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  1. Maybe do a search for 'hotel'. For instance, my TB Hotel has 14 trackables* in it at present. You might find something similar where you live. * That's what happens when locals find a TB Hotel that's locked. It becomes a safer place than most, to drop TBs into.
  2. I use that paper for logs too. Waterproof and easy to write on. It does have the disadvantage of after a few years, if exposed to too much sun, crumbling. However, if you cache is in a place protected from the sun it's great to use.
  3. The icon is often placed randomly it seems. I have arrived at where the icon is to find WP1 some distance away. Nothing to do with parking, trailhead, etc. That was in the early days when I thought that where the icon is would be WP1. Seems logical to me. No silly me, no reason for the icon to be there at all, rather than the logical first WP. Didn't impress me I can tell you, as it meant I couldn't find the AL that day, but had to cycle home and plan another day. These days I am more aware of that, but as I don't find ALs every day, or even every month, this still can fool me at times.
  4. People can already be trackables. Surely that's enough. You can log them already.
  5. That rating is for 15 piece (or less) jigsaws, not 580 piece jigsaws of an indistinct black and white photograph (last one I did). Fortunately it was rated 4D. Comments for it, such as, "That was a difficult puzzle to solve on a phone screen. But I succeeded over a few days." I also succeeded, but on a computer screen, after a few hours.
  6. I like to print out multicaches before attempting them. It's good to have paper to work out the numbers on. I can also include any necessary photographs, etc.
  7. Gill & Tony & barefootjeff Sidetracked caches on active railway stations of the Sydney network would get me to visit. (Sorry, didn't mean this text to be big and bold)
  8. If you don't check all the names, you might not find those 'serial armchair accounts'. I find that often it's not only one log they don't sign. They are always, 'losing their pen' (must have a grip problem), or their pen is always running out of ink (where do they buy such unreliable pens). Or in one case I know they visit the place (or I think they do), but if they can't find the cache they still log a find. Heck they were there. What does the five star difficulty mean! They were there, therefore they can log a find. (The last 5D scenario I made up, but I bet they would log the find still, going on their past behaviour.) I caught them out when I asked them for a hint to find a cache I had DNF-ed. They couldn't remember, they had found so many, and generally vague. Heck, they 'found' it only on the previous day. However, I it didn't twig then their behaviour. I just thought, what a vague person. It was only when I looked for their signature on logs it twigged. Since then I have found caches they logged a find on, but they didn't sign. Usually the more tricky finds. I have deleted a couple of their logs on my caches for no signature. Others they found and signed. If I didn't check logs I wouldn't know about these people. I recently had someone try to log a find on a virtual case of mine. Not a beginner, but someone with a reasonable find number. When they visited the cache hadn't been published yet. Got the story that their proof of visit photograph had failed. I know it's disappointing to just miss out on a cache in a remote area, but lying about the find is not appealing. Insulting too, if they thought I was that stupid to believe them. I told them that sometimes the truth might work better, rather than made up stories, and deleted their log. I also told them their log was unfair on other finders, especially the FTF, as they were claiming a find before them. Their answers to simple questions found at GZ were wrong too. The cinch was that their photograph was wrongly dated.
  9. It's rare, but if I find something in a geocache I want, I just take it (can only offhand think of a small note book I took, a key ring to put a trackable on...and the $35 I found in one). Not swapping doesn't worry me, as I have left far, far more than that over the years than I have ever taken. And of more value, including that money. I mostly don't leave junk. At present mostly costume jewellery and fridge magnets from a deceased estate. I did get a very excited thank you email from one person who found an old pair of sparkly dangly 'diamond' earrings. So I don't swap. Mostly leave things, but if there's something I can use I take it (rarely take though), even if I have nothing that day to swap with. I do find it annoying that some people think leaving a lolly or other food item is a good idea and that someone will be silly enough to eat something left from goodness knows who, goodness knows how many 'decades' ago. Or spent cigarette lighters, etc. Geocaches are not garbage bins. A wet nappy draped across the top is not exciting either. It would be nice though to find more items left for adults, not just for children. However with the quality of geocache containers and the size dropping, it gets harder to find places that deserve a nice trinket. Or can fit it.
  10. I photograph the logs and add the photographs to an owner maintenance log. I compare signatures and if I don't find the written one I ask the person for some evidence they found the cache. If that can't be supplied I delete their on line log. The uploaded photographs provide proof of who signed and who didn't. I ask them to please point out their signature.
  11. Now, that could be added to. Counties and shires. LOTS of them to tick off. I would be much more enthusiastic about those.
  12. In the past I did things like that. I would not cache on a day if I knew it involved a souvenir, so as not to get it. Now I just ignore these things and get on with normal caching.
  13. I don't try for these things. I don't understand them, as I never research them, but every now and then I am told I have another crystal or something, Still don't understand this and actually don't care. Apparently I have 1050 points. No idea how I earned them (except normal caching), or what happens with them. What is a "Found a Signal's Labyrinth item"? It it something attached to some caches? I have collected 76 gems. Is that it? Game, that I never knew I was playing, finished?
  14. I think it's rudeness and presumptive of the person to think that's okay. Now, an email saying they dropped their pen or the pen ran out of ink (or more honestly say they forgot to bring one) and here's a photograph of proof of find. Then say they will respect the wishes of the CO on this. DON'T log until you do this. Get permission from the CO. That's what I do, as it polite. Of the COs who bothered to reply (there's a lot who seem to live in La LA land and never reply), none have refused me permission to log. The very few times that someone has been polite enough to email me first about this, with proof of find, I have never refused their log either. I'm impressed by their consideration. For those rude COs who can't be bothered to reply to a polite email, after about a week I log the find. 'Stuff you!' or thoughts similar.
