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Age Of Geocachers


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[Mr. strong has authritis and is into caching as an exetercise. At 42 its a little early for the big A to be afflicting me but hey just keep moving]


I am 46 this year - Osteo-Arthritis in my ankle, so the walking does me good, though too much rough terrain stuff can cause some serious aching - but hey, compared to Snowdonia, Kent is flat


Tim - ddm

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Ha! Just turned 59. Got my Magellan for my birthday from my mother whos will be 84 in a few weeks. She actually found the cache on our very first trip (the grand kids missed it!) -- a micro on the Oregon coast. Found another one on that short trip. So, it is a sport for the young and the old. I'm back in New England now.


No funny looks yet. (I think). I learned about this from my son-in-law who learned about it while walking near his college with his mother and observed a cacher making his hide! He took the time to explain what he was doing, instead of reverting to secretive, covert mode, and thereby stimulated a new chain of geocachers that spans the east and west coasts!

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I am 39 yrs old.But my kids are 7 and 5 and they go with me,when there in the mood to go. I will leave them at a relatives house if i am planning to go out all day. They just can,t handle going all day and tend to get bored with all the driving from cache to cache. but when they want to go they beat me to the car and say lets go. I know they enjoy geocaching cause they play geocaching at home with all their toys and tell each other clues and yes my lawn mower finds a few of these crude containers. but it keep them active and thinking.

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54 and in 7 months I can get a senior coffee at McD's! :unsure:

I'm 46. I was out doing a multi cache and stopped in a Dunkin Donuts. I order my coffee and the woman asks if that is a senior coffee. I am dressed with my winter coat, waist pack, and orange hat (she can't even see that my short hair is silver.) I was flabbergasted. I mummbled no I'm not a senior.


I was not ready for being asked that question yet. Since then I have been asked at other places that offer discounts to seniors. I still can't bring myself to lie and say that I'm a senior even for a discount.


The rest of the Crew are: Tom-50, Ericka-25, Chris-24, Brian-20, Mike-14, Robbie-12, Leah-12, Catherine-10, Jonathan-8


Donna of The HPC

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I'm old enough to know that a lady doesn't tell her age.......hubby is 50. Oldest daughter, 24 and a Penn Stater and now at Trinity College Dublin, introduced us to geocaching almost three years ago. Son 22, daughter 20, not cachers. The other two boys 17 and 11 sometimes come with us; the 11 y.o. is an expert at finding caches!

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35 and and ACL replacement patient....so I can relate to gimpy (somewhat)...gotta keep moving!!


I had an ACL replacement too (a few years back), and then a patellar fixation & quadriceps reattachment shortly thereafter (when they say avoid ice after an ACL repair, LISTEN!) On the cold winter days and after a few too many geocaches, I get a little limpy myself and feel my age....which is 36 (37 in a couple months). But I feel MUCH younger!



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Let's see I'm 49 yrs. old will be hitting the big 50 in 9 months,(or half century take your pick) :P


I had my left knee replaced this year my doctor said, I was one of his youngest patients to have this done............... I guess I'm still young then. :)


IronMan114 is 47 years old he's pushing 48.


2 kids, daugther is 22 and our son is 18


Our granddaugther is going to be 2 in a few months


The dog is 5 years old (that's 35 in human years)




editted: It's early and my brain isn't up yet.

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