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Uk Cacher Of The Month Table


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especially as Alison and Paul seemed to be having quiet months.

don't group me with Mr 50 caches per week!! I am generally a lot more sane than that (no offense Paul!). My score will bring me in well down the table for March and will be much the same for Feb too. Last month was a fluke due to ten tons of TBs and a good day in London. Now I am just trundling along, keeping my eye on my next landmark number.

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March is a bit of a poo month for us too. Work commitments, and general no time to actually get out caching. But now the light nights are here, could get a couple in the evenings to boost a little bit... oh and a trip to the IOM and Edinburgh... It's feast and famine all over again... :D:lol:



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Surely they must have found at least one trigpoint...? ;)

Nope :ph34r:

I was at two trig points this weekend and deliberately chose not to record the number. It's just not something I'm interested in.... I can see why others do them and see why some don't.


I might surprise Brian one day though with a logged TP... you never know?!

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Aprils in...Sorry B with wrong points emailed first <_< ,Second email increased it by 30 points.....30 points is 30 points,might make the diffence in getting the wooden spoon this month or not :blink:.i sure wont be at the top! :huh:.

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