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  1. I can remember when this was such a great site to be on but alas no more, tptb will not getting my membership next yr and i know quite a few peeps that are thinking the same,perhaps someone ought to tell them its only a game.
  2. Just talk to Stuey,he's got it down to a fine art without a pen!!!!!
  3. Looks like a chiff chaff nest to me. Not enough moss in there to be a wren.
  4. To a certain extent i do agree with Wadders, but i also do enjoy going out finding plastic boxes and even went out and found a few yesterday. There is no easy way to solve these problems with Groundspeak, perhaps they ought to look very hard at the split they are causing between the uk and the us, and also the gap is getting wider every day. No one is going to let this drop and will take a long time to heal relations between all the parties. I am also pretty disgusted that Groundspeak themselves have not answered our questions and used volunteer reviewers to do so. I have always promoted Groundspeak over different things, eg magazine articles, short documentary but never again......
  5. Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Absolutely not. Basically, you are saying it should be a free-for-all. Reviewers making up guidelines as they go along. As much as the reviewers get bashed for inconsistency over little minor things, I could not even begin to imagine where this would lead us. OK, actually I can. "Well, they are doing it in the UK, why can't we? " "Our reviewers are so much more strict than those other reviewers! " "Why do they get to get away with things no one else can? " It would set up so much community angst that there would be no way to control it. That is why you have to have uniform guidelines. You have to remember this is a worldwide community. Ok then why up until last week have we not heard anything at all before from the u s about the way the uk forum was moderated? Like a few of us said why change something that has worked for so long with no complaints?
  6. Nah mate we only wanted the turnings
  7. NOPE, it is not back, yes i have been out and done a few but still the enthusiasm is not there. Perhaps it will not return, i did a few in Taunton and they did nothing for me at all (No disrespect to the cache setters) and i attended an event and did a few with Stuey the other night. enjoyed the evening? yes...the company?.... yes, the walks? .....Yes. However apart from the one exception not enthused Now don't tell me that you still ain't found it , not after finding 60 caches on Sunday plus another 20 Saturday . Good to have you back, you just know that it's pointless trying to fight the addiction Mmmm, ok i can't sit here and say it's not back after doing that many can I? Mind you i do have a load of local ones to go and get.which i can't be bothered about Enthused? More enthused than i have been, i did enjoy the ring, (enjoy? Probably not the right word) the challenge was fun, but carrying or pushing the bicycle was'nt. I also found out that the travelodge allows pets to stay for an extra tenner, have to remember that my dog Jester would have loved that. Just a shame that the forums have gone the way they have with "freindly fire" again. Certainly puts a damper on the sport I must agree with Terry about enthusiasm going,alot of it i think is about the standard of caches going down hill. It seems to me that any old layby or bridge etc has a micro now!!! Why? When i started caching in 2003 there were not that many caches and you were hard pressed to do 3-4 in a day but most were good and thought had gone into them, don't get me wrong micro's have their place and it is nice sometimes to go out on a numbers day but over all the quality has gone down hill. And since this all kicked off on the forum last week my enthusiasm is waining even more!! I always remember the good ones though and their are lots of them thank goodness.
  8. This issue has really turned into a mess now and i really do not think if we all went elsewhere Groundspeak would really care. It seems to me there are the two main issues which are the u.s mods coming in and over riding our uk mods which they can do as its their website and semi commercial cache listings. This gives us a choice and we could all vote on it as i am sure there are more techie people out there who could set something up for the uk. It seems the choices are we stay here and just rant like last time and this or use the listing pages and use another forum but as said before by a few peeps how do we get everyone over there to where ever we go? Groundspeak are not going to budge on this in any way or its looking like this at the moment. As for new mods for the uk and they have to use the heavy handed u.s option of moderating i think this will happen again and again. I dread to think what any of the newbies think of this mess when they come on here as its enough to put anyone off!! My personal view as stated before was and still is our uk mods did a great job of modding this part of the forum and it worked very well,if something works why change it??????? Did it effect anybody in the u.s=no!!
  9. Until the US of A realize that we do things differently over here as with many country's this will keep on happening, its bully tactics and not always the right way to go. It seems to me from now on its going to be "if you dont like it find somewhere else to go" and this is not a good thing for caching in any country!!!! Dave and Peter have served the caching community extremely well over the yrs and all us Brits really appreciate their time and effort they have put in to caching and having to put up with us lot...... So come on you yanks at least show us some respect and answer our questions as we have supported you with our premium memberships for a long while now???????????
  10. Don't think you will be the only one Moote............................
  11. Talking about that Hazel i have a cache down this way at a nice spot and several peeps have found the wrong container as other peeps obviously think its a nice spot to scatter ashes,luckily all the containers are empty except the dog one,hmmmm.....
  12. Just a note to anyone who may think differently i fully support our mods on what they do and appreciate it as do all uk cachers. Some people do have principles though!!!!
  13. Oh Geo burials now,note to one's self remember to put the logbook under the natural stone with some mc d's toys............
  14. Come on then USA we would like to know why you and not the UK reviewers locked these threads,perhaps Jeremy would like to comment?
  15. Miss Jenn is a Groundspeak employee and has a legitimate role in ensuring Groundspeak's policies and guidelines are adhered to. The same applies to Michael who has removed some other similar threads from this forum. It still does not answer the question though does it? Also it would be nice to get an answer from Groundspeak us about this!!!
  16. My concern is why the us mods intervened when it could have been sorted by one of our uk mods???????? Perhaps someone could answer that?????
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