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Longest Time Before Ftf

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OK, so GC3536 has been out there almost 3 years. I did a Waypoint search on GC3536, however, and nothing came up. That could make a cache tough to find.


My relatively young cache is less than 200 yards from the parking area of an off-road vehicle (ORV) park used every weekend. Hard to believe no one's found it yet!

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Hi Mudinyeri, Here's a link to the unfound New Zealand cache, GC3536.


I looked at your Rock Garden cache (GCM26K). I'm not surprised it hasn't been found yet. It has only been a couple weeks, and the cache description makes it very clear that it's a difficult find--with special equipment suggested even. Also, why double encrypt the hint? I could understand if you gave a nudge in ROT13 and double encrypted a more obvious spoiler. Just curious.


I'm sure some adventurous sort will go get it soon, but most people will be intimidated by the description. Maybe you need to start advertising geocaching with the Trail Krawlers. Bring in some new members to the caching game and get some logs on your hide at the same time.


Steve in Seattle (too far to give it try :laughing: )

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Placed 05-26-01, First found 06-01-2003, 2nd time was 04-09-04. Wanna be third?


We also have one out yet to be found after 7 weeks and several with only a few finds after several years. It'll get hit sooner or later.


If there are no close by caches, plant a few more easy ones around and you will attract more people who might give it a shot just because they are in the area.



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A cache I placed recently went 5 days before the FTF. Most of mine go several days before they are found. I think the number of caches in this area means that new ones get lost in the shuffle.


The record around here is the 11 months that Melvin's Muliple Madness went before the FTF.


Though 11 months isn't extreme, it is when you consider that the cache is in the middle of the most densely populated state in the country and within a 30 minute drive of some 15 million people. That and its within a half mile of the Garden State Parkway, which is one of the state's most heavily travelled roads.

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Maybe you need to start advertising geocaching with the Trail Krawlers. Bring in some new members to the caching game and get some logs on your hide at the same time.


I have been evangelizing Geocaching amongst the TK crowd. That's one of the reasons I double encrypted the hint. Most of them know the territory so well they notice any rock that's been moved! :laughing:


Also, I'd like this to be interactive. I want the searchers to e-mail me. I have visual clues and other clues I can provide if people can't get the double encrypted hint.

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Caches up here tend to go a long time before being found or between finds. For example, I was 2TF on our oldest cache, Scout Lake Road, placed in May of 2001. It has since been found again -- twice in one year! (We're having a caching explosion...)


Our second oldest cache, Icefield Discovery, was placed June 9, 2001 and has yet to be found by anyone who is caching, although it was found once accidentally.


I myself placed five caches between August and October of this year. So far, two have been found once -- by the same person -- and three not at all. My bets are that Golden Horn will go the longest without a logged find. I figure 50% chance it doesn't get one next year.


It's strange that so many people come to the Yukon for the wilderness experience, but no one finds the wilderness caches. Our few park 'n grab type caches get a lot of finds.




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Since your cache is in a more rural part of Kansas and also requires dealing with some terrain, it might take awhile. There just aren't as many cachers that get to that area and rural caches always tend to have less vistors. The upcoming holidays could affect things too.


I am keeping it in mind for a day when I have time to drive down there. It looks like a fun cache. That probably won't be until after Christmas though. :)

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The more difficult the cache, and the less caches around it, the longer it will go without being found. Plain and simple.


I have 9 caches. Two of my 9 caches are in Ashtabula county, Ohio, where there aren't many caches or cachers, although it is the middle point between Erie, PA and Cleveland. One is a park and grab, literally two steps from the road, has been found 25 times, the first find coming 2 days after approval from a group of cachers heading from one big city to the other. It was out for over four months before a cacher from the county found it.

My other cache in the county sat for 10 days, was found twice, has two dnfs (the cache is still there).. the last found log was Sept 5.


My other caches, 2 are slightly over an hour from Nashville. Of those, one is just off the interstate, found 4 days after I hid it, but not found since just before Halloween. The other one in that area is about 15 miles from that cache (few roads to get there) Was found 10 days after I hid it, found the day after the first find, and last found Nov 3.


The 5 in Nashville - my first nashville cache a 10-20 foot walk from the parking - first found 4 days after hiding, found 24 times, most recently the 14th.

