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  1. Mission received and working on some trades, including one possible 3 way trade .......Hopefully it will all work out!!!!
  2. I don't have a traders list, but all except my most recent purchases (Geopelli, Sydney-Austrailia set, Dorkfish and Anthus set) have been activated. To make things more complicated I recently changed my geocaching name to WI_Robin..................... So that's the profile you have to look at to view my trackables. I was going to post under my new name, but it only would have been my 2nd post . I put my coins out in caches so any trackable is great, but what I really want is the bronze Geocaching Dragon geocoin. I actually want it for my "geodate", but have had absolutely no luck in getting one! I will see if I can get a traders list done soon. Looking forward to the fun!
  3. Sending you an e-mail, now that I have my 30 posts Loved the Secret Santa and I am sure this will be just as much fun!
  4. Got your coin today and it is great! I am trying not to keep any coins, just getting travelers, but this one is so nice I might have to make an exception. Maybe you have one more left??? I will send a pm. Thanks for the great coin and the super fast shipping!
  5. Great day, three envelopes where waiting for me. 1 set of the Sydney, Austrailia coins, 3 Dorkfish aquariums and 1 Geopelli (not sure of the spelling on that one) . All very nice coins!
  6. They made it, they made it . Nice coin. Thanks!
  7. I would like in too. My song would be "Keep On Cachin' In The Free World" Thanks!!
  8. Received OCHC coins in the mail today in 2 seprate mailers. Thank You and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I will be sure to share the joy!!
  9. Still waiting for mine .........................
  10. I would like a couple when you are ready to take orders.
  11. Got home this evening from my 1st Christmas party of the year. Grabbed the mail on my way in and there was a padded envelope inside. "Must be those Dream Catcher Coins" I thought. Walked in and ripped the envelope open to find 3 geocoins that I didn't order and a few "gifts" besides. Wow, Secret Santa coins already! A Cache Minnesota, Cache Hiker, and a huge purple set of Loved This Cache lips. I also got a great beast cancer angel pin and a breast cancer coin. Thanks Secret Santa !
  12. Secret Santa coins in the mail. A special thanks to a great guy who is helping to make someones Christmas geocoin wish come true - you know who you are . I know you are on Santa's "nice" list!
  13. Mission received. I will have the coins in the mail in the morning.
  14. I am in! I don't collect, I activate my coins and place them in caches. But I hope the person who gets my coins does collect, because there will be at least one, maybe two very nice surprises in there!!!
  15. I got one at 20:34:05 PST (according to paypal) and I couldn't resist getting a "gift" either. I am glad that the Hogwild e-mail got sent to my work e-mail or they would have been gone by the time I got home . Can't wait to see the coin!!
  16. It really depends on how many "options" that your coin has and how many that you make. I made 60 trackable coins for my boyfriend's birthday and they ended up costing almost $10 each. The fewer coins that you make the more expensive that they are a piece in part because you are dividing up the set cost of the mold over a fewer number of coins. We are considering having the same coin re-minted with an icon and for 250 coins the cost would be about $5.00 a trackable coin in part because we would be using the same mold. It also depends on if they are trackable and have an icon. Tracking on geocaching.com costs $1.50 per coin. Personally I would have any coin be trackable, but I place all (or almost all) of my coins "in the wild" so tracking is most of the fun! If you chose not to have tracking numbers I am sure there still are people who would be willing to trade coins with you. I wish I could have made 250 so the coin could have had an icon and also we would have had some to trade. I was only able to make a few trades because I had 5 metals made so we had to keep one of each and I put a certificate for a new, unactivated coin in each of the 50 caches I placed for his birthday. I had hoped that the coins would be traveling, but so far only 2 that I have seen are. So we decided that while I am doing cache maintenence this fall I am going to pick up the remaining certificates and replace them with activated coins. That way people will still get to enjoy the coins, but hopefully they will travel. To get back on topic, when I was thinking about having a coin made I did notice that if you had an idea for a coin that the manufacturer thought was marketable they would make the coins at no up front cost and then would have rights to sell the coin. At least that is how I understood it. Good luck with your project!
  17. I had a similar dilema recently when I placed a series of caches for my boyfriend's birthday. I had a personal coin made for him and planned on placing a coin in each cache, but I didn't want just a couple people to grab all of the coins. My problem was solved when the coins where not done by the time I planned on releasing the caches. I placed a coupon with a picture of the coin in each cache. I asked that each person only take one and had my e-mail address on the coupon so they could contact me to receive their coin. Once the coins where in I had a little party and distributed some coins then, some where mailed, some where delivered at events, some where picked up in person and some where left at a designated area for pick up. It has worked out so great! Not only did the coins all go to different people, I got to meet or have contact with lots of different cachers. The only drawback was that not everyone looked at the coupon long enough to realize what it was. In fact when my boyfriend found the first cache with a coupon in it he thought "A paper coin, that's kind of lame......" All of the caches have been found over 10 times and there are still coin coupons out there. But I guess that just may mean everyone is playing by the rules because I have distributed a lot more than 10 coins so far!!
  18. In response to these logs the hider is pulling the cache - sometimes an honest opinion does count!
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