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  1. I would think that if you had the desire to deface someone else's travel bug, you should at least email the owner of the bug and make sure it's okay to do so. There's a guy around here that has picked up 3 TB's so far, wrote all over one of them with marker, and cut the arm off of another (because it was "too cute")... If someone did something like that to one of mine, it wouldn't be a huge deal -- especially if they had asked me first -- but I wonder if everyone would be that understanding. So, the question I have is... knowing that an owner has to expect things to happen to their TB when they release it, is it or is it not considered bad form to deface a TB without notifying the owner first?
  2. Nope. I leave them in. If I DNF and then find it a week later... Well, I still DNF'ed the first time, so it's still a valid log.
  3. Yeah I'm trying to be patient too... My first TB was moved ONCE before it ended up in the hands that it's still currently in. It's only been about 6 weeks, so I haven't sent any emails yet, but I'm getting twitchy. Didn't help that they (in addition to several already in their inventory) picked up five other bugs the same day as mine, and none of them have been placed yet. They're still getting caches, and still picking up new TB's, and once in a while even dropping one, but there mine sits.... oh well. gotta be patient.
  4. I'd like to see it too. Certainly would make finding a series cache easier... Like the dozens of Off Your Rockers around here. It'd be better than the current method of manually filtering out all of the ones in TN, etc.
  5. Yup... I gave a tag to my girlfriend so she could join a TB race, and the next day I remembered to ask her if she had kept the bag with the activation code on it. Of course not. She threw it out and the garbage had already been picked up that morning. I sent an email out to Groundspeak and had the code via email in less than 30 minutes. Excellent.
  6. Okay, darn. So they're seeing the message, and just ignoring it. Oh well.
  7. Yes yes I know that. It just reminded me that the people that have my bug would be seeing it too, for my bug that they still have. I'm getting the warning because I grabbed a coin at a CITO event I went to, and the owner has not yet grabbed it back.
  8. I just noticed the 'inactive for two weeks' warning in my travel bug inventory for the first time. Has this feature always been here? Doesn't matter one way or the other, but I was just thinking... if this was a recently added feature to the site, maybe those guys that have had my TB for the last month and a half will see it and go "Oh yeah." Eh.
  9. Okay, quick related question, just to specify... Someone plans on attending a CITO event, for example, and drops a coin at the event ahead of time. They bring the coin with them, and those that ask for it are given the coin. Those people get the number off of the coin, and give it back to the owner. Back at home, the event is logged and the coin is taken out and immediately replaced by the people that asked for it. Then the owner of the coin takes the coin out of the event before archiving. Is this against the rules? I read all of the posts above, and I couldn't really tell, since it's a real coin, at a real event, but the people took the coin for only a few minutes, and replaced it. Sorry if it's a stupid question... I just wanted to be clear on that point, because I have a coin that I considered doing that with, although obviously I won't if it's not allowed.
  10. I agree to get what you can afford. If you're anything like me, though, you'll want to get the best you can afford, or you'll be wanting to upgrade in a month.
  11. Yep... I bookmark my DNF's to see if someone logs it found after that...
  12. The Max Zoom value setting? Works for me anyway, I have it set to 3mi. Setup -> Map -> (Flag Icon) -> User Waypoints
  13. Wait... I just thought about this a little more. Think about it this way. You're using Sight N Go, so the distance is preset, regardless of the distance from your subject. The bearing pointer requires that you know the distance to your subject, because the arrow must change as you get closer (assuming you're not going straight towards it). So the course pointer would be the only one that makes sense when you're just following the direction of Sight N Go. Try projecting a waypoint, estimate the distance, and THEN set it to bearing. That should work, since it has a distance to work with.
  14. I just went outside with my 60CS. I can't get to the bearing pointer either. It automatically switches to course pointer, and won't change back to bearing unless I 'stop navigation' and change it back. Then, when I 'resume navigation', it goes right back to course. I checked the manual, and it does say you can switch them. So yeah... I have no suggestions, but you're not the only one.
  15. OOH! Nevermind, I'm retarded. Got it working. Thanks for the info again! Turns out I forgot quotes as well as some other stuff. wget -O - "http://local.google.com/local?f=d&hl=en&saddr=Orlando,+FL&daddr=Fort+Myers,+FL&output=js" | gpsbabel -i google -f - -x simplify,count=200 -o arc -F o_to_fm.arc
  16. Thanks for the info Robert... I seem to be having a slight problem with this though... I was wondering if you could shed some light on it. To see exactly what was happening, I separated this out. Instead of piping it directly in, I tried this: $ wget -O tempgooglefile http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Orlando+FL+to+Fort+Myers+FL&output=js $ gpsbabel -i google -f tempgooglefile -x simplify,count=200 -o arc -F o_to_fm.arc But I'm doing something wrong, obviously. XML Reader:Parse error at 1: not well-formed (invalid token) and I get an arc file of 0 length. Am I doing something obviously wrong here?
  17. Not SiRF, but FWIW, lately I get full-strength bars on 35 and 36 with my 60CS, but neither will lock and turn solid, no matter how long it tries.
  18. Ooh that script excerpt is cool. Commence tinkering! FYI for anyone viewing this... posted by "Mike Hostetler" in the link above: [ ! -f ${ROUTEF} ] && { wget -O - "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=$FROM to $TO&output=js" | gpsbabel -i google -f - -x simplify,count=200 -o arc -F ${ROUTEF} }
  19. Interesting. Thanks for the reply. Now, if she wants 500 Geocache POI's, say they're split into 3 files, you're saying that the comments will be removed on 300 of them? Or will the unit just ignore the remaining 300?
  20. Does anyone have any recommendations for mapping software in Linux? I'd like to start creating some arc files for when I'm travelling. Right now the only software I use is GPSBabel. Unfortunately, even WINE is pretty much out of the question since they don't currently support he x86_64 platform very well.
  21. I was hoping to get some help from the Magellan gurus out there. I've always used Garmin units. I got a friend of mine started on Geocaching by allowing her to use my eTrex Legend after I got my 60CS. When she decided to get her own unit, she chose the Explorist 210 based on its size, feature set, and price. So we're trying to figure out how to do certain things on it. Recently we headed out to Tampa to pick up a few caches there. Before leaving, I created a PQ with about 475 caches in the area. After sending the file to my 60CS, we deleted all of the waypoints already present in the Explorist, and loaded the same GPX file into it using Magellan's Geocache software. Once in Tampa we started looking for caches, and found that even though we used the exact same file, the Magellan was missing approximately half of the caches that were on my 60CS. I didn't count them, but whenever we found a cache and checked for the next nearest one, my 60CS always had at least two nearby caches that were nowhere to be found in her Explorist. So my closest three might be 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 miles away, but she would only have the 0.9 one listed. This happened no matter where we were, but it happened (seemingly) randomly. Sometimes we'd have the same 10 caches in an area, and sometimes I'd show 10 and she'd show 3. Weird. The other two issues she's having are probably just because she's used to the Garmin setup. She can't figure out how to delete single caches from her list. She wants to be able to do the equivalent of Delete --> Caches (Found) on a Garmin, or at the very least be able to delete caches one at a time without having to remove the entire gpx or loc file like she's doing now. Finally, she wants to know how to mark a cache as Found so it stops showing up in her list when she's browsing for the closest caches. Oh, and she says that the Geocache icon isn't showing up in her icon list, so she can't create a Geocache waypoint manually. Can someone help me with these problems so I can walk her through them? Thanks!!
  22. This was mentioned a while back in this thread. Sounds like it'll happen at some point.
  23. It just showed up in my "Previous Orders" list on the site, so it looks like it'll be okay. Weird that there's still a second set in my shopping cart. I emailed them to be sure but it looks like it will be okay.
  24. Gah!! I completed my order and sent the Paypal payment, but then the TCP site said the Paypal payment was not received, and my order is still in my shopping cart. But I got the payment confirmation from Paypal!! WTF?!
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