  15. I carry my pens in a zipped up back pack, so this won't happen.
  16. LOL, I am travelling and have now driven on just this one trip this year, over 15,000 kms. (I had another trip of several thousand kms too, but less, earlier.) I will not collect another country. Just to put this into reference for all those Europeans taking a tiny trip and being able to claim several other countries for far less distance. Why, even Australian states don't get a separate entry in GC maps. This is the map from a trackable I am carrying and our journey this trip. (For those who think I should have released the TB earlier, this is one of several TBs I am carrying where the owners want me to continue with them, as I take photographs. Several have contacted me to say how much they are enjoying seeing my trips. ) I will release the TBs into my TB Hotel when I get home. They will then have circumnavigated the mainland. Here is one travelling with me. I have had this with me for some time, as the geocacher died. I will pass it on one day when I meet another geocacher who knew her. You can see an example of photographs. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=5482216 ADDED: I have found many more caches than that. Most I don't log the TBs with.
  17. LOL, no one wants them near their caches, so lucky you, they won't bother you again. Sadly though they will other people.
  18. Some do. I can think of a geocacher with thousands of finds who will sign the log if they found the cache, but if they don't find the cache they will still log the find. Hey they visited the the place, didn't they !! I became aware of what they do after I couldn't find a cache and contacted them for a hint, as they found the cache the day before I did. They replied (which later when I woke up to them, I thought strange) and asked what I wanted to know. Boy were they vague and obtuse, such as 'It's there', and kept replying as though they didn't understand my very clear question. etc. I went back and managed to find the cache myself and worked out why they were like this. No signature. They had never found it, but still logged the find. Since then, I have deleted a couple of their claims for finds on my caches. Others they did find. Plus while travelling I have seen their logs online, but then when I have found the cache (usually the more tricky ones) their signature is missing. Another cache recently involving a claimed find by another cacher, but no individual information for this log. If I found a cache after several DNFs I would personalise the log to that cache, as I can imagine most would, but they didn't. So cachers with thousands of finds also log caches they didn't find. Needs maintenance (6203 finds) This cache needs replacing dahumbug as per logs 😊 Didn't find it (6203 finds) DNF :-( No luck here today, thought it was a case of cache blindness, but bumped into another cacher and the CO confirmed it was indeed missing. I will try another time if I get up this way again. Found it (8281 finds) Was nearby doing the ad lab. Might as well get a Letterbox! Thanks for the cache and taking us here dahumbug. Enjoyed the adventure with the Pink Power Ladies! Another 💚 for your collection. (Plus a local photograph, which does not prove a find; only that they visited the area...maybe) Didn't find it (14389 finds) One of our few DNF’s for the day. Spent some time looking but no smiley face today. Didn't find it (75782 finds) No joy here thanks Write note (7317 finds) We’ve come to the hinterland to help PirateLinda get her 2000th find… starting down near Maleny, we’ve moved through Montville and finishing our day around Mapleton taking advantage of the great variety of caches and locations… Four of us spent awhile here looking into the trees… then we noticed the final… and spent even longer looking into different trees… We couldn’t even spot the container… 😞 🐼
  19. No matching signature, I send a message asking for other proof, and the photograph of the log asking them to please point out their signature. No answer or proof within a week, I delete. If someone never replied to a query about a past non-signed log, any future logs that they failed to sign, I just delete without bothering to contact them. I used to give longer, but got over that when I got too many false logs at one stage. Only a week now. It could be up to a couple of years between checks of the log though. If I check the other logs by this person, whereas once I would have sent a message to them, if I find they "forget their pen" with every cache they have found, and not all on the same day, I am now likely to just delete without the bother of contacting them. If I forget my pen (very, very rarely) I give the CO the curtesy of contacting them first with a photographic proof of find and ask and say it's up to them whether I have permission to log. Of those who have replied, none have refused me permission to log, as those with proof who contact me, none I have refused permission to log. If the CO isn't polite enough to get back to me, eventually I will log that find. "Forgot a pen" and continuing to log this day after day. Go and BUY a new one is my answer. I was on a day trip to shore from a cruise ship and both my pens ran out of ink. Stopped caching and went in search of where I could buy a new pen. Another occasion I used charcoal from bushfire remains and photographed that signature to include in the log, as charcoal tends to rub off, but I signed. I wish more people would delete non-signed logs, after giving people the chance of reply and to give other proof. Then there would be less bogus logs. It's because they can mostly get away with it.
  20. Too many places here have no mobile coverage or if they do it's like waiting for paint to dry while the phone opens a cache on it. Meanwhile with a GPS you could likely have found the cache, signed the log and returned it. All while the phone struggles with getting reception. The phone is a backup in urban areas, not in the bush away from urban areas. Less likely to have reception here; where I was recently. There's a cache here. There's the pocket issue with phones too. They don't fit in the pockets of female jeans. Gees, the last two pairs of jeans I bought, my fingers hardly fitted. My hankie often sticks out, there's so little room for it.
  21. Yes, it would make long distance travel and caching difficult if it were removed. I am travelling around Australia at present and the browse map allows me to see it all to help pre plan my trip.
  22. I don't know their reasons, but the reason I might take a back up is that out of mobile range the GPS might suddenly play up and can't find the loaded files. That has happened to me. One thing in favour of a GPS (Garmin etrex 35 size) is that they fit in pockets, where mobile phones don't, at least with modern jeans. (Many women complain a lot about the tiny, inadequate pockets in women's jeans, and some have said they wear men's jeans to get good sized pockets. Unfortunately though, men and women tent to be different shapes.) If travelling with other geocachers though, your GPSs act as a back up for each other. It's when travelling alone.
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