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  1. Some time agoe we sold all most all of our coins off when are son was haveing medical issues . We have had to step away a few times but have come back again . We are looking for Geo Gems , Geo Gold , as well as coins from 2006-2010 .. If any one has any older stuff they are willing to part with please message me .
  2. is every one still using the goggle document for the mystery coin givers ? I have not been on it in a long time and wated to see if thats the methoed used .
  3. We dont have any set price for the coins the only set price we have is the 5.00 shipping, so if you are interested in any please email with an offer..
  4. Coins for Sale We are selling these because of our son’s ongoing battle with Congential Neutropenia and Graft versus Host disease from his Bone Marrow Transplant, the funds will go to travel and medical expenses not covered by insurance. All will be adopted over once sale is complete $5.00 Flat Rate Priority Mail on all coins doesn’t matter how many. Email for Specific Pictures If you buy 5 coins you will get a special gift, (while supplies last) Please make email me your offer on these coins To see John’s story please check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/supportjohn/ LandSharkz Fish bowl Geocoin Look twice geocoin Proxy Geocoin Red Eyed Tree Frog geocoin Little Wing geocoin Schuylkill County Geocachers 2008 Geocoin Davey Jones Red Geocoin k-9 GSD Geocoin Earn your stripes Geocoin Good/Bad Karma Geocoin Friday the 13th Evil Clown Geocoin Garden Gorilla Goes Bush Geocoin Fortune Favors the Bold Purple Yemon Yime Breast Cancer Awareness Coin Pink Hello Name Tag Blue Hello Name Tag Trackable Mini Geo Gold Emerald Geogem Black Diamond Geogem Pink Diamond Geogem First to Find Cachkinz Lulu the Ladybug Cachekinz The travel turtle cachekinz Bonobo the monkey cachekinz
  5. Yes there is but the new members want to be invited to it to put their info on it. My bad misunderstood
  6. isnt there already a geocoin addresses google doc? There is I dont know if I miss everyone talking about it or if I just completely lost the conversation, but there is one.
  7. isnt there already a geocoin addresses google doc? There is I dont know if I miss everyone talking about it or if I just completely lost the conversation, but there is one.
  8. I have been trying for a few days trying to obtain the activation code for this coin, can someone please help me.
  9. I Believe that the score will be 35 27 Steelers. Go Steelers
  10. Team Merchlinsky Email sent:1/6/2011 Name received: 1/16/2011 Mission sent: 1/19/2011 Mission received:(date)
  11. Team Merchlinsky Email sent:1/6/2011 Name received:(date) Mission sent:(date) Mission received:(date)
  12. Hi every one i am looking to see if any one would like to be a Santa elf this year and donate a item to are Christmas event? I am donating items to my event and would like to put gifts together for all who come. Just as last year if u help u will be listed as a elf on the event page. I want to thank every one who helped last year..... Please contact me for moor information.
  13. lost the link please send it to me
  14. Thank u for the welcome back yes it is us the merchlinskys we are getting back in to the swing of things but as every one knows it can time time and thanks for the adopt
  15. Im sorry did not know please close this thread
  16. Hi every one we want to make a path tag but need help to make the design to summit. Can any one help me with the art work?
  17. Well we are top on are farms and Dairy so how about a cow ?
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