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  1. GPSr has been sold, thanx for all interested parties. MetroGT
  2. SALE IS PENDING... But just to answer the questions incase the sale does not complete: Cable is listed in original post as included. The unit will use rechargeable AA batteries (I used Energizer 2500 mAh for longest life).
  3. This is a 60Cx there is not an S in the name. Please read this before carrying on a multiple email conversation with me only to suddenly realize you didn't read the title of the post in the first place! Thanx
  4. I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx that looks brand new. I have a screen protector on it currently and I have a case that I had modified to allow for the cable to be connected without having to remove it. The 1GB card will allow for about half of the US with routing like I currently have it setup. Also comes with the cable for transfers and the belt clip and a lanyard. I'm asking $225.00 plus $10.00 for shipping by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance. Thanx, MetroGT *Edited Price... miskeyed it earlier*
  5. I used to have a Sony Ericsson w810i that I just loved. It is a small candy bar type phone and has a great camera (2MP). Of course, it has bluetooth and the phone uses a dual LED light for taking pictures at night and using it as a flashlight. I always had great reception with it and it also is a music player and video player. Only issues I've heard is that on some units the earpiece volume is low for some people. I didn't have an issue with that and when used with a bluetooth headset. Here is a picture I took in Hoosier National Forest when it got dark quickly on us while caching. I had to use the phone as a flashlight and when I turned to hunt, I found what I took a photo of. Picture quality is usually better than this photo, especially in daylight. The phone uses an auto focus, push down half way, wait til it focuses and then complete the press. http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phones/sony-e...?tag=prod.txt.1
  6. If you read my whole post you would see there are two places to adjust: Map Points (This is installed map POIs and CUSTOM POIs User Waypoints (This is waypoints) Adjust the Map Points and it will adjust the Custom POIs. If you have Declutter On, then you will have the POIs messed up too. I use the custom POIs and I set the zoom to whatever I want and see them that far out... usually at 3 miles. Check on your output and then you shouldn't have a problem.
  7. You have to go to the Map screen and hit Menu then go to Setup Map. Next slide over to Map Setup - Points and change the Map Points for the POI and Custom POI zoom level and you can change the User Waypoints for caches and other waypoints.
  8. I switch phones all the time, so since I don't always have a smart phone (did on with my BlackJack but not with my Moto Ming) I have been using the HTML export feature of GSAK and it works great. It's like having a small version of GSAK on my phone and it even works well with the touchscreen phone I'm using currently. Smart Phone would be nice as long as you can get it to run smoothly. Some of the Windows Mobile Smart phones I have used are so bogged down by other software that it may be slow... while the Palm based ones will already work with Cachemate and rather well.
  9. I run GSAK off of a USB Flash drive for a bit. The only problem is... (as mentioned) you have to have the 2 dll files copied onto the PC you are going to using this on. I did this by creating a Batch file that copied the two files where I needed them and then used a Batch to EXE program to take the batch and 2 dll files and turn them into an EXE I could run before using it. You really need a fast USB flash drive to use this and bare with the speed. I had a brand new Lexar 2GB drive and it was slow as dirty. I did some research and it only got about 6kb/sec read and 8-10 kb/sec write... they have much faster ones out there, but you will pay for the speed. I'd recommend looking for ones that are "Vista Ready Boost Enhanced" since usage of that feature requires a decently fast stick.
  10. You can use the Metroguide on your unit, but you will need to use "extra" software to make it routable. Garmin locked off the GPSr unit routability while leaving the option in mapsource. Therefore the information is there, it's just "locked" off. With the "extra" software, you can either bypass the lock or remove it, depending on which options you use.
  11. If you are using GSAK to send the waypoints, you should be able to send 8 characters, check to see that the code length isn't set to 6 max characters or else you can use %drop2 instead of %code which drops the GC off of the codes and you will get 105JK and 105JH for the output codes.
  12. I haven't used a Blackberry, but I do something similar with my Samsung BlackJack. I use GSAK and use the HTML export. Then I just have to run the index.htm file created from File Explorer. Since the directory will get pretty full and take a while to load, I recomment creating a shortcut to the file. I just took the time to load all the files and then opened the index file. Once it's open, you can add the "page" as a favorite. Now I just have to run the favorite and it opens up my cache info. Also, when you update your phone, just clear the directory and drop in the new files. Since it's always the same file, the link is always correct.
  13. I'm running Vista Home Premium with GSAK 6.6.5 I was running 7.x but due to a compatibily problem with a macro I use (compatibility with GSAK) I switched back to 6.x until I can sit down and debug the macro. So it works with both version types.
