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  1. Wow, down to 430 charter members as of March, attrition over time makes our 20 anniversary on May 4th, 2021 a milestone I guess. 19 years of charter member is on $570 so all in all not much for all we have gotten - and are going to get - out of this "sport".
  2. Thanks for taking the time to compile all this information.
  3. Any updates to this information? Going through the list of caches, I noticed we have 9 active 3 digit cache hides still active and thought that was kinda cool.
  4. Let me jump in here for a moment or four from a challenge cache owners standpoint with a different point of view. Kinda long. I am opposed to archiving all active challenge caches and having to redo them. I am opposed to requiring a "checker" to say yea or nae to a completion of requirements as I see no way of doing that with our CCIO cache or any cache of it's type. I am sure there will be people out there with suggestions and will entertain ideas but read the cache page first. We have a challenge cache - GCR9XY, Counting Counties in Oregon - where one has to find a Small, Regular or large cache in each of Oregon's 36 counties. No Micro or virtual listings accepted. Sounds simple and really is, IF you read the cache page and understand the cache size restriction. It has been out for slightly over 10 years with only 93 finds and as I understand it, it is the first of it's kind in geocaching. Yes, we did locate a cache of these requirements BEFORE publishing the cache just to prove it could be done. (As we have done for the other challenge caches we have out also.) I maintain a Charter membership with GC.com for the PQ option, a GSAK account to be able to work with location / placement requirements and a mapping program to deal with placement in the counties. That being said, from my standpoint there are a lot of cachers out there who are whiners, pure and simple. How is it my fault when you drive from Portland to Eastern Oregon, locate only ONE cache in each county and fail to realize it is a micro, therefore out of the running for this cache and then want me to grant "you" an exception this one time? How is it my fault that you "complete" this challenge to your satisfaction, work it so your in Bend Sunday afternoon and want me to verify your cache size and placement in the next hour so you can head back home and you fail to have a cache in each county or one of the wrong size and I say no, incomplete listing? How is it my fault that your from out of state and have any of these issues on a "once in a lifetime" trip? You can read and understand a map but not a cache page? I have it in the cache description that I WILL read each and every cache submitted for this challenge to check for size description. Why is it my fault if the cache owner has failed to list the right size with GC.com and state right on the cache page it is a micro or nano cache and I reject the cache? Or if the cache owner has changed the container size for some reason and failed to adjust the cache page? To be blunt, I have adjusted this cache several times to try and accommodate as many people as possible and still maintain the integrity and concept of this cache as much as possible. I am not sure I could do any less and maintain the concept of this cache. ( I refuse to consider adding micro containers.) More to come.
  5. The portion of the pocket query where one sets the distance for side to side and the amount of caches to list. How does one go about attaching a screen shot to here and I will upload it for you. In all fairness, I seem to be having a video player problem as well and maybe there is a connection somewhere - somehow. Time for a Laptop Doc I think. Know of any good good ones in Bend?
  6. Hmm, now that is interesting. Can not get the distance nor volume function on the laptop but I can get it to work on the desktop. Any ideas on that aspect? Plan "B" now I guess.
  7. Tried that. Newly built route or old route, neither one works for me for distance or volume. Next.
  8. Next problem I see, from my side anyway, there is no sort for side to side distance along route nor the amount of caches to look for along the route. Any suggestions?
  9. Just wondering if there is a "list" of the currant Charter Members or at least a number for how many original charter members there where and the number of currant members.
  10. I am not sure why we have stopped dropping in and out of here but I can say that I dropped off Facebook and really enjoy the the time I have freed up, as well as the drop in blood pressure. A lot of the people we used to cache with and around seem to have dropped off the radar for some reason or the next. Micro containers, Nano containers and power trails could be the reason. (I still refuse to call nano and micro containers caches.) As for caching itself, we have just completed our own mini challenge of 1,100 days and 3 years. Today is the first day without chasing a listing of some sort or the next. Now, we can chase cache's for the enjoyment of it instead of trying to fill in a date.
  11. Well heck, I guess that is what I get for not lurking here all the time. Kinda rude awakening even. I guess I can sit back and wait for the corrected version to pop up. Maybe. Possibly. Is it ready yet? Nope, guess not. (No patience to go with the no easily workable route feature.)
  12. I would do one for Deschutes County.
  13. Count us in as Charter members as well. Started back when we still had to print out anything you wanted to look for, no PQ, no apps, nothing but a lot of printing. Back before "Micro" and "Nano" where even thought of. Ammo cans, Large buckets and even a barrel or two. We "found" several of our old notebooks with a few hundred printed pages still in them. I will have to see how many are still active. I remember on argument on these forums about a person finding 19 caches in one day. The argument was that no one could find that many in a day. Now I see where people have in excess of 1100 logs in a day but those where for "micro" items - "micro and nano" sized containers are NOT caches by the by - and I did one road trip that was over 22 straight hours, 350 plus miles to get 29 caches, all there where in the area.
