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  1. Congratulations, that's a great accomplishment! Now to plan your next adventure chasing down a lonely cache in Oregon, this may help: Longest Time Alone Geocaches Oregon
  2. For reference codes, letter O is to be replaced with digit 0 and letter S is to be replaced with digit 5. This is all documented at Geocaching API (Groundspeak.com)
  3. I'm unable to come up with a way to do so. You might be able to search for certain log types for the user to get a few, but that's not very satisfying. This limitation may be a HQ business decision. I'd contact apihelp and ask there. They've always been responsive for me.
  4. So I tried this out. I wasn't able to get a list of another's archived caches nor of my own archived caches.
  5. Placed by is just text and not a real reference to any cacher. That is, the cache owner can edit the Placed by text to anything. You may have to set the isActive filter to false to get archived caches. You also may only be able to get the archived caches if you are their owner. Not sure about that though.
  6. You'll use the /v1/geocaches/search method with the hiddenBy filter. See Geocaching API (Groundspeak.com) for details.
  7. On November 20, the deadline was extended once again to June 4, 2021. At any rate, I can't see GC HQ announcing a virtual rewards 3 until a time after 2 is complete.
  8. I had to check that because I've always had four souvenirs per row with the new profile. Now it's three I suppose that change was made the same time the profile image was squished.
  9. Please don't. The new size is too thin. Besides, there's lots of space below it that used to be the image that is now just white space. Plus you're inconveniencing everyone that has created an image for the previous size with having to redo it.
  10. You're out of date. text/ntext/image are deprecated and varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max) should be used instead. Using, max instead of n <= 4000 changes the storage, as you mention and as I previously mentioned too.
  11. No, I'm not saying that at all. There are other concerns that would cause one to limit the field size. There are business decisions, UI/UX reasons etc. Ignoring whatever those forces are that caused the notes to be limited to 2500 characters, it would be trivial to increase the limit up to 4000 (probably but not necessarily) if it is an nvarchar column. Beyond that, other factors come into play.
  12. Though I don't know, I'm fairly certain, GCHQ uses SQL Server and the notes are probably a column in some table of type nvarchar(x) where x can be specified from 1 to 4000 characters or "max". It's probably set to 2500 now. There would be no data size impacts to increase from nvarchar(2500) to nvarchar(4000). switching to max would impact things. Whether one can actually store the specified number of characters depends on what character encoding is used so the actual number may be less than specified. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/t-sql/data-types/nchar-and-nvarchar-transact-sql?view=sql-server-ver15
  13. That's my feelings too. I think there should be an option on every cache for the CO to specify how to handle the cache in these situations, not just some set of "historic legacy" caches. I'm actually a bit loath to specify how mine should be handled when I feel this option should be available for all caches.
  14. No, I'm not okay with that. If I suddenly kick-off, then it is up to my wife/family to decide what to do with the cache. I do know that my geocaching friends would also help out and help her take care of things. Geocaching HQ need not get involved. If, in the future, I am no longer able or motivated to manage my caches, I'll deal with that then but at this time, that is not an issue and nothing needs to be done.
  15. I believe Geocaching HQ has been heading this way for awhile now. Early last year, I was contacted about what I would like them to do with my Y2K geocache if I became inactive, died, or whatever. They gave a few choices. I told them, it isn't an issue and not do anything.
  16. Yep, I have the same problem and had to revert to Chrome to delete logs. I really don't care for Chrome...
  17. In general, challenge cache owners are not supposed to be changing the challenge. The challenge was reviewed and published. If those requirements change, that is circumventing what was reviewed. This is like changing the location of a cache that was reviewed and published. Except for minor adjustments, it's not allowed. With larger changes, the new location needs to be reviewed. This is, last I knew, the same for challenges. I've been aware of reviewers coming back and disabling challenges that the CO modified, even archiving them.
  18. Actually, they can require photos. This type of requirement was taken away but has since been brought back.
  19. Geocaching HQ has asked their API partners, multiple times, for both their staging and production redirect URIs. The production redirect URI has to be secure, i.e., use https.
  20. I hosted one of the 10 years events and have been planning on hosting a 20 year event at essentially the same time and place. This whole application process seems to throw that out the door. Well I suppose the stars could align. I'll wait and see.
  21. I've marked 432 caches as favorites. I have 775 favorite points not yet doled out. Frankly, I don't consider 1 out of 10 caches favorite worthy and that's why I have a lot available. I'll give a favorite point when I consider a cache special, whether that be the location, the journey to the location, or the cache itself. Some caches are in poor condition, so they disqualify themselves even though the location and journey were fun and special. Sometimes I just forget to give a favorite point. Sometimes I go back and reward them later on when I have time to reflect and realize that that cache really is a favorite. Interestingly enough, a lot of the caches I see with a high number of favorite points are past their prime and are now trash and should be archived.
  22. Ok, my mistake. I looked through the logs and didn't see anything there and neglected to read all of the listing. I was most concerned with whether the container was replaced after the Cave Creek Complex fire and saw it didn't need to be. I should have known though, as I was honored to adopt this cache after GCB0B passed. The smaller metal can is actually an ammo can.
  23. Yes, yes I have. Most are from caches that were archived and then relisted from the Great Arizona State Land Trust Geocache Purge of 2014. Here's one from Twenty Fifth Surprise "Back Packer THE VIEW 2": Though I messed up with the date, signed the second time on 1/11/19, not 1/11/18. The original listing: Twenty Fifth Surprise "The Back Packer Trail" VIEW
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