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OshnDoc's first Personal Coin


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:D I finally made the step forward and had my own coin designed by Jamie from MadHatterland. (I personally think he did a great job). :)


This is my personal coin showing my love for Antarctica, and my visits down under on one side and a shot of a group of Emperor Penguins on the ice, I took during my trip to Palmer Station.


Since Antarctica has been on the list of places I wanted to visit and "found" I thought it to be a great theme for my first personal geocoin.


I am planning to have about 250 of these coins minted (about 200 for sale) to make the cutoff for the special icon (see below, the Emporer Penguin) and also will have tracking numbers. As far as the metals go, I am open for suggestions as to which is wanted most and would scale the numbers by requests (if any). I had antique silver, bronze and gold in mind, and possibly a LE edition in antique Copper.


At 250 coins the price should be in the price range of 8.50 per coin plus shipping.


The entire coin is metal only, no color, and comes with both sides in 3D design. :D


If the demand should be higher then expected I might increase the total number minted, however not exceeding 300 coins total.



I would love to hear what you think about it, or if you have suggestions for improvements. :D









This would be the Icon for the coin:Penguin203.gif

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I like it! B) I would certainly be in for a couple of these.


U might consider two-tone metal for an LE version, something like the Calif 2006 or the Alaska 2006.


You also might consider donating a portion of your proceeds to some worthy cause related to this place to offset the criticism you will get from those who will say you are not a native antartican. :rolleyes:

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Fox-and-the-hound, you are absolutely correct if you stand exactly at the geographic South Pole. However, any step you make away from it, you are within the proper coordinate grid, having N,S,E, and W coordinates. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the positive vote. B)

Hmmm...if you're standing at the South Pole, isn't every direction North? :( Seriously, though this is another nice looking design by the Mad Hatter and it's clever use of the letters, too. Congratulations on moving forward with your coin! Love the icon, too. :(
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Nice design, I like it.


A thought though. I've noticed that some coins that are 3d on both sides tend to be super light and almost feel like plastic or aluminum. i'd suggest a thick coin 3 or 3.5mm and tell the mint you want it to have some heft to it.


is this going to be a 1.5", 1.75" or 2" coin. also have you selected a minter yet?

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I had thought of using 42 mm (1 5/8") and 4.5 mm thickness to give it the heft. I like heavy coins as well.


Am still waiting on the final quotes. I will give an update as soon as I get one.

Is there a specific minting service out there making very detailed quality 3D designs? (---- for an affordable price? I love those Alaska coins, however, that would drive the price tag way up.)


At this point it looks like I will be ordering


Antique Silver: 100


Antique Bronze: 75


Antique Gold (LE): 50

Antique Copper (XLE): 25


I have inquired about a two-town version of this coin in misty gold/silver, but am not sure that they can produce this in 3D.


from which I will sell around 200 and use the rest for personal trades.


As I had said earlier though, I would like to reserve the right to increase the total number minted to 300 if necessary. After that number is reached, it would be the end of this edition.

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I finally got the coin art straightened out with the mint.

Below it is.

With possibly one minor change.


The base coin for the two tone will be in gold and not in nickel.


Anyway, I will post more info one I have the samples in, which should be about 2 weeks.

These coins will be 3.5 mm thick and made of solid brass in a 2 inch diameter.

Both sides will be 3D


The first three designs are

Antique Gold with polished gold lettering

Antique Silver with polished Nickel lettering

Antique Copper with polished Copper lettering


The last design is a very limited trade only version in two tones.


I will keep you posted about final numbers and will possibly start taking orders / presales after I post the sample images.

I have to see about the pricing but somewhere around $8.75 plus shipping as this is a 2" coin.



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