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  1. Hi Arridian. My wife and I are still active in the valley. My wife goes by 'sloni2' and I go by 'dshifter'. We were out caching last week and met MEC21 and lostken, so there are still active cachers here. There is a facebook group called Quad Cities Geocachers that you might want to check out.
  2. I was just wondering if archived caches can be adopted. The reason I am asking is that the Idaho DeLorme Challenge cache is archived and I was thinking of bringing it back.
  3. dshifter


    I understand what you two are saying. I just kind of hate to see these old caches go away with their old GC numbers. I guess myself and other area cachers can try to keep them going until we too, fade away or lose interest.
  4. dshifter


    Does anyone know the cacher named "rideabent"? The reason I ask is that he has not logged onto geocaching.com since 27 May 2005 and he has several caches here in the Lewiston,ID/Clarkston,WA area that need help. We have tried to contact him over the years and have not received any response. My wife thinks that he no longer lives in this area and has since moved to California. Looking at some of the photo's he posted back in 2004 showed that he is an older gentleman which makes me wonder if he is still alive or just unable to geocache anymore. Some of the local cachers have unofficially adopted his caches or at least helped to maintain them over the years. I'm sure there are local cachers in the area that would be willing to adopt some or all of his caches. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Yeah, I'm having a pissing contest with GeoKnievel. Since ALR's on Traditions are illegal he does not have much to argue. I see he archived three of his caches. Well, so be it. Never gave a reason even though I asked. Time for the letter to Groundspeak. Sent the letter, we will see what happens. What is an ALR?
  6. I can't get the auto zoom to work on my 650t when I am headed for a cache. Is there information on this issure somewhere in this thread?
  7. I broke the plastic mount that attaches to the back of my Garmin 60csx and was wondering if anyone out there has one they would be willing to sell at reasonable price.
  8. How do I get new cache instant notification on my cell phone?
  9. When I use it I'll let you know how it worked out for us. My wife and I are kind of in the same boat as you are with no one local that we can count on. Although, the person I relieve at work would probably notice when I didn't show up for work. By then it might be too late.
  10. Thanks! That is what I was trying to find. It's actually SendanSOS.com.
  11. Yesterday, 07/09//10, my wife and I were out geocaching the back roads of north central Idaho and I started thinking about the fact that we broke one of the first rules of traveling and should have told someone where we were going and when we would back. I remember a website from a few years ago where a person could log into and post an itinerary. The website would allow people that you select to know what your itinerary is. I am hoping someone knows what that website is called. I have a few more back country trips planned this summer and would like to try using this website.
  12. Does anyone know anything about The Dalles - Dash 12 Official Geocaching Sites? I just happened to stumble onto this while checking out The Dalles, Oregon chamber site the other day.
  13. I'm not sure how to put a link on here but the cache you are looking for is called, Counting Counties in Oregon and is GCR9XY. Are you working on the Oregon Delorme too? Or the Oregon Earthcache Challenge? Actually MW emailed me asking if I new of an Oregon Challenge. I didn't know there was an Earthcache Challenge too. Thanks for responding.
  14. Does anyone know if there is an Oregon County Challenge simlar to Cache Across Idaho?
  15. I would also like express my condolences to the Anderson family and to all their friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Also, I have been watching this thread and was wondering when a lawyer would jump in. What The Rat posted is a perfect example of why we need tort reform in this country.
  16. Thanks Nick for the delivery! Now, the reset of you cachers out there, help Nick out and buy one or two.
  17. Where are you located? I wouldn't mind buying a few if the shipping price isn't too high. I live in Lewiston, Idaho.
  18. Looks like you two had yourselves quite an adventure! I was just wondering, what road were you on outside of of Elk City when you got stuck and where were you trying to drive to?
  19. I can see it now, the Dworshak Reservoir Cache Machine! June 20th or 21st would work best for us. Assuming we can get someone with a boat to take us.
  20. The closest boat launch is at a place called Dent Acres. As the crow flies Dent Acres is about 11 miles away, by boat it looks like around 13 to 14 miles.
  21. My wife and I are working on the Idaho's Well rounded Cacher (Fizzy Challenge) cache and we need help getting to a cache called Clif Dive Divine which is a 5/5. There are only two ways to get to this cache, by boat or an extremely hard bushwhack. I'm hoping someone with a boat would be willing to take my wife and I to this cache sometime in June. By then the reservoir should be at or close to full level. We would be more than happy to pay for fuel costs.
  22. I think GCB0B7 - Outfield to arms would be better accessed from Sunset Park parking lot off of 11th ave instead of from the south by the national guard armory. The guardsmen might get a little paranoid with 50+ cachers wandering around by their armory.
  23. I decided to go from using IE 7 to Mozilla Firefox and that did the trick. The map works great now.
  24. When I go to a cache page, click on the Yahoo map and then try to zoom the map out I get the following error message: EO.Web Controls Client Side Debug Message: An error occurred while applying the new output, Error message; Failed You can turn off this message by setting EO.Web.Runtime.Debuglevel to 0(Not recommended for debug build) I was wondering if someone could help me out with this as I have no idea what this means or how to correct the problem.
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