  14. I recently purchased a new 60Cx and when I went to work, I had placed it on the top shelf inside my computer desk. When I got home, the GPSr was on the floor. The cat had climbed on top of my monitor and grabbed my nice new treasure and attacked it. Luckily I purchased a CarTom GPSr case and there were only two small scratch marks on the edges of the screen protector. The lucky part is... CarTom Cases cover the antenna too, so that probably protected the weaked target. If Garmin doesn't replace your unit, grab one of these cases and you hide the damage behind the neoprene case. I customized my case by taking off the logo, the belt clip, and the back strap. That way I could put a small hole in the case to use the original belt clip and I cut a circle to get access to the data port. I hate having to take my GPSr out of it's protection every time I want to upload/download the data. Good luck on the replacement.
  15. You can load them still as Waypoints, then go to the Map screen and hit the menu button, then Setup Map. Once there, you will want to navigate to the Flag Icon (3rd from the left) and go to User Waypoints. You can set that to the distance you have the zoom set or lower in order to see the waypoints. If you want them off completely, you can set it to OFF. Otherwise, set it to 1.2mi or 2mi like I do and you can see the caches off in a distance to find clusters. You can also adjust the zoom level for the POIs under Map Points.
  16. I always used the included belt clip with my 60CSx, but I also used the lanyard and connected it to my belt or belt loop with a carbiner clip incase I dropped it while walking. But with the SiRF III chips, you get great reception that would barely if at all be affected upside down.
  17. Time to let go of my GPSr so I'm offering it up here first. Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Includes the following: GPSr All original items (Box, Manual, Lanyard, Belt Clip, 64MB microSD) 1 GB microSD card with SD adapter I'm also tossing in the case I have been using. It's in ok condition, but is included as an extra Everywhere the case covered is in great condition. There are some light scuffs on the antenna rubber area and one small hole from a thorn. Looking for $350.00 (OBO) shipped which includes insurance to the lower 48 states. Payment must be though Paypal and you must have a confirmed address. I may also consider a lower value GPSr trade with money since this is my only GPSr currently. Please do not PM me, use the email feature only. Also, any extremely low offers will be ignored. Thanx, MetroGT
  18. I had an 11 waypoint Puzzle cache until recently. One reviewer had approved it and another had approved 2 other caches near my stages of my puzzle, not knowing of the placement of all my stages. Did this bother me? Nope... I never complained until they started archiving those caches, cause I didn't want to kill off that much area of my town. I eventually removed 8 of the pieces and created a new 3 stage multi of the final stages so that I could free up space for one of them archived to return and to place more caches in my area.
  19. Cases 1 and 2 aren't really a case of logging your own hide. To adopt something later pretty much requires that you found it at such a time when it wasn't yours to begin with. I can't see how this is a problem. Cases 3, 4, and 6 are instances where I don't really see how logging a find makes any logical sense. If you placed the cache (either as an individual or as a team) or hosted the event, then I can't see how you've "found" it in any sense of the word. I think logging a find for Case 5 is an even worse reason than logging a find for cases 3, 4, and 6. You're logging a record of something you know never actually happened. The only reasons I could see for someone deleting a find record would be accidentally, for not meeting the logging requirements, or out of malice. The first two issues are easily addressed and corrected. But if someone deleted one of my finds out of some negative emotional response, then that's not a find I would have wanted in the first place. Case 7 is the same as case 5 ... this is a problem of not understanding how to use the logging system. Agreed completely. I have to disagree with point #3... it's not a found, it's an attended. I have logged an attended at my own event, cause guess what... I attended it. I setup the time and place, arranged all the games/activities, setup the prizes, and... actually showed up to meet and greet like events are designed to do. Hence... I attended the event. Do I feel guilty for logging my event? No... if I did, I wouldn't tell you people about it. Play the game by your own rules if you feel necessary, cause only you or a reviewer can delete the logs. When I place the next event I hold... I'll log it as an attended too, as long as I show up that is. As for point #6... I actually have a cache that I have to "find" every time I do maintenance on the cache. I don't count it as a found because I placed the cache and I know where it could be. Even if it is in a place it shouldn't be, it's my cache hide.
  20. At least in Kentucky we know how to get out of a boat and not get hit in the head by a falling tree.... *cough* *cough* *solarwib*
  21. Typically... how many reviewers will review for an area? I've had 3 different ones review for my caches.
  22. Just a little info for anyone that currently has a trade set up with me... I mailed out 7 packages today. Sorry for the delay, but I had to make more nickels, repair a vehicle, and take care of someone that had surgery... oh yeah... and wait for my internet service to become stable since some dufus crashed their vehicle into a main cable line and I was getting extremely unstable and slow service. So in the infamous words of a late person... It's in the mail! Thanx, MetroGT
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