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Fga Coin - sale info


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Ummm...if you got a new GPS over coins you are banned from the Geocoin Forums and are not an addict! :laughing:


You must have gone to a GAA meeting last night and they filled you head full of crap!! :laughing:


Given the conditions of the three GPS I have, I had to do something... Meri-Gold can't see the screen, Meridian Green - no mapping, and battery contacts suck, Etrex something or other takes forever to get lock... Jumped at the chance to get a 60CS (no i don't want the CSx) on a good deal....


Coin addict...no you're right, I'm trying to cut back. I've entered the recovery program.


I am Jennifer and I am addicted to Geocoins....


Making steps to curb what I buy.



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The FGA 2006 coin is a 1.75", Antique Silver with 3D engraving on both sides. they are GC Trackable with it's own Icon. Cost is going to be $7.50 Ea.. there are no LE's avail they were sold to FLORIDA FGA MEMBERS EXCLUSIVELY.. They will be a hot trade for item...


FGA GEOCOIN SALE at The Caching Place

Preorder starts Wednesday, February 22, 2006

here it is broken down by the diffrent time zones when they will go on sale...


Eastern European time 6:00 pm

Central European time 5:00 pm

Greenwich Mean time 4:00 pm

USA Eastern Standard time 11:00 am

USA Central Standard time 10:00 am

USA Mountain Standard time 9:00 am

USA Pacific Standard time 8:00 am


Ships: March 16, 2006


The shipping cost is based on the actual weight and there is a $2.00 handling fee per order (not per coin).


PREORDER coins are subject to different delivery dates. We ask that you enter a separate order for other products you plan to purchase. Thank you.

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The Antique gold Limited edition coins are being sold to the Flordia members first and if any are left they will be sold to the general public.


And I am certain that I will have several LE coins to trade.


As of 11:25am Feb 20th all the of the Gold LE's have been sold out!!! let the games of trying to trade for them begin!! :laughing:

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You know that happened to me once but a minute later I got a confirmation from Paypal that the transaction did go through.


It just showed up in my "Previous Orders" list on the site, so it looks like it'll be okay. Weird that there's still a second set in my shopping cart. I emailed them to be sure but it looks like it will be okay.

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