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  1. Hi all, I put a bunch of my duplicates from the geocoin collection up on eBay this week - including limited editions. All of them are trackable - not registered and have just been sitting in the closet, waiting to be traded. Since I've not been trading coins in a while and I'm getting ready to move, and most of these are from 2006, I hope you'll take a look. Note that there's some on there with very low starting bids - 0.99, and I will ship internationally to those who buy them. Good Luck! ~Rose http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/phoenix-rose...Q_sopZ12?_rdc=1
  2. My Ideas: America the Beautiful Cache Across America States of Caching US of Caching - with - what else - an American Flag icon? I think it shouldn't be too cryptic for what it is - really, if I decide I'm doing this, I'd want to be able to find a list using common sense. (There's one in utah that's a baseball diamond shaped cache series that the names aren't common sense to most, and makes it hard to hit them all unless you know who hid them...) Note that you guys should get this organized and out by the 4th of July - if possible.. then, you can have all the caches go live on the 270th birthday of the country. Just a thought... Rose *edited to add a couple other name ideas
  3. Hi there! I did a bunch of these caches before I moved to Germany. To see a few that still are around (adopted by those back in Utah) look up "spooky Utah" because they all have that in the title. ~Rose
  4. Hi Guys! I launched a coin in south africa a few months ago. It's been dropped in an awesome cache that doesn't seem to be found very much. If someone's interested in picking it up and moving it along, that would be awesome. The cache is: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=236484 Thanks for your help. Keep on 'Cachin! ~Rose
  5. Ha ha ha ha! I think that would make a great avatar for someone....especially if it *was* on a "sock puppet" account! Thanks for the laugh. ~Rose
  6. Ok so.. I'm stealing the topic for one second (Sorry Jaybee.. but you will understand...) HOORAY! (AND FINALLY!) MY work Permit for the move to Germany has been APPROVED! Ok so Here's the deal... I know many of you have been following the move status for me going to Germany. The work permit was approved today. So, I have about 5 days for the residency permit, and then I'll be able to get an apartment. (I will see about making the address available at that time.) The Date for me leaving the US has been pushed back to the weekend of March 24 and I'm hoping to have everything from my house sold by then. This means I'll be sending out a ton of registered coins in the next few weeks. So, if I contact you and ask can I drop some for caches in your area, please don't be surprised. Thanks to a bunch of you whom have been emailing practically weekly to find out the status, when I'm moving and planning a "going away" event. (hugs to all) Now that I finally have dates, and can get tickets and everything else, I thought I would make a formal post. ~Rose P.S. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....
  7. WOO HOO! My missing coin (went to Mexico) has been found! It will be in a cache later this week. <does a little dance> ~Rose
  8. Hi! I've found that the caching place has some great ones that are hard cover and great strong pages. I had one that was plastic 3 ring binder with plastic pages and it really stunk - the coins fell out and wound up all over the floor. I can't post their URL here, but you could probabally google for them and find it. ~Rose
  9. Hi! I've found that the caching place has some great ones that are hard cover and great strong pages. I had one that was plastic 3 ring binder with plastic pages and it really stunk - the coins fell out and wound up all over the floor. I can't post their URL here, but you could probabally google for them and find it. ~Rose
  10. Park City is pretty touristy so the caches tend to be not so great, IMHO. However, Caching in the Salt Lake Valley is pretty good - downtown/capitol hill area if you're looking for zip codes - would be 84103, 84104 to get you started. Also, if you're looking for people here in Utah, we're a great bunch - you might pop into the Utah geocachers group at: www.Utahgeocachers.com for other suggestions on things to find. ~Rose
  11. True Confession - I have no sense of direction. So, when I went to New Orleans on a business trip about a year and a half ago, one of my business colleagues lent me their GPS for a while. It was great - and FILLED with geocaches. On the call to let them know that I'd made it and was - for once - NOT lost, they explained what the geocaches were and hoped I'd pick up a travel bug from one of them to bring back. Luckily, it was a relatively easy to find geocache - and I found it (no, I wasn't smart enough to sign the log or log the TB at the time) . After that, I was HOOKED. Had to buy my own GPSr when I got home, read all the info on GC.com, and started caching myself. No, I've never gone back and logged the cache I found in New Orleans, or the TB (gave that to my colleague when I got back to Utah) but I think the point was more to get me started. Just like Drugs.. it only took Just one hit... My Name is Rose, and I'm a geocoin /geocaching addict....There IS no help for me.
