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  1. Yes, but the statues are within 100 feet of my cache. The trophy (starting cords) are just around the corner of the parking lot. Like I said, I just needed to vent and let the emotions calm down. It was just all a shock to see and learn about, and not in a good way for me. *Shrug* ill get ove it (I am calming down) and can see the potential of having both. But I admit, it still stings and will for some time.
  2. There is a virtual that was just published not too many feet from our traditional cache that has been in place for the last 11+ years..*sigh* Feeling very frustrated right now and thinking of archiving ours. There is no point in having two caches so close together to highlight the same thing. Wish there would be more review process before hitting the submit button on these new virtuals. After all the work we went through to secure permission for an actual cache at the location, to come back from vacation to find this. Yeah.......very frustrated and not happy right now. This is my introduction to this new virtual thing, and unfortunately, it's been cast as something negative. Will let the emotions calm down and then re-evaluate the situation. Thanks for letting me vent.
  3. As benchmark hunters, we definitely need one of these! They are awesome!
  4. We have the livestock attribute on our cache that's located outside at a football stadium. Quite fitting on game days.
  5. I came across a cache where the log was a rolled up window shade placed amongst branches. You unrolled it to sign. It was pretty cool.
  6. I go group caching usually once a week with 3-4 other cachers. When it comes to signing the logbook - we simply put the first initial of each of our cache names on the log sheet. It takes up one line so it saves space and no need to come up with a group name for the day. Haven't had any complaints so far. As far as honoring the OP request - chances are we wouldn't see it as we tend not to read the cache page unless were really stuck.
  7. I had to get my iPhone replaced with a new one due to a hardware issue and lost the app. Now I can't get/download it on my new phone. ☹ What a bummer!
  8. I could access caches on the 60 as geocaches and waypoints. Depending on how I loaded them from GSAK. But I used waypoints more as I could delete them individually. Geocaches could just be marked found (just like the 64) to get them off the list. Forgot about that. How do you get that pop up on the 64s? Been trying to figure that out without luck.....
  9. I went from a 60CSx to a 64s. I found the transition to be very smooth as they are both quite similar. There are a few things I wish they would have rolled over from the 60, (deleting individual caches, the little pop up window asking to follow road or not). But overall quite happy.
  10. Broke down and bought City Nav. A week of headaches trying to get maps without success was too much. Thanks for trying to help though!
  11. Ok, went to the link and apparently, I have to do this state by state as the entire US is too big for a file. *sigh*. Anyways, I created a map for my state and got an email with four different links. I tried taking the one link and uploading right to the SD card, but I still don't have maps on my GPSr. What am I missing/doing wrong? I apologize, but I said I was clueless to this. Any additional help is most appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Sorry if this has been brought up before .... I just bought a Garmin 64s. As the unit is, I cannot navigate to caches nor do I have any POIs. My pirated copy of maps from my 60CSx will not work in the 64s. I admit, I am too cheap to pay $80 bucks for city navigator. I keep hearing about OSM. Is this something I can install on my GPS for maps and navigation? I am computer illiterate when it comes to stuff like this. Any walk through and links would be most helpful. I am looking for a map of the US. I have a windows PC and a new 8 gb micro sd card. If I can't get usable maps, I'm thinknig of returning the unit. I really don't want to use two GPS devices - one to navigate, one to find caches. Thank you!!
  13. I don't own any virtuals or eathcaches. But I would be inclined not to help them. if they can't be bothered to read the cache page, I don't think they're going to care to receive any 'help' that may come their way anyways. Of course, that means one may miss the odd duck who would appreciate the heads up. I would like to think if they cared, they'd at least read the cache page and realize more is required than just showing up/driving by GZ.
  14. I don't know how it is today, but in 2011, according to the CDC guidelines, I could not be reported as having Lyme disease as I never has a positive test result despite having the clinical symptoms (minus the rash). Back then, it was all about the test to confirm a diagnosis. Finally found a Lyme literate doctor, who after reviewing my symptoms, timeline, and previous Lyme tests, diagnosed me with late stage Lyme. He started me on a many month antibiotic regime. It took over a year to get my life back. To this day, I have arthritis in my hips and knees, and I'll always live with the spirochete in my body. Not only does one need to battle Lyme (and many of the co-infections that come along with it), one needs to battle the medical community (the CDC and their stupid guidelines) to even get proper diagnosis and treatment. You can bet that if I know I'm going to be anywhere the potential that ticks exist, I'll be donning my permathrin clothing. While deet isn't as effective, I still use that in addition to the permathrin. I'm not taking any chances of contracting this life altering disease again.
