocoin Fairy coin - shiny gold. NICE! For those that wonder, she is still flying, see post above.
  15. Maybe thats why the Devil coins are usually found in caches!
  16. My five most wanted: 1. Mickey Diver 2. Indy Diver v.1 3. Moun10bike v.1 4. Waypoint15 5. Mississippi sterling Actually, ALL should be ranked #1.
  17. I have been very fortunate on the mystery coins, but most I got from eBay. I'm very thankful for all of them. 2005 Mystery Christmas - Trade 2006 Sinterklaus - Trade Mouth of the South - Cache Geocoin Fairy Gold - Cache, eBay Geocoin Fairy Silver - Cache, eBay Geocoin Fairy Copper - eBay Geo Leprechaun - eBay GSA v. 1 - eBay Geocoin Bug - eBay Great Geo-Pumpkin - eBay Binary Silver - Trade, eBay Binary Gold - eBay Creepy Crawley Cachers Silver - Cache Dark Knight - eBay Geocoin Devil - Cache Geo-Sasquatch - Cache
  18. I think he has been around there, at least in the Huntsville area, according to some cache logs I saw. Maybe he's trying to hitch a ride to the moon, or even Mars!
  19. Looking to trade a Copper Geocoin Fairy for a 2005 Compass Rose if anyone is interested. Also will trade a Geocoin Fairy (any version) for a Mickey Diver, if there is anyone willing to make a trade.
  20. The easy and obvious answer would be a trackable GSA coin, but that would not exactly be the case. My GSA coin does get a lot of attention, from kids as well as adults, but the one they ALL want an icon from is the Geocoin Fairy. It's a wonder mine have any paint left on them from all the handling, chewing, being dropped on the pavement, and generally rough treatment they receive from kids and adults (well, at least the adults don't chew on them). the Geocoin Fairy has allowed me to spread MUCH more joy to our community than any other coin, bar none.
  21. Congratz to all the Micky Diver recipients! I'm still holding onto the hope that some will find their way down to sunny and HOT Mississippi!
  22. I don't have one of the coins, maybe I can trade for a couple. I feel pretty safe in saying that I'm sure NOBODY ('cept maybe the ticks) wants to see me nude geocaching! The ticks say that y'all are more than welcome to try that around here, just remember to wear plenty of steak sauce. Deet is ok, but the ticks and horseflies particularly like Deep Woods Off!
  23. That is one awesome looking coin. I own Disney stock, have a stock certificate and cels on the wall, and have the early Mickey Mouse movies on laser disc (the BIG golden disc), but have not been able to entice one of those coins my way. Mickey Diver, you are more than welcome to come on down to Mississippi to enjoy some of our southern hospitality!
  24. Not a lot of coins, but an interesting day nonetheless. All are from eBay, as only the Geocoin Fairy and CCC have made appearances in MS. Still, I feel fortunate to have had the visits they made to our state, and invite the other mystery coin droppers to come down for a visit. I guess we don't have the begging down to an art form as themoopalong would say, but it sure would be nice to have a visit from Mickey Diver and some of the others. In any case, today was a good day.
  25. Very Nice! You know I want a bunch! For those that did not know, the article in Scouting magazine is about ScoutBoy and his group. Good article, and the course at Philmont is even better!
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