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  1. Todie's Wild Ride II: What's Your Story - 13Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: It Only Takes One Time... - 119.5 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Common Sense... - 521.1 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Got Life? Live It! - 825.4 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Be A Safer Cyclist - 1354.1 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Further Up And Further In - 1911 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Birds of A Feather Travel Safe Together - 2458.7 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Be Observant - 7105.9 Miles Todie's Wild Ride II: Put On Your Brain Bucket! - 8199.2 Miles
  2. I maintain that one of two things needs to happen: 1) TPTB need to clarify the (apparently unwritten) policy that Nomex was acting under. OR 2) Nomex should be disciplined/let go/chastised, whatever... While I don't think that option 2 needs to take place in public, SF should receive an apology that was at least as public as the infraction. If TPTB are standing by Nomex because of information that is not available to the general public, that's certainly within their rights. However, a policy clarifcation about the determination of non-existent caches should still be made.
  3. Keystone, You guys have a form letter that says, "As there's been no cache to find for months/years"? Would you take a moment to explain why such a form letter exists? I have a hard time understanding why that particular set of words would be in the list of copy-n-paste lines available to reviewers. Thanks for your participation.
  4. Well... that's odd. Without picking sides, I am interested in checking out one of those other listing services... perhaps I'll check it out in the off season so I can make a decision before my membership comes up for renewal. I wonder how I might find a sponsor...
  5. 19) PastorJon 1) Todie's Wild Ride II: Further Up And Further In - 517 miles 2) Todie's Wild Ride II: Got Life? Live It! - 0 miles 3) Todie's Wild Ride II: Be A Safer Cyclist - 290.8 miles 4) Todie's WIld Ride II: Put On Your Brain Bucket! - 4508 miles 5) Todie's WIld Ride II: What's Your Story - 13 miles 6) Todie's Wild Ride II: Birds OF A Feather Travel Safe Together - 72 miles 7) Todies Wild Ride II: Be Observant - 302.4 miles 8) Todie's Wild Ride II: It Only Takes One Time... - 9 miles 9) Todie's Wild Ride II: Common Sense... - 167 miles Updating mileage on "Common Sense..." and "Put on Your Brian Bucket"
  6. Hey there! Sorry I've been absent from this thread for a few days. Things in my line of work have a certain ebb and flow which makes leisure time unpredictable (at best). Lately I've been pretty tied up with a series of hospital visits. Anyway... sorry to miss out on the most recent cointest!
  7. As you near the equator, your .001 longitude is worth much more then near the poles.... since longitude lines are not parallel. It seems to me that .001 worth of latitude should be nearly the same regardless of where you are on the earth. I don't know if that actually plays out in reality, or just in theory. I know that the globe isn't perfectly spherical, so that may not work.
  8. How about stuck to the underside of the binocular pedestal? Or to the underside of the very bottom step? (ETA: I suppose those might simply be the obvious choices... making them bad choices!)
  9. A quick way of seeing real examples is to visit this page: http://www.geocaching.com/track/ and then scroll down to the bottom for the "Recent Logs." Click on the link to the trackable, and you'll see its page (with all its logs), which often includes a photo.
  10. Glad you'll be on the lookout for trackables! That's one of my favorite parts of the game. If you haven't already, you should read this: http://www.geocaching.com/track/travelbugfaq.aspx Also, trackables come in two different flavors: travelbugs and geocoins. In addition, there are other tags and travelers (and even glass gem-shaped things). If they are trackable at geocaching.com, then they all are tracked the same way. Basically, travelbug dogtags are typically attached to something - a toy car, a wooden trinket, a piece of jewelry, a coin,... whatever. Coins don't need to be attached to anything, as the number is engraved right on the coin.
  11. I will give them credit for stating in the auction that it is not trackable but the title of the auction says Geocoin so here I waste a bunch of time looking at auctions for something I don't want thinking it was something I did. people placing those type of auctions waste my time and that ticks me off Sell them as tokens or even Geocache swag fine but if not trackable it is not right to sell them as geocoins. They are NOT geocoins. Well... yes... actually... they are geocoins. Just non-trackable geocoins. Now you know.
  12. Be Observant is now in the race @ 302.4 miles Be a Better Cyclist picked up a few miles and is now at 290.8. (It's also in a "School sponsored cache" -- hope it doesn't get added to some kid's collection!
  13. "Put on Your Brain Bucket" - just picked up some significant miles!
  14. I had a similar problem for a local cache about a mile from my house. It was in a heavily wooded area, covered with game trails and geotrails. Once I got into the woods, my Nuvi (not the best accuracy under cover) simply couldn't get me there. I thought I'd find a GZ, and it'd jump and send me somewhere else. Finally, I went back to the trail, waited for it to settle down and get a good read, and then took a direction/distance.... and I went after the cache orienteering-style. Picked my direction, paced off 22 paces, and found the cache.
  15. Added 3 miles to: "Put on Your Brain Bucket"
  16. Don't look at a thread for a day, and you have no idea what's going on. Don't look carefully at the road around you, and you might miss someone important! Pay attention. Is seekerfamily's cointest done?
  17. Originally, I did not want to comment on this issue any further, but now I feel that I need to add a short comment. (1) I am certainly guilty of not having realized that what you wrote was a joke at all (regardless of to whom it was directed). Blame me for that if you wish to do so. There was no bad intention behind from my side - I have never heard about the hamster joke before. I apologize for any inconveniences I might have caused you, including the implicit ones. I am sorry for that. Already after reflecting about the first reply that mentioned that you probably addressed your reply to another person and not to me, I got convinced that I had misunderstood something. (2) My intention in this forum is neither getting sucked into angst nor having fun here (I do not mind if others have fun here - that's a personal decision as in the case of geocaching). There might be a motivation for experienced US-cachers who know each other and use this forum on a regular basis to write here for the sake of fun, but that's certainly not the case for me. I simply wanted to understand what is meant with a certain part of the guidelines and to learn how the term container is interpreted by reviewers in other parts of the world. Cezanne Just so you don't feel alone on this issue... it's not just non-US-cachers who land on the outside of the humor. I had a similar sort of experience the other day, where a joke was made in response to my post... and I didn't understand it as a joke, but as a dismissal of my concern/suggestion. At the same time, I know that I've probably been guilty of saying something that someone else didn't understand as I intended. It's helpful for us all to remember that not everyone has the same language/humor/culture etc. (And I think it would helpful for site staff to remember that their words DO carry extra weight, even if they're not posting "as a moderator.")
  18. I don't know if this will work. (No, they're not exactly my home coordinates... just my town) http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx...p;lng=-70.24284
  19. I just noticed that there appear to be property lines on the Geocaching Maps page. Is this a geocaching feature or a Google Maps feature? Definitely cool... wondered if anyone else had noticed it. Is this something that all areas have, or is it being phased in as data is gathered and collated?
  20. I don't know that they need a baggie.... as long as they can withstand some water and dirt and not get damaged. Baggies are really helpful for things like coins or bottlecaps, where someone might not know that it was a special coin or bottlecap without a baggie and/or a card identifying it. If you do get baggies, let me suggest that you go to the bead/jewelry section of your craft store instead of using ziplocs from the grocery store. Craft baggies are a little thicker, and come in sizes that are more useful for geocaching items.
  21. Do you think I could get someone to give me free passage on a cruise in exchange for spending time with paying geocachers?
  22. You're right. For some reason, there are people who love online forums, and enjoy spending time there. I currently have 3 or 4 forums that I participate in... and those forums are often open in my browser so I can read what's going on. I find forums a great way to learn about things I'm interested in, as well as how different people interact and feel about a variety of topics. And there are people who see no reason to ever darken the door of a forum. My wife is like that. She doesn't understand why I enjoy forums and online communication. (The same observation could be made about calling in to talk radio... some people love it... some scratch their heads). The point is... we (forum dwellers) can easily forget that the vast majority of cachers don't post in the forums. While there are probably a great deal of lurkers, there is still probably a healthy majority that doesn't visit the forums at all. Anyone know the last time the website got a facelift?
  23. 19) PastorJon 1) Todie's Wild Ride II: Further Up And Further In - 517 miles 2) Todie's Wild Ride II: Got Life? Live It! - 0 miles 3) Todie's Wild Ride II: Be A Safer Cyclist - 215 miles 4) Todie's WIld Ride II: Put On Your Brain Bucket! - 592 miles 5) Todie's WIld Ride II: What's Your Story - 13 miles 6) Todie's Wild Ride II: Birds OF A Feather Travel Safe Together - 72 miles 7) Todies Wild Ride II: Be Observant - 0 miles 8) Todie's Wild Ride II: It Only Takes One Time... - 3 miles 9) Todie's Wild Ride II: Common Sense... - 97 miles
  24. I'd like to have a cache titled: TNLNSL The cache? A large log, in the middle of the woods, with the bark peeled off, and a sharpie tied to it somehow.
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