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Age Of Geocachers


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I'll be 32 in Feb.


My tag alongs are wife 26, step-son 8, step daughter 7, and daughter 9 months......


So this makes fun for a Geocache group. If your out caching around us, you'll hear us coming a mile up the trail!!! The two older one's nag at each other all the time, and the baby usually is just yapping up a storm along the trail, but we have fun and that's all that matters.

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Im 16, gee i would have thought there would be loads more people my age... i suppose unless you can afford a GPS or your parents dont have one, and you dont have transport, it would be a tad hard to go caching...


Its good to see around here everyone is not judged by age, expecially young people/older people.

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I'm 54, and heard about geocaching from my daughter, who is 29, in spring of 2005. I looked up geocaching.com and thought it sounded like fun; however my golf addiction was in full swing so I didn't do much about trying it. When my daughter was visiting at Thanksgiving, we went caching, and that was all it took. I'm HOOKED! I had my own GPS a week and half later, and haven't looked back since! I have discovered that I need to borrow a dog, though. Definitely would help with the conspicuous factor.


Mizdeeds :blink:

Saginaw, Michigan


Growing Older is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional

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I'm 43, hubby is 41. We just started out and haven't dragged the kids along with us yet. They're 21, 18 and 18, and a 16 month old grandson. I think my daughter and her baby would probably enjoy some of the parks we've been to, especially the ones with playgrounds! (I enjoy those too!)

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