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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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WOW!!! The unbelievable happent!!!!


I won a cointest on July and the price was a Canadian micro coin! A very pretty one! The coin was sent to me on July 3rd but it didn't come! The letter was lost... at least I thought!!!


Well... the letter came today!!!! After 2 months!!! Does this make the letter an official TB?? B)


Inside there was the micro coin and 2 coins from Canada with the color... the ones that are in Circulation... (these were UNC in condition! WOW!!!)!! I am so happy!!!!! :D

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My package from winning the 9-9-9 cointest arrived today.


Thanks to jackalgirl for a sacramento bus coin, a lantern coin (no idea what it is) and a personal PT.


Also in the box was more quirky japanese than you can shake a stick at. I loved it.


Box plus some of the swag will become a 9-9-9 cache.


Now I just need to get a 9-9-9 coin, and I'm all happy.

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today i got a great susprize a long waited trade from da funky frogs, they actually paid the extra to have it to me for my birthday today, its the only items other then a few cards i got for my birthday so that makes them very special , i got an xle personal copper with copper glitter and a mystery geocoin angel they also sent an envlope of jumping frogs that zariah made no haste to spread all around the house and out fell a funky frog key chain,, will try to get a pic up soon,, im just really tired from my birthday today and work all day! :D

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This is a late posting, as I've had these coins for a while, but they are just too cool NOT to post. I posted my search for Nudibranch coins in the "Trading/Seeking" thread, and let's just say there are some REALLY generous people here.


The pink/white Nudibranch (which also GLOWS!) was a surprise that was included in a purchase...the pink glitter Nudibranch was a gift from the coin designer...and the multi Nudibranch was a gift from a relatively new coiner who wanted to "pay it back" for an earlier surprise. These are fantastic, and I just wanted to share these oldies-but-goodies with everyone else.


Thank you to those of you who made this possible!




(NOTE: I've no idea how many versions there are of these, but I know of at least two more that aren't included here... I'll be asking for those in the seeking/trading thread in just a sec!)

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:D Yes the mail box was full today

Thanks to Mustang Joni, now I have a Mustang of my own (my wifes favorite car)


Hey I had to be fair to Hedge Hopper too ;)

and the purchase


I am becoming a big fan of the copper coins the colours really stand out

and another special purchase, showed the copper version earlier in the week, here is the BN version (BC residents only, so I've moved a few thousand km's, my wife now admits to being afraid of what I'd do for a coin I like :P ) B)


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This beefy coin came in today and I thought I'd shoot it differently than I usually do. Thanks Bev.


Looks like you shot the photo as if it was under water :laughing::anibad: Nice effect :anitongue:

Thanks Ken, it was shot underwater.... it's been so warm here lately it's hard to wander away from it!!

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Since my move back to Arizona I've been more into caching and less into coins. But while out caching yesterday I grabbed a coin out of a cache to move on. Turns out it was a Imagine_Peace coin which was meant to be kept.


Team Sand Dollar

would like to see a pic as I'm sure what coin that is. :laughing:

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all purchases today




The "4 Years" one is really interesting looking -- I assume it's someone's personal...could you tell me who?


I know this question has already been answered, but . . . :D


I can't see photos at work, but the description lead me to believe that was our 4th Anniversary geocoin that we just shipped. It's a Mackey design that he did for us to celebrate our 4th year of producing GeoCoinClub geocoins. I wrote the listing last night for the Special Edition, but I don't have my SE yet to photo :grin: The SE is antique gold, btw. :)


I'm glad ya'll like it. I think it turned out pretty fantastic. But I'm biased :laughing:



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