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  1. Another reason there are "still" 90 members in the Yahoo group is that most of the .org group members name's are still active on that site eventhough we won't go there. $200 for a sales table at events????? Mike's events are held in a local park, free for all and the tables are, of course, first come first served. I really have no clue why the .com group would need $2,000 for events. I think maybe there are 3 or 4 tables are close by where they hold events. There isn't any electrical hookups. The events are all pot luck so everyone brings their own food. I wonder if the IRS or the CA State Franchise board would be interested in the .com group. I mean a profit is being made. Is there a business license? An accounting? Everyone has to have their piece of the pie...right? I do believe the IRS requires a reporting is the amount is over $1200. I'll have to make sure, I have a motorcycle buddy that is an IRS agent. Personally I would never buy a coin where any geocaching group was going to make that much money. Yes I have bought some of my coins on e-bay and as far as I know there never was mention that the money was going for a "good cause" of any sort so maybe I have without knowing it. This thread has made me start to look closer from now on.
  2. It's actually the symbol of The County Of San Bernardino not the "local" I.E. The coin's shape is the shape of the shoulder patch of the County of San Bernardino Fire Dept. too. Those interested in buyiing a coin should do a search of the natural landmark found on the hillside. You may find it very intersting.
  3. A bit off topic but the 2 groups have different set of ideals of what caching is all about. If you would liie to read up on the issue both sites have their sides represented but the .com you must register. The .org site is free to browse. www.iecachers.org Now as for the coin...I agree they are very good looking. I would love to have one. My badge and patch have that arrowhead symbol on them so it would be great to have one. But like many of you I will pass due to the cost. With shipping I have yet to pay over $14.00 for a coin...even on e-bay!!!! I was at the first event....fishpoet makes a great BBQ hamburger. I didn't make the second event as it was held on Father's Day.
  4. Received mine yesterday...thank you. I am so glad I read this thread. I reached in and pulled out the one contest pin. Didn't think anything else was in the package and threw the package away. Read this thread this morning and ran out to the garbage and found the package with the other pin!!! An even bigger thank you!!!!!
  5. I ignore micros when caching while on vacation and when the terrain level is above a 2 star.
  6. I have over 100 finds also but can't seem to find time to go out and get anymore!!!! I am still in the ciontest but haven't found a BM in about 2 weeks. Hopefully this Sunday I can go snag a few more.
  7. F.Y.I. Locking and securing an ammo can won't stop it from being muggled. Tommy Trojan does those exact thing and his get stolen quite often. Personally I don't an opinion on wether to lock one or not just wanted to let you know of another's problem with them.
  8. The argument of "Don't like it..don't go find it" is so over used it doesn't hold weight anymore. I think we all know that by now, so do us a favor and come up with a better argument please. I agree with the OP. A cache placement should coincide with the area around it. If it can only hold a micro great....if can hold an ammo can that is what it should and I hope it would be. Those of you who so "you don't have to find it" make a huge disservice to geocaching. Geocaching will degrade down to where there nothing but micros if these (I assume) new hiders are not taught told. And yes it is our responsibility to help out new hiders. 3 years ago there were maybe a half dozen micros within 10 miles from my house...now there are over 300. Many of which could have been a small container like a small peanut butter plastic jar or a plastic coffee can. Many hiders feel that if it is an urban area it simply has to be a micro. Personally I think it takes a much better cacher to find places to hide a large cache. So please no more "you don't have to go find it" argument....that's as lame as a lamp post hide. Plus I have been caching long enough to know that.....probably doing this longer than many of you who say that. In my area it there are few hiders, and quite seasoned at that, that still hide these micos in a bush. I have 2 caches planned that are going to be hid in a bush but these will hold all but the largest TBs. One is a 2 foot long tube I am going to hide in a ivy covered wall. My cache page will say something like...see it doesn't have to be a micro. So a micro in the forrest or desert where a larger cache could have been place is lame.
  9. Don't get too discouraged about going 0 for 4. Many times I have had almost those exact stats. Other times I went 4 for 4. Could be you just hit an area that they are missing.
  10. 2 after work today. EV1539/1956/n/n EV1538/1956/n/n
  11. It's the yellow "official log book" "TNLNSL" geocoin. It has a space on the back where the 6 digit code is just like on other geocoins. Probably why I thought it was trackable. The first three figures are letters and the last three are numbers. I don't see why it would be so hard for GC.com. They have to upload new numbers everyday..at least once a month. The activation codes are just random. I don't want to send it out....I keep all the coins I buy but I do activate them.
  12. my bad....it has a 6 digit number on it and I was wondering if it is possible to purchase an activation code in order to be able to register it on GC.com. I thought I would ask here before contacting GC.com. Ken
  13. 2 for today before it got way too hot. DX2566/1958/Y/N DX3747/1950/n/n
  14. In 2004 I bought an one ounce silver geocoin. I use it as my personal TB that logs mileage like you want to do. Then I had about 60 finds and I went back and did a "write note" with the date I found that cache and dropped that coin into that cache and retrieved it. I only had one owner ask me what I was doing and before I could reply he e-mailed me again and said he figured it out. No problem. I really don't think you would get much flack since I assume most cachers have a personal TB of some sort.
  15. Found a bunch of marks today but only 3 qualifying. DX2369/1956/n/n DX2721/1949/n/n DX2722/1949/n/n
  16. I am jumping on the geocoin "bandwagon" a bit late and I don't know what coins have been released. I searched this forum and didn't get my answer but has an Ireland coin ever been releases? I have the Wales, London & Scotland and would like to add to my collection. Ken
  17. You can't forget that every agency has to get a piece of the "fine" pie. Not just the agency who placed the mark but the county and city has to have a cut. They are added and called assessments. A typical fine of $100 adds up to $271 with assessment included. So that $250 fine could end up costing you about $650.
  18. Only 1 qualifying find today but it was a cool find. Check out the landscaping pic. The owner must keep up on the mark too. EV1474/1933/n/n
  19. Once I DNf a cache I very, very seldom go back to it for a few reasons. In particlular there is this one hider in my area whose coords are always off. The best I have even seen from him was 20 feet. The average is at least 30 feet and all he hides are micros in ivy type bushes. So no sense attampting a second time. I once went back 5 times to a cache before I found it...I was way to obessed. Caching is suppose to be fun. The fun is in the finding. I like people to find my caches. That is how I play the game and if anyones who doesn't play by them rules I set for myself I ignore their caches. I know that is tough to do. It was for me too because we want to find them all. But I learned how to not worry about finding them all and only find the ones I want to find. So to answer your question yes I do find caches that frustrate me....but then I ignore it after that.
  20. I have been too busy to do much marking or caching but I found 2 yesterday and six today...of which 2 qualify. This first one here...the pic isn't all that good. So if you can't read it that's o.k. My guess is that I won't finish in the top 10. LOL! It was on private property under the grass and I didn't want to dig a much bigger hole to get light into the hole for the pic and my flash wouldn't go off. The mark is in pristine condition though!!! EV1329/1956/n/n EV1332/1956/n/n
  21. Looks great. I like that I can click on my name and get all my stats. Sorry about those 1960 marks I logged.
  22. I have been to Devils Tower several times it's a cool place. Talking with the Rangers about people getting stranded on top, parachuting and landing on top..etc.... Has anybody logged this BM?
  23. Here a the few from today. EV1060/1956/n/n EV1134/1956/n/n EV9089/1960/n/n This on barely made the cutoff!!!
  24. I had a good after work find run. Found 5 of 6 with 1 FTF and 1 qualifying BM. EV3127/1956/n/n
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