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Age Of Geocachers


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I was just curious of what the typical demographics of geocachers are. I heard about geocaching around 3 months ago then finally got a GPSr for christmas. I am 21 and in love with the sport/hobby. I am not sure if it is my age but people seem to look at me like I am doing something wrong when I am hunting all by myself, just wondering if this happens to anyone else. Thanks

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I am almost 30 and I used to get that feeling when I started. I realize now I am doing nothing wrong and just let them stare. That and I firmly belive that people only see what they believe they will see, if you act normal doing non-normal things then you will be ignored. (My mother proved that to me on many occasions).


However, I do cache with Maggie my dog, often and that make is a little easier to look normal.

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I am 53 and my daughter who is the real Geocaching nut is 13.

I have yet to get my wife really interested....I'm working on it!


I do have a little more trouble than my daughter when hiking vertical inclines, but otherwise, I love it as much as she does! We now get to bond, where there was not much else we did together before.

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lcjhnsn is about to turn 44 this month. Usually I'm cacheing solo. About 25% of the time my 12 year old son comes along. He really enjoys the hunt but is not as fond of a particularly challenging hike to get to the cache as I am. He really dislikes bushwacking. Mrs. is interested and enjoys the hunt but only comes along once in a while. 6y.o. daughter likes finding the treasure, but is completely unimpressed with the walking required to get there.

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Mr. strong has authritis and is into caching as an exetercise. At 42 its a little early for the big A to be afflicting me but hey just keep moving.....Mrs strong likes the hikes and getting out and about with Mr strong She is a little older "Don't tell her i told you that. Jr is into the hikes at 17 working out getting ready to go into the Marines as an MP.....and then there is Kid silver. he is 2 and we are brain washing him effectively to be a life long cacher. I suspect one of his teenage gifts will be his own GPSr.....


Do you think the 2 year old will throw off the average????

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Last time I looked I was 29. Then I checked my drivers license the other day and saw that I was really 48. How the heck did that happen so suddenly?


When I was a teenager I remember my grandmother complaining about how as she got older time went so much faster. Of course when you are waiting to graduate high school, college, get your ldrivers license, get to drinking age, start your career, etc... time goes reeeeeal slow so I couldn't connect with that concept.


Now I know what she was talking about. Its like I'm on greased rails heading into old age, but I'm going kicking and screaming.

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48 and feelin' good! I usually go 'caching with my best friend, Frosty the WonderSchnauzer. My wife and I often work different shifts, mainly 'cause I work weekends and I'm not willing to give up my 2 day a week job. Anyway, I'm kind of long-haired freaky lookin' but people always smile when they see me with a miniature schnauzer, she's very cute and child friendly(important). So take your dog, or borrow your friend's dog, or go to a shelter and adopt one. There's nothing happier than a Geo-Dog on the hunt :antenna:

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Me = 41

Hubby = 37


Funny looks? YEP!! We just started...if it's not my hubby walking around with the GPS in front of him like he's Captain Kirk with his trusty tri-corder, it's overweight me in my VERY conspicuous red car. LOL We stick out like a sore thumb.


I still feel a little weird when people look at me but if anyone asks, we just tell them about geocaching and they do usually shake their heads and walk away. LOL


And all the extra walking around...and the new hiking we're doing...is motivating me to take care of the overweight part!


And hey, THRAK!!! Mushroom, mushroom!!! Snaaaake! Snaaaaaaake!! :-)

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Since we're all confessing:


One of us turned 50 in Dec and the other is a mere 41. We have kids, but they don't like to cache, they think its wierd. Huh, imagine that coming from teenagers who by their very nature are just weird!


I'd like to think people can tell which one of us is older, but if they can't then I need a day at the spa! :antenna:


We both act much younger (and our bodies remind us of our true age the next day). We will not go gently into the night, we're afraid of the dark!

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