  12. So, great news! My coins made it into the cache in Afghanistan and are now travelling around South Africa as well. VERY COOL! Of all the ones I've released, all have moved at least once, and only one has been lost (the one sent to Mexico...) YEAY!!! (to the tune of Rawhide theme) Rollin Rollin Rollin.. keep them coins a rollin... surprise! headin out, throw'em in, ,move along - travel coins....yee ha! (ok so it's 2:15 am and I'm a bit slap happy.. what DID you expect?!?) ~Rose
  13. Congrats Dave :-D You'll have to bring that sometime and let me see it. Now a couple thoughts - I've got about 8 coins in caches, and of the ones I've released, only one has "disappeared". Since it was on its way to Mexico and there is not a reliable mail service, it may show up yet.. or not. (Didn't really worry too much if that one got lost.) In the meantime, re sending them out. I have taken to putting florescent green labels on the cases that the coins are in that say "Travel coin, log me, do not keep" around the edges. Then, I've covered it over and over and over again in packing tape. IN order to get the packing tape off the case and then to the coin, they'll have to literally cut through and damage the coin. :-D Plus, since the bright green labels are on there, they're pretty noticible and hard to miss that that coin is supposed to move. My thoughts from the edge...
  14. Hi! There's an event coin for: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7c-b11c1d90b6b7 (Hobo Up to the S&S) Which is a coin to celebrate both the location (an old train station & museum which offers kiddie rides) and the hobo pot luck event. It's kind of train related in that it's a tin can with a boot on it that says boot stew. These are hard to get ahold of (only those attending the event got them) but you might be able to contact the event holder to see if he has any left. ~Rose
  15. Hi guys, Looking to maybe do a trade - I have a request from Iraq that is for either Kansas, Florida or Ohio geocoin. Anyone want to trade with me so I can activate one of these (or you can and we'll work out a way to get it to the troops) and get it out to the guys who are from that area but stationed in Iraq? I have: North Carolina 2006 DelaWhere 2006 Georgia 2006 (stone mountain) Wisconsin 2006 Maine Great Britian Any takers/Traders? I know I can count on y'all to help keep us going and to help keep our troops supported! Thanks! ~Rose
  16. One of the Cachehunters42 has a bear, as does the 2005 Tennessee coin. You may also check with the Alaska geocaching group - they may have one that's got a bear, and/or California - their state flag has a bear and they might have a coin or nickle that ties it in.. Berlin's city "symbol" is the bear, so that might be in the works too if one of the German personal cachers isn't using that - but I can't say for sure. Just some ideas of coins to keep in the back of your mind. ~Rose
  17. Good news - I found two militiary guys in Iraq that I'll be resending the coins to. Anyone else want to get a couple out there while I'm at it? Also, I'm going to try and include some geocaching swag and sig items I've collected and maybe a couple small tins for new caches. Any other suggestions? ~Rose
  18. Personally, what I feel an "official" coin is one made - in the case of a personal - by the person themselves, and in the case of a city/state/ region by either the state geocaching association (associations in the case of California, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc.). Yes, I understand that states aren't owned (Well.. ok maybe Utah does belong to the BLM ), and that there are geocachers out there who are *NOT* part of their state orgs that want to make their particular state coins. I guess my main argument isn't for those that live in the state and want to make another state coin. I guess really my thought is, what is a person from xyz state doing making a coin for somewhere across the country where they've never even lived/visited and as such, taking away some of the opportunity for the groups who are funded by the coin they use. Fundamentally, this would be similar to a state geocaching org making a personal coin for jim-bob (whom we don't know and haven't a clue about what he maybe likes/dislikes or is really all about... but hey - we're gonna make a coin that has jim-bob out swinging like a monkey through the trees because we like the idea. In reality, though, jim-bob has nothing to do with monkeys and he is completely allergic - and did I mention, he finds the association of him and a monkey completely offensive/racial slurish.) My argument is that since most of the groups are funded by donation only and use the coin to help pad coiffures to promote geocaching (think taking newspaper reports up a canyon, teaching boy & girlscouts about GPS, going to schools and so on) , have geocaching events, and benefit their state members while positively promoting geocaching, I'd like to see people come up with new and exciting "original" ideas instead of doing the same old same old and potentially harming the city/state/regional geocaching groups by in