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  1. How about one of those fake, hollowed-out dog turds, you know, the sort you can pick up in the Joke Shop. What if I put a carefully crafted log book and tiny pen inside, put the whole thing in a plastic bag and hung it in a tree at my favourite beauty spot. Would that be a valid cache ? Good Grief (or words to that effect ) I rarely read this forum, in common, so it seems, with most old timers...but thank goodness that ZZB took my tongue-in-cheek post in the manner in which it was intended...unlike TH and Deci...Come on Rutson, as the OP, what's your take on dog turds, fake or otherwise
  2. How about one of those fake, hollowed-out dog turds, you know, the sort you can pick up in the Joke Shop. What if I put a carefully crafted log book and tiny pen inside, put the whole thing in a plastic bag and hung it in a tree at my favourite beauty spot. Would that be a valid cache ?
  3. Yes it is. You need to register a 2nd twitter account and then link this account to an email address registered at www.twittermail.com Have publication notices forwarded to this new email address Such emails are then tweeted by this 2nd twitter account, so you then need to have your main twitter account follow the 2nd account.
  4. Sunrise through the cockpit window of OE-LNJ 07:19:33 09/10/2010, bearing 96°T. Oregon 550.
  5. This cache looks fantastic: Artzamendi GCKT0W - I hiked along the Iparla ridge south of Bidarray last month, but alas didn't manage to include this cache...however, it does look like you can drive to within 50m. Cheers 'Egi
  6. Vancouver: Beaver Dude and Otter Guy...TB3DDH3
  7. Are event caches within the exclusion zone also to be banned in future...a group of sober geocachers may not meet, but a hoard of drunk muggles is just fine ? GCT6BR btw the Aviation Viewing Park as labelled on Google is in fact the fire station - the entrance to the AVP is at N53 21.355 W2 17.053
  8. According to Deceangi: "you only have to look at the situation in Germany, with stacked 10 year events which is public knowledge. Behind the scenes there has been major issues, with Groundspeak not even guaranteeing that all the events will get the Icon. That in it's self will lead to more fall out." 14/4/10 14:34
  9. There's also a much smaller layby at SE 04128 06075 (N53 33.077 W001 56.350) - I used this when doing this cache: GCZB0C
  10. That's excellent...it's working for me on Vodafone. Thankyou
  11. And No.6 here: http://www.v3.co.uk/v3/news/2254492/top-gr...-history?page=4
  12. Hi, I'd be pleased to adopt a coin too BB
  13. I've bought numerous foreign maps (Italy, France, Switzerland) from The Map Shop - always prompt and they've never been out of stock...the quality varies, but that's down to mapping agency of the country concerned! In general the 'Official Maps' coverage of Italy is poor, but the detail on the IGC 1:25,000 map 101 of the Gran Paradiso National Park is excellent. The quality of the equivalent 1:50,000 maps of that area of NW Italy is not quite what you'd expect if you've been spoiled by the OS Landranger series!
  14. UTM Grid Zones UTM28R covers a different group of islands - the Cannaries
  15. And if the MO cache has ever contained a TB, then non-members can find the co-ordinates of the cache with a bit of digging...this is fine for traditional and conventional multis, but not much use for puzzle caches
  16. I think that the public number is allocated when Groundspeak generate the private number - another 'feature' of the wap interface is that it states the date the coin was created, which is not the same date field as the date of release as displayed on the coin's page on the regular website
  17. If a person has the actual coin , they can post it as a discovery if it hasn't been activated.It happened to one of the Cachin' Crow coins. You enter the number on the coin, just like any other discovery, or retrieving. In this case, I think that's what Mrs. BexyBear did. The problem is getting The Public Tracking Number to find that coin's page. Opalsns But in this case Mrs. BexyBear grabbed the coin using the private tracking number and the wap.geocaching.com interface...the coin resides in her inventory, and because it isn't activated, her MyAccount page crashes. However, her MyProfile page displays OK.
  18. I used the opportunity to go out caching found the first of a multi then I think I figured the final cords wrong but I got a nice one mile hike in the mountains in the snow!!!!!!!! Hey, you only got a *one mile* hike out in the mountains...you oughta tryout BexyBear's fav hide out in the Swiss Alps...GCE7E3...Heidi Enjoy,
  19. I think you could still be FTF, these are tough questions. Well, 1) and 2) were a doddle but then I would say that 3) was fairly easy... but 4) is in my back yard, and even I'm struggling...5) this suspect looks vaguely, very vaguely familar...
  20. As the catalyst and initial subject for this CoinTest, BexyBear was delighted to receive an AlbertaSaurus coin...I wonder if it will feature in stage 3 Cheers BB
  21. I've now repeated this using an unactivated TB tag which does belong to me, and grabbing it using a 'dummy' account - that account now has the same crashed-out My Account page: and the bug's log is here
  22. A couple of days ago I picked up a TB coin from a cache. I logged the bug from my mobile phone using the WAP interface, but wasn't given the option to pick it from the cache in which it was located - the only options I had were "Grab from somewhere else", "Write a note" or "Discover it". I "Grabbed it". So far so good. However, when I tried to go to the "My Account" page when back home I got an error - the page crashed and simply wouldn't load. After further investigation, it appeared that the TB coin I had grabbed had never been activated...so I had an unactivated TB coin in my inventory which causes the My Account page to crash out. The only option I had was to seek out the Activation code and active the TB coin against my account - now My Account page is back to normal, but I am the owner of a TB coin which isn't mine... A Bug to be fixed?
  23. Not quite in the UK, but you won't get much lower than En Gedi
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