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Sock Puppet Coin


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This is NOT a statement toward anyone. Just my attempt into the world of trying to be humorous!


While not limited to just forums, sock puppet accounts are a way of life in the world of cyberspace.


Below is the coin to commemorate this not-so-great achivement of creating a fake persona to hide when you don't want to tarnish your real account name!




Made in Platinum, Sterling Silver, 24 Karat Gold, and a very limited number of Crystal (for those rare few that prefer to be seen through their alternate persona).




D-man B)



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Hmmmm... <_<


Already recieved a couple of emails asking if we're gonna make them :P


So... let's hear your opinions.


If the price is reasonable, and they are made in realistic metals, would you buy?


This just might be a reality after all, if the demand is there. :P


D-man B)

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This is NOT a statement toward anyone. Just my attempt into the world of trying to be humorous!

I didn't think a disclaimer was needed when offending a Virtual Persona. :P


Shouldn't there be a pre-order requirement of actually having a sock puppet account? I'm interested in a Virtual one. :P


(I now see that people ARE taking this seriously. <_< )

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The front is cute, but good luck selling 500 to get the icon. They would have to be dirt cheap if the backside is blank in order for me to buy any.


No, I wouldn't want a blank backed coin either. B)


If we make them, some ideas for the back would be to probably have the tracking number info, maybe the GC logo, the outline of a hand, ??? :P ... , and then a space for "name scratching". <_<


D-man :P

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I love it! I want 10!


Please have my real name put on the back.


Jeremy Irish :P


Just had a thought...

I also design a little bit for a local trophy shop.

I bet if you took these to one near you, or a jewelry store that does engraving, they could easily engrave your name in them for you :P


D-man :P

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:mad: What??? No Titanium? Irridium? Paladium? I'll just have to pass, then. <_<




I was thinking kryptonite. :mad:


:mad: I got a pocket full of ^^^ :mad:


I always think of that song when I hear the word Kryptonite. :mad:


Now back to your regularly scheduled geocoin brainstorming...

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