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  1. Just for giggles I decided to run the checker as well (also your description made perfect sense to me so I'm not sure how/why you'd need to dumb it down): I qualify with 24/26 max: You passed the challenge! You have 24 out of a required 20. Here is your list: N gccode name type size difficulty terrain 1 GC46G45 Gulