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Egg's England Geocoin

Team Maddie UK

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I didn't think most coin groups bought LEs?? has that changed recently?

Don't think it's the coin groups it's apparent that there are people using automated programs to block other customers from purchasing so they will have a better chance just like they used to do for sports tickets until they require you type in a code so they know your a real person

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what does it mean when they say -X Y Z for a time?

It's a nice way of saying "You're too Late!!"

Humor me, why would the time reverse? If they were gone shouldn't it just remove the whatever its called, plate? all together.


Actually, I don't know why I'm asking this here <_<

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Just informationally, the ICE coin group missed out on the English LE, just like so many other people. And we only ordered 6 of the Mississippi LEs.

...And for the record, the PCC coin group doesn't buy LEs at all, and we also chose not to purchase the regular version of this coin - so we are definitely not suspects. <_<

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What happened???

I was paying for two of them with paypal and then a message about having technical difficulties popped up at the end of the transation. 

Did it go through???

Probably not. Sorry but good luck, maybe it did

Well, I lucked out after all - just checked my email a few hours later and it showed a paypal transaction for the English coin.

Perhaps it will work out for others too!

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People with VIP accounts get to see how many are left, and according to that there are 60 left. I'm assuming it's that some people have not paid after clicking on buy, so they end up back for sale again. It's just a guess - I have no more knowledge of the reasons than you guys.



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