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  1. Calder Valley View.... now there's a blast from the past. I FTFed that one if I remember rightly. A lot of water down the Calder since then. And the Dung Rangers Tour - I vaguely remember that series.
  2. Ah... Moses. The first man to ride a motorcycle.
  3. Can't get it to see the GPS built into my HTC Touch Pro. Any ideas?
  4. Ken, you should stop messing about with paperless caching and get out there and hide some travel bugs. I have just the thing for you.
  5. Only two questions in the last seven days. One 12 part one and one 10 part one. Both set and then left unanswered for a goodly period of time. Maybe its time to either: a) just let this thread fizzle out. Amend the "rules" slightly by banning multi-part questions.
  6. Repost with slight correction after reading the terms of the question: Bad Moon Rising is Credence Clearwater Revival 5. "I Believe in Miracles" - I Believe in Miracles - Hot Chocolate 7. "Went to a dance, looking for romance" Barbara Ann - Beach Boys
  7. Bad Moon Rising is Credence Clearwater Revival 5. I Believe in Miracles - Hot Chocolate 7. Barbara Ann - Beach Boys
  8. Humor and irony are lost on the Brits.
  9. Probably so. Wasn't it OKed by Lost in Space's grandfather?
  10. Almost right, but no cigar. Rule 1, the question setter is always right. Rule 2, in the case of any dispute, refer to Rule 1.
  11. Correct.... Rab's grandfather was Rab A. Nesbit and his father was Rab B. Nesbit, So the C. is not short for any name. His middle name is "C", its a series. Although neither of his dysfunctional sons were called Rab D. Nesbit as far as I can remember.
  12. Looks like everyone is down to guessing. So to make it easier, I will also accept as a correct answer: What was the full name of Rab C. Nesbit's father.
  13. Nope. And I think its fair to say that if you don't know it, guessing ain't gonna get you nowhere. (or anywhere)
  14. No, no, and no. It does stand for something. (I can hear the pedants sharpening their virtual pencils already) OK, I'll reword the question slightly. What does the "C" in Rab C. Nesbit stand for and/or where does it derive from.
  15. Probably one of the easiest questions on here for a while. Thanks. OK: What does the "C" stand for in Rab C. Nesbit ???
  16. Why not come to the cache event in Dewsbury next Sunday?
  17. No reviewers have resigned. One moderator resigned because reviewers were being criticised on the forums and the other resigned because he didn't fancy being left on his own doing the moderating job.
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