  14. Nope, I do not believe this to be true. Your assuming everyone has the same destination. I know how to hang a "thataway" to entertain myself to MY expectations, not someone else's expectations.
  15. We leave Arrowheads in interesting caches, not all caches make the grade, and we will pick up sig items of interest. Right now, we are trying to collect a lot of Lost-A-Pair ducks until we have a ammo can full of them. Then he can have them all back, in one "migrating" flock.
  16. Landowners - be it timber companies or timber holding companies or ranchers or irrigation districts etc etc - have found out that going through the courts dealing with trespassers, bum camps, poachers and such will get them no where. Yes, the culprit will be issued a trespass citation or such but the court keeps the funds leaving the landowner holding the bag for the cleanup. As I understand it, by charging a "fee" for access, anyone caught without the required permit can be charged with "Theft of Services" and be hit with triple damages plus the landowner can go after reasonable cleanup fees.
  17. All of Oregon has 27,382 caches as of 12:01am 06Nov2011 Of those 1091 are PMO caches However the Portland Metro area consisting of Multnomah Washington and Clackamas counties have 6605 caches 911 of them are PMOs. Well I guess that answers that question. For what I looked at, there are 500 PMO caches within a 96 miles search area, from Deschutes Junction, Oregon. So the 1091 PMO caches comprise roughly something like 4 percent of the total. As for the cachers making PMO caches to spite their counterparts, I actually have no idea if that happens or not but the mentality of human nature puts the possibility up front. From my experience, Most PMO caches are made that way to track who is looking at the cache, whether for nefarious purposes or not I do not know, but for the most part just to see who it is, from where they are and how many times they look at the cache. I will occasionally go to a PMO cache page and open it a flock of times just to mess with the cache owner. I would be interested in where Funnynose got this information and or how it was derived.
  18. I just skimmed through this topic and have to drop in my 2 cents worth. We pay the bucks to support the GC site and hope for a few perks to be thrown our way. We use geocaching as a diversion from the hectic everyday mundane stuff. For our $30 bucks a year we don't have to sit in a theater, sit at a pro sports game, etc to be entertained. Ten minutes of PQ, Gsak and vantage point opens up a whole lot of options for me, outdoors and off the couch. If your worried about a few people using a "backdoor" approach to logging MOC caches, then your too serious about this from a entertainment prospective and you might think about doing something else. I see the need for the feature myself if the area these people cache in is thick with MOC caches. These cachers who make their cache MOC because they are ticked of at "Joe Blow" who only has MOC caches pretty soon saturate the area and the every day cachers does not stand a chance in finding cache nor in placing caches because they don't know where all the caches are. In a since, your just shooting yourselves in the foot with MOC saturation as you will run everyone else off due to your petty bickering. Enough for 2 cents worth? Get your value? Want change?
  19. We found a cache that was something like 49 miles off, seems as the cache hiders missed by just a little bit. We knew where the cache location was but the numbers where off - 118, not 119 - so we just sat down with the mapping program and started punching numbers in until things fit. We try and avoid telling the CO their numbers are wrong, we prefer using the term "different" when the numbers are close. (But there are times when the numbers are just wrong no matter how PC one tries to be.)
  20. It would be interesting to see how many people who did geocache in 2000/2001 are still in the game. Anyone know of a way to chart these people or know where the list is?
  21. If I can whine I can say thank you. Thanks for bringing the cacher updated coordinates back to the cache pages. There is a moving cache nearby that I find and watch that can ONLY be found with updated coordinates so old ones do me no good at all. Logscaler.
  22. Interesting idea, now all they have to do is figure out how to use this idea for real caches instead of "micro" hides.
  23. For the most part, I do not get involved in this type of discussions but now is one of those times. Why get rid of the coordinates posted by other cachers on the log? Now I have too open each and every log to see if anyone has posted updated coordinates instead of scrolling down through the logs, a big time waster and a bigger pain in the posterior. Before this latest "improvement" all I had to do was show all logs and scroll down. Please show them again.
  24. I have done the same thing before. At the request of property owners and LEO I have picked up and walked off with caches, posted the info on the cache page and sent a e-mail to the owner. I have also relocated caches as close to the original location as possible and sent the owner an e-mail where it was when I was from out of town. Just moving the cache is what I would recommend when you are out of town and get approached with this type of situation. That way, IF it is a bogus request, the cache owner has easy access to their cache and if not bogus, then someone else can grab it and move/replace it.
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