  15. For me it depends on the difficulty and if I'm with other people. If I'm by myself, I have no problems giving it the time it deserves. I've spent three hours one afternoon looking for one stage of a multi. It wasn't that difficult, just well concealed. To me, the search is part of the fun of caching. It's about the only time I actually show any amount of patience. I'll invest quite a bit of time before giving up. But when I start getting frustrated searching, then I quit. When I'm caching with others, the search is usually much less time. Maybe 15 minutes at most for the difficult ones and no more than five minutes for the easy ones. I get nagged because I continue to search when they're already back to the car. That frustrates me more than not finding the cache. If I'm there, I want to give it a good search, not a half arsed one. I guess how long is enough before calling it quits, is something different for everyone. But I think when it stops being fun, it's time to quit and move on.
  16. We started out with a borrowed Garmin Etrex and printing out cache pages (virtuals, multis mostly). Eventually we moved up to the Garmin Legend and cache info was just quick notes jotted down on paper. I even remember buying the paper city maps and during the week, painstakingly plotting out all the caches on the map in prep for a cache outing the coming weekend. The paper map was how we navigated from cache to cache easily. I had one shelf in the bookcase with labeled binders - one for for each city we cached in the most, along with the road maps, cache pages and scribbled paper notes. I still have one binder containing the print out of the first cache we ever found (and our notes on it) and a few other memorable caches throughout the years. We eventually got a pocket pc and upgraded our GPSr to a 60CSx and used that for while. Today, we have phones and tablets and iPads that can do all that super paperless caching and logging. When it's time to go caching though, we still print out the occasional virtual, earthcache or multi cache page (especially when traveling), rely solely on the 60 CSx GPSr for navigation on the roads and to the cache, and have scribbled cache notes on a piece of paper. The phone is there for additional cache info or a PAF if we really need it. But rarely use it. One thing that hasn't changed for us - there is no logging from the field or uploading of field notes to other programs to log our caches. They're all logged from home sitting at our desktop computer at the end of the day or the next if we're too tired.
  17. Maybe by page 2 of this thread there will be a nationwide chart or list of Taco Bells with Geocaching access. One can only hope! LOL. I've now posted to this thread a second time.
  18. Was at my local Taco Bell for dinner and decided to see if I could access Geocaching webpage on my phone using thier wifi. I had no issues whatsoever accessing geocaching webpage, logging in, and searching for caches and reading the forums. I had hubby try and access the geocaching site on his iPad, and he didn't have any issues either. So maybe Taco Bell blocking certain sites on their wifi is a limited in certain areas?
  19. I got mine a couple of weeks ago as well (Shipped to the US). I'm thrilled to have it in my collection!
  20. I ordered the first day. When I submitted my order I got a message saying I would receive it in 5-7 days. The crickets are getting louder with each passing day............................
  21. Sent email! I've been so wanting one of these! Thanks!
  22. I ordered one for my son to release. He just got it in yesterday's mail. Looking at the addressed to section, our city, state and zip code were blacked out with marker.
  23. THANK YOU SimonLimon for the AWESOME 2012 God Jul coin! My first Christmas coin and it's beautiful!! The Chocolate was a nice surprise too! Merry Christmas!! AstroD-Team: Name Sent: 21 November 2013 Name Received: 25 November 2013 Mission Sent: 10 December 2013 (should arrive by this time next week) Mission Received: 12 December 2013
  24. UPDATE to reflect missions sent! AstroD-Team: Name Sent: 21 November 2013 Name Received: 25 November 2013 Mission Sent: 10 December 2013 (should arrive by this time next week) Mission Received: Duck505: Name sent: 24 November 2013 Name Received: 25 November 2013 Mission Sent: 10 December 2013 (10-14 days arrival time. It had to go across the big pond). Mission Received:
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