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  1. I know a way of getting hold of this software very quickly, but it would cause a TORRENT of abuse if I was to say.
  2. It is the map in your profile and the snazzy list, I want one.
  3. Does anyone know where the map to show which caches by county you have done. To the best of my memory it showed a coloured map which had different colours for whether you had cached in that county or not, and also enabled you to insert this into your profile page??
  4. How about 'The geographical centre of Wales ' which I am proud to have been FTF. I didnt see a soul within about 5 or six miles of the cache at least.
  5. Set the dog on them...................no only joking!!
  6. Well done, and what a fine choice for your 1000th cache.
  7. Paul Blitz (team blitz) has one, and there is also one somewhere in wokingham area. Pauls is called something like toy cache and is near Winchester but I am not sure if it is still there.
  8. Dont get disillusioned, I have not been able to find many caches. Tree cover is a nightmare, and although I have not done this cache, it looks as if it has some. Having looked on Groundspeak, There is a cache very near you which I have done called 'North of London Travel Bug Hotel' which is easy in all respects and being a travel bug hotel should have a few of them in. sometimes the gps will only get you a reasonable distance from the cache, as you may have to factor in errors by the placer, so don't assume that you are at fault, as I have found many where the co-ordinates are way out. Hope this is of some help, and last of all.....WELCOME!!
  9. I would rather find a babe to give it to LOL
  10. Not really a caching topic, but I have got a rattle with the front end of my car and wondered if anyone had any sugestions!!
  11. Luv em....I am always confused why people keep moaning about things like lots of micros etc. I dont enjoy various types of caches so I don't bother doing them, but I wouldn't dream of moaning about them. I have just got back from a quick night cache expedition in which I discovered what can only be described as a nano (or maybe even a pico) and it was just as much fun to find. When all is said and done, the object is to find something hidden, whether it be an ammo box or a film container you are still looking for an object and hopefully apreciating the scenery around you.
  12. Use anything from my gallery also, not that there is much there. Also I will have one if there are any left!!
  13. 3 of my caches are on bridges......oops, I must go and replace one of them!!
  14. My opininion of Garmin is that they probably have one of the best after sales I have found. My sons etrex click stick failed and he had a new one sent. My own 60 CS keypad wore down and that was replaced FOC and no sales of goods act was quoted, they just seem reaally nice people!!!
  15. Nah..... don't log it that would be cheating LOL
  16. Using it on my 910 and that is the dogs danglies.
  17. Same here, I keep looking but nothing..... I think we would all like to know???
  18. Just to add my 2 penneth, I purchased an XDA exec from O2 for 150 pounds plus contract ( I would have had the contract anyway) and now have a top of the range PPC. I run GPX sonar and MM navigator with a datalogging GPS and also have a TT910 which gives me navigation to the parking as well as a bluetooth phone kit. I used to run TT on a 5550 and then switch it off and use MM to walk to the cache and this was a bit clunky to say the least. The XDA exec seems to be a far superior PPC to the 5550, screen resolution etc etc. I guess it is all down to personal preference, but I have reached this situation over a couple of years and it works for me. Saying this, my son (13) purchased a mio 138 (think thats the right no) and it seemed exremely fast and a cracking bit of kit and for the money, IMHO a real bargain.
  19. Simply Paul Hvaing met him once, he is a thoroughly nice guy, and although he is far from the most prolific cacher, is caches are some of the most impressive and well thought out of any I have seen.
  20. I came across a dead deer once in lancashire I think, and a dead deer at one of my own caches, I still have the head and antlers in my garage!!
  21. I use a MDA EXEC and it is awesome, doubles up as a phone and very cheap, cost me £150 plus £30 per month (which I would have sent on a phone anyway). I have memory map running on it plus mobipocket and gpx sonar and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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