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  1. After games 3 & 4 I was energized.... After game 5 I still hold out hope for the Bruins Thank you for a FUN Cointest.. I will now root for the Vegas Gamblers The Finding Irish 4
  2. Opalsns response sent.... Due to work responsibilities not been near home much lately and no caching has been done.... 1st time here in many moons...... I think that maybe Fredhead should be removed from the mission so it does not get to PA again and get stuck..... I am sure he will be disappointed in not receiving the mission but I am sure it will be best.
  3. Hello all, I just e-mailed Opalsns to give her a status update on us... This last 1/2 year has been fun for us in a variety of ways and has taken us out of caching for sometime but not for good. We have just returned form an extended Thanksgiving break visiting many friends that it has been to long to go without seeing, I am sure you all uderstand that, keeeping in touch long distance is easy but being together is harder. I did receive an e-mail from Opalsns that I read today, after sorting through a LOOOOONG list of uread and junk e-mails... As of Wednesday Novemember 24th the mission had not landed here..... Tomorrow the Postman wil be bringing all of those long kept important items and yes I am sure a bill or two. If the mission is with those we will let you all know ASAP.... SORRY of we were the delay but I thought it important to do the family thing this time of year. P.S. We will be taking the week after Christmas to meet with the friends we did not get to during Thanksgiving just an FYI.......
  4. Well little did I know that this Highway stretched from NV to PR going right through PA: In todays mail not 1, not 2 but 3 Silver Bubblers: Fredhead # 035 Queenie-Boo-Bay # 143 The Finding Irish 4 # 015 More to come. Thank you Mystery Coiner from all of us.....
  5. Hello All, To all Mission #1 participants let me apologize for delaying the mission, so unexpected work trips/commitments have gotten in the way of FUN. It now looks as if I will be in my office for the a bit so I should be able to complete my part of the mission and get it out by the weekend. Again sorry for the delay delay
  6. As for: The Finding irish Queenie-Boo-bay Fredhead We are still waiting, possibly the only link to Caching these days with all of the activities.....
  7. Well I am sure many of you know these jersey's: If you liked the movie you may want to pick this book up:
  8. Ok here are our picks: 2 7 8 14 16 As for Fav Game Monoploy is a it in our hose in all forms, we have classics versions, new versions, local versions, Star Wars versions, PSU version, Mint version (the one that sits on the stand for DISPLAY ONLY)etc.... We have some of the originals that were Monoploy before it was monopoly, called Finance. We also just got the Monopoly-Deal kids love it I am not to sure. My SOn is still looking for the Monopoly Geocoins, these are still on his seeking list.
  9. Was Ogie Oglethorpe in the lineup? (LOL!) USA over Canada 5-3 - what an incredibly entertaining game!! It kept me on the edge of my seat so much that by the end of the game, I was on the floor in the living room! I made a guess to several friends that the final score would be 5-3, but I thought Cancada would win (I am sooo glad I was wrong!) Ogletorp - What with the litigation, the notoriety, the Deportation to Canada and that countries refusal to take him, well its more than most 18 years olds ... Of Course he was in the lineup. That was not Oggie it was: I think the name was ...Lemieux
  10. I am apologizing in advance for going off topic but since at least there are a few Hockey fans here good spot… As you can see my Son Fredhead is a bit of a Hockey Fan, he is collecting pucks, many of the Minor league teams as well as their NHL counterparts have the Logoed Pucks see our local affiliate puck below: If you have one close he would love to get a puck from any Team, AHL, ECHL, UHL, CHL etc… The more obscure the team the better. He is in the Market for an Ovechkin Signed Puck if you know anyone.
  11. OK a quick question to avoid the dropping of the gloves: If two Cachers have given the same Team to WIN, and the same correct combined score... How will you determine the Winner 1st to post? Random draw? The one who did not ask the STUPID question? Or will it be the biggest: Had to change the pic the hate mail was coming quickly
  12. MMMMMMM Well I gotta go with Team Canada to win Canada 3 USA 2
  13. Today started the same a kiss and an I Love You, but with a wish as well for a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY as well. I then followed this up with Breakfast in Bed, complete with Pancakes, toast, Sausage, and Orange Juice. There was a glass vase and two Red Roses, card and a small heart shaped box of chocolate. This was followed up by a big OOHHH Thank You so much you shouldn’t have and then... MOM can I have your toast…… So the four of us were there on the bed Mom and the kids ate what they made her, , and I just smiled and fought for the covers. Thank you for the mission it was great to make sure I let my Wife know that I LOVE her every day, before I tried but I am sure I missed one or two or twelve. Tomorrow I start working on the 2011 Valentines Day Mission Cointest Thank you for the Cointest, and reminding everyone what is truly important.
  14. Niko's, Do not worry Albania and Tajikistan both were represented by one Athlete. They were part of the Opening Ceremony, just seems the coverage from the networks is less than stellar. My Wife and I were discussing we remember when we were young.. OWWW Sorry when I was young she is still 29 That Olympic coverage was almost 24/7 and on every network seems now you have to hunt for many of the events. Congratulations again
  15. Congratulations Nikos..... Looks as if Colombia came out during a comerical break Thanks for the Cointest
  16. OK here is my response 1. Albania 2. Algeria 3 Bermuda 4.Cayman Islands 5. Ethopia 6. Ghana 7. Hong Kong 8. Jamaica 9. Mexico 10. Montenegro 11. Morocco 12. Pakistan 13. Portugal 14. Senegal 15. Chinese Taipei 16. Tajikistan I know I have 16, but I just re-watched the Country Entrance and I got 16....... Thank you for the Cointest GO USA P.S. I hope that the US and Canada do comerical breaks the same.....
  17. Received mine a few days ago Grabbed right then. Did a quick dip this morning close to home, before moving it on. I dropped it here: Simpson Creek Covered Bridge GCQNHM Here is the coin link: Big love Little Hearts Geocoin TB3CHYV Thank you for letting me be a part of the campaign
  18. As we get ready for the games to begin, we need to remember the sacrifice these Athletes make to compete for Country, not only their time and money but as we see today sometimes even more. Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia has been killed during practice, let’s keep his family in our prayers. GOOD LUCK to all who are competing
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