essence doing too much of a similar thing and confusing the market. Maybe instead, those who want to make geocoins for a profit should actually get out and geocache for a while. Then, go with a county, region, or a geocache of particular interest in that area, or heck, why not make some international geocaching friends and work with them to make a "state/provence" coin for somewhere else in the world other than just the US? (While there's alot of great caches in the US and the fad has taken off, I'd love to see more international coins...) Humm... why not make some related to the tools of the trade, or I don't know.. What about working to make something that would be better put INTO caches instead of coin collections? Hense my suggestion to try and help curb some of the "unofficial" coins, get some further creativity, and well... do what we're all here to do - HAVE FUN GEOCACHING and being with friends. ~Rose
  19. Hi! My contact in Iraq is headed home, and the package I sent with some registered geocoins to put into a cache has been returned as could not locate. Anyone in the Military (or not) in IRAQ interested in tossing these into caches for me? I will do my best to find one from your state if you have a particular state you'd like to put in there for your buddies to find. Please let me know. Cache-On! ~Rose
  20. Hello again - this made it to the second page! (For shame!) I got the coins back from my contact in IRAQ as "could not locate". I emailed them and it looks like he's on his way back stateside in the next few days. Any in the military in IRAQ who would be willing to toss a couple coins in caches, please let me know - I'd really like to get these going (Also if you let me know if there's a particular state you're from/might be interested in, I'll do my best to try and get you one of these if I have it..). Also, I'm looking for someone in Russia and/or China if you're interested, I'd like to launch some new coins I got this week to those countries too. Thanks! ~Rose
  21. After reading a thread here earlier tonight, and seeing all of the new "unofficial" this and that coins, I have a great idea. For those that are the "official" orginizations that are out there putting out coins and using the money to fund their group events, prizes, websites, and so on, I have a solution to the above problem. (Note that I'm not saying official/unofficial coins are bad as some of them have great designs - but let's consider a real solution and save the bickering... ) Obviously, these "unofficial coins" are being made a) for the money, for the money, and c) for the icon, and NOT to be put into caches, though a few may make it that far. The solution? Start making "unofficial" PERSONAL coins for those that are making the "unofficial" state coins. Take for example, SALLY in Timbucktu that decides she wants to make a coin for Zambia because they don't have a coin. Ok fine. No geocaching org will be able to really do anything about this. However, for those places that do have a Geocaching Org, I say that those Orgs simply start creating "unofficial" personal coins for each of the people who are making the "unofficial" state coins. WOO HOO! This means that JIM-BOB over there will be not only having their own "official" personal coin (that may become more difficult to sell/trade), but also 3-5 "non official" personal coins to compete with. (No offense if any geocacher really has the name Jim-bob, it was simply being used as an example.) This means, for all you organized geocaching groups out there, not only can you profit from your "official" coin, you can also profit from the unofficial personal coin of the other peson who has been practically taking money from your pocket. Plus, if you keep that "unofficial Personal coin" to a "limited edition", you know that you'll make a profit from the coin collectors which you can then put toward future events! I think that this solution might actually work, but I'm open to suggestions. Anyone? ~Rose (ed for spelling error)
  22. Humm.. only one problem - you missed the battle for Atlanta - since Atlanta held the keys to the Confederacy, (and I'm a transplanted Georgia/Atlanta girl); when Atlanta fell, so did the rest of the confederacy. Otherwise, this is a most interesting set. Will they be all B&W or in color for the battle scenes?
  23. I wonder if it has something to do with *when* the coin/bug was registered? For example, my TB that was registered and already showing mileage seems to update ok.... But then these ones: Rose's Wisconsin Geocoin Rose's Stone Mtn Georgia USA Coin Grand Experiment Rose's San Francisco Geocoin Grand Experiment Rose's Rowan Gypsy Coin - Grand Experiment Rose's CacheHunters42 Coin Grand Experiment Rose's BackBrake Billy Coin Grand Experiment Rose's 2005 Christmas Traveling Geocoin Grand Experiment which I've recalculated all show zero....despite having made it to their location safely.
  24. Hey V, didn't work... mine still has no mileage showing. My Wisconsin coin has, however, gone from Salt Lake City, to Portugal to Norway! Cool Cool! ~Rose
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