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Geoluau Event Coin For Sale


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Sorry...SOLD OUT as of 7pm 9/26/05


Now offering the 2005 GeoLuau coin for sale! There are a limited supply of these coins and when they're gone, they're gone.


The price is $9.00 which covers the coin, a padded envelope, postage and Delivery Confirmation.


Only one coin per cacher. That means if you're a team of 6 people caching under one name it's one coin. It also means that if you're a team of 6 cachers that cache together but are one family (for example the dad, mom and all the kids have their own caching names) it's still just one coin. We'll make exceptions but you'll have to plead your case.


First come is first served. There are less than 50 of these coins available.


Payment for the coins will be PayPal or money orders only. The PayPal account does not accept credit card payments. Money orders or cash is fine. No personal checks.


Contact me via personal email to request a coin. A reply to this forum won't do. You'll have to contact me via my email and request a coin. That's where the first come, first served thing comes in. I'll go down the list, in order, when the request start to come in and fill orders until the coins are gone. Once you contact me I'll give you PayPal information and my mailing address.


There, all the important stuff is taken care of. Now, the coin... it's a 1.5 inch brass 3-D coin. Our luau mascot, Manulani, is on one side and a hibiscus flower is on the other.



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I'm sorry but we were sold out within hours of the offering. I had no idea that this coin would be this popular.


What I'm going to do is create a waiting list. If anyone drops out you'll be on the list to receive that coin. It's still going to be in the order I received the emails so you've got a chance.


Even if no one drops out I am going to put one coin on ebay. Everyone has a shot at it if they want it. It will probably be listed within the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled for GeoLuau 2005 coin on ebay. Shop99er is also the ebay name you're looking for.

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