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Uk Cacher Of The Month Table


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I don't think you are allowed to add 2000 points to your total just for getting your mush on the telly, Paul. :P

We'll let Brian decide that B)



sorry SP no 2000 points for being on TV B) (as good as it was)


As for Firth of Forth I am unsure B) Normally I would say Only count hides if they appears on your profile. But I have also been asked about adopted caches so what does everybody else think?

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A question:


Having recently jointly organised an event, I'm not sure whether to count this as a 'placed cache' or as a 'found cache'. Do both organisers claim the 30 points, or the first listed only? :)

I think it's a question of personal choice Sally. As a joint organiser I believe both you and Dave can log as "placed". Brian's left the door open for the COTM scoring issue either way. If it's any help I was listed as a joint organiser for the NW meet in Lymm last year but choose to log it as another event cache attended rather than as one "placed". Tony, (Mongoose39uk) deserved the credit for co-ordinating the event anyway. If the same were to happen this year I would probably do likewise foregoing the extra COTM points! In the words of a well known beachbum "I'm not a numbers man!"?!


Many thanks to both yourself and Dave for another enjoyable SGDO!

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:P I have had an email from somebody questioning my maths :D :D :D (I was right :D)


Anymore of that shenanigans and it will be trigpoints at dawn :blink::ph34r:


If anybody spots a mistake please let me know, I do make them (although NOT this time :P) and they get harder to spot as time goes on


I beter go and finish the profiles off :D

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:P Mega Congrates to Ali (1st without Trig) and Paul..outright first.......take a good look Alibags....see where your name is,remmember it,print it out,cos ya better get used to seeing it under mine :ph34r: ......dreaming again :blink: ....Well done......ps cheers Brian,I know that when i say Thank you for doing this, it is from all of us Edited by Messe
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!!!! :D


I am amazed. I had a cracking TB month, I must admit. However, look for me in bottom spot for March and April. Real life has cruelly intervened, and I am currently on course for a score of about 100. For some strange reason, any TBs that I have found this month are ones that I have already had! :lol:


I say 'cruelly intervened' but I am sure I will be able to take lying on a tropical palm lined beach with no caches for 50 miles as well as can be expected!

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