The second one - .5 mile from the first one, 300 feet into the woods - hid 9/29 found first 10/1, found 10 times, most recent 11/21

The third one - micro under a lightpole - hid 10/7, first found 10/9, 11 finders: last find 11/21

Then, two three-step multis: one, hidden 10/22, found once 10/25.... the other, hidden 10/21, found 10/24 and 11/14


Just listing them as examples... Area, cache type, etc.. has a lot to do with how often a cache is found. Weather plays a big part in it, too... I don't expect either of my Ohio caches to be found once there's two feet of snow on the ground.

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I forgot to add in my first post that a week and a half is pretty common for anything rural in the midwest. Even a fairly simple cache placed during perfect weather can sit for weeks before a ftf when it is rural. There are simply less cachers inclined to go for the rural ones.


Someone will get there though! :)

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Here is one that has been waiting since July,2002:

Butte of a View

Well, yeah ... look at the terrain and difficulty! Needless to say, if this one was any closer to where I live, I'd likely be the FTF. :laughing:

This is on my spring time wish list. But living in Pennsylvania, I don't know if I can get the one plus week off needed to log this cache. But if I do, I will be packing an ammo can to replace the orginal container.

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Around here in southeastern Michigan people run out of their houses at all hours (day or night) to be the first to find. We just posted our first virtual cache tonight and can't wait until it's approved. I'm wondering how long it will take before somebody hits it. Of course, virtual caches are not the hottest things on everyone's list of must do's but I'm still curious as to how long it will take to get a first finder...



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My relatively young cache is less than 200 yards from the parking area of an off-road vehicle (ORV) park used every weekend. Hard to believe no one's found it yet!

I found a cache just last weekend and it was my first FTF. I don't go chasing FTF's because there are so many cachers in my area that chase FTF's and they have on average about 1,000 finds each. I am at 115, so I have wat too much competition. But I digress...


My FTF last week is placed much like yours. About 200 yards off of good parking and flat terrain. It was there over a week before I decided that no one else wanted that FTF. And the thing is that cache is in a good traffic area that is off a main road into the mountians.


Anyway, Good luck on your cache.



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A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma has been out since February of 04, but it is a fairly difficult encryption. Tough puzzle caches often sit out there a long time. However, Shakespeare in the Park is just your run of the mill evil micro, and it has remained unfound since it was hidden on June 28th. I am thinking about upping the ante on the Riddle cache and offering a $50 FTF prize, if it goes past a year I may do that.
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Here the FTF is often claimed within 15 minutes; rarely longer than an hour, unless it's after midnight and it's in a hard to get to place, such as an island in the lake. But very little stops those who want the FTF from rushing out immediately. My 'maddest' attempt at FTF was midnight and with a lot of large blackberry bushes to negotiate over several hundred metres from where two of us left the car. However, I rarely try for FTF.

The longest not found FTF that I personally hoped to find, hadn't been found for about eight months. It was on the Chatham Islands and I had a visit booked. Someone arrived two weeks before me and got the FTF ☹️. The longest FTF from publication until I logged it was just over a week. Several caches out in the country and small towns.

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9 minutes ago, Goldenwattle said:

WOW, a 140 km long canoe trip.


I don't recall how long the canoe trip was for 4.5 pound Walleye but, if I recall, it took them at about 3 days from where they launched to get to GZ.   At the time, it was the longest unfound cache with Kougarak and  Conch Shell Horn and being the next two (pubished in June and July, 2001 respectively).   Kougarak was "found" in 2016, but a reading of the log indicates that it was a throw down.   It sounded like the "finder" gave a thorough search (with a metal detector) so Kougarak is likely no longer there.    Conch Shell Horn is likely the oldest unfound cache in the world, but it hasn't been confirmed that it's still there either.  I looked into the logistics for getting to the island that it's on and it would be a fair challenge but doable if two or more people got together to charter or hire a boat. 

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8 hours ago, NYPaddleCacher said:

I looked into the logistics for getting to the island that it's on and it would be a fair challenge but doable if two or more people got together to charter or hire a boat. 

LOL, but then you will get some people (not me) stating that only one of you can claim the FTF.

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I've been looking at that cache now and again (I like to poke around the site for caches in faraway and dangerous spots) and hadn't noticed it being locked before.  Now I see that all caches in Syria (about 10 of them?) are locked.  Probably for the best, but I hope I haven't prevented someone from risking their life for an FTF smiley!

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Well, I've had several mystery caches that went quite some time before being found.  One went almost four years before a find (October 2014 to June 2018).

Currently, I have four unfound mystery caches:  one from April 2018, two from August 2018 and one from November 2018.

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