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  1. Looks like its finished.. Nice article. http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20080729.../807290302/1004
  2. I have a keyholder on a small footbridge thats hardly ever used in a park (maybe 10 ft long over a small ditch) I hope they dont blow that up next.
  3. well I plan on having an event next month, maybe we can use it to teach local residents(and police) about geocaching
  4. lol CM, I think thats exactly how it went. That bridge is a important one, it carries 2 US Highways and 3 AL Highways, traffic sucks during the day lol
  5. theres another topic on this going on at http://x.r2designs.com/index.php?name=Foru...pic&p=32706 (a more localized forum) I hope this isn't considered Spam
  6. Thats a keyholder on a guardrail, several hundred feet east from the bridge. I guess florence police like wasting time and money on all this The going theory is that the cache they found is not the keyholder. The plastic box pictured in the newpaper article is more of a loc-n-loc type container. Unless that's some of the BS's gear...? Unlikely, whatever they found looked to be directly under the bridge (there is a park right under the bridge) here is a video i borrowed froma news site
  7. Thats a keyholder on a guardrail, several hundred feet east from the bridge. I guess florence police like wasting time and money on all this
  8. Gosh mopar, sure are mean
  9. Its slowed down some here in NW alabama it seems.. At least recently
  10. Well, The initial response from the reviewer was denied, i told them more about it, Hopefully i can get it approved this time around
  11. Well I submitted, with help from someone else, the online page can only be accessed if your logged into the wifi at the park heres hoping it gets approved! I have never personally seen a cache like this
  12. lol, well whichever way they try to find it. It'll be much easier for people to use the free wifi to find it,i may go to the location and try to map out a spot
  13. Ohh, Well I'd have the url in the first stage of the multi, unless i HAVE to have it on the cache page..
  14. On your first statement, what about people that don't have boats, they cant get to boat only caches, or when climbing equiptment is requires, or scuba.. (I get what you're trying to say though) Well the Park isn't that big at all, its between two small buildings, There used to be a building there, but it was destroyed somehow. and I wont have a Problem with the Page Uptime, If one goes down, I could easily put another one out and update the cache since its only about 1.5 miles from me house
  15. Yea I guess you're right,. they could get the url and then go home. Of course that'd be alot of work. I wish i knew someone with a server on the network so i could have it be on that network only.
  16. Okay i found out we have a thing called Florence FreeNet(wiFi) in an area of town that has a small park, I was wondering if I could place a Unknown cache with 1st stage having a URL that you must use a laptop or some other device to connect to the intenet to goto the URL and get the coords to the final cache Would this type of cache be allowed or is it against the guidelines? Thanks I dont see anything in the guidelines, These are the only ones and I dont think it'd be breaking any rules.
  17. I dont much like it.. But... Thanks to a nice tool called Ad Blocker Plus for firefox Their All gone now
  18. Unfortunately, ed the meeting point of those 3 states is int he middle of the TN river, I guess we could all bring a boat and have a floating meet and greet, hehe
  19. Can Anyone with the knowlage answer this question?
  20. Yea i live in the NW corner of Alabama, and I could easily have one in Alabama,TN and Mississippi in the same day. wanna see if it'd (or they) would be the first of their kind.
  21. Has anyone ever went to 3 different events in 3 different states in one day? Just wondering, If not, it gives me an idea.
  22. Reserved me a good number for my next cache GC10009
  23. He could have the secret service clear a 500ft radius around the cache, That'd solve the problem
  24. Magellan eXplorist 300 Handheld GPS Navigator for $99.00 on www.woot.com
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