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  1. Farewell Paris Or Bust. It was a long road and we reached our goal ... but yea this one sucks! No way around it. I know it's just a bug but ....
  2. I want to buy a new handheld but it seems the Magellan and Garmin websites are kinda shady on weather I need to buy the city maps for routing. I thought Garmin used to come with one or two licenses for Cityselect or whaever it was called. Also, I have heard a lot of bad things about Magellan Triton series ... is this true?? I have always had a soft spot for Magellan. Again there website was vague on what maps were included. Although, now that I'm typing this I remember seeing the all come with basemap which must be highways and stuff and then ... oh I think I answered my own question. Why do we have to buy these maps for routing? You would think they would come with it. IR
  3. Welcome to geocaching! I bought a Meridian Platinum a few years back for about $100 and I swear it's almost unbeatable for caching. It today has almost as much toys and gadgets as the new GPS units coming out. I'm amazed and when I think about replacing it I cringe because the big GPS companys try to make these new units so user friendly they take out some of the best features. The Meri Plat may take a while to use but I think it's the coolest GPS I have owned and I think I saw on on amazon dot com for $20 or so. Might be worth looking up!
  4. Hey I'm willing to take offers on this if anyone's interested ...
  5. LOL Looks to me like the guy didn't want to sell it to you. It's his decision and he made it. I don't seel things to people sometimes too, especially if I feel uncomfortable about it you know? You were right by saying he could hold the stuff till the check clears, that makes sense but I would just move on at this point. Want to buy a Meridian Platinum?? =P Just kidding I don't want to post hijack. Good luck you two.
  6. I don't use these things much these days. I would like to get $150 for both shipped. Both are in great condition and are in perfect working order. The iPaq has a new battery in it. Garmin GPS V: PC Cable 2 Car AC Adapters 2 Cases iPaq rx3715: PC Cradle Power Cord 512 meg SD card Leather Case Let me know, I will take offers too.
  7. I'll ship it for $25 or best offer to the US. It's new, I bought it for my bicycle and it's just too big got my bars.
  8. Shot you an email to that address Sheldon. Let me know if you got it ... I accept PayPal and money orders. Just let me know how you would like to pay and I'll sent you the details. Chees! Dan
  9. I used it for my Meridian Platinum but the bicycle I put it on was too funky. I like my handlebars and gear shifters set up a little differently than most so the mount just didn't fit right. First $20 get's it shipped to anywhere in the USA. Sound fair?
  10. I have seen them around before and I think I would like one. Let mne know if you have one you're willing to sell! IR
  11. It's been a while but what happened to the feature where we used to lock our own posts when we were done using them???
  12. PMs sent. Sorry I didn't see them earlier my page says "0 New Messages" at the top so I never checked. I guess I needed to go in the PM box and look cuz there they were
  13. Thanks Cacheoholic, I REALLY hate to sell the thing but I still have my MeriPlat to use and I could use the extra cash. They don't make them like this anymore.
  14. Cuz they float! (And it has been tested) Edited ... I may have been to hasty in my previous post.
  15. Well I didn't see a PM from you TeamHeusinkveld, thanks for your intrest though ... here's a pic!
  16. I have a Meridian Color for sale. I'm asking $150.00 for it and I'll split the shipping with the buyer. It has a small scratch in the upper right corner of the screen from where I tried to remove the screen protector, it's almost not even worth mentioning. I could never get the screen protector to fit right and just went back to using my MeriPlat outdoors =) It in no way effects the usage or visual of the display. Unit works perfectly and lights up nicely. I can send pics upon request.
  17. It would be best if you name your price. Also, I bought mine for $100 new in the box. That should give you an idea considering ebay and all to. IR
  18. K ... I sold the 128 card and donated the rest to caches, thanks for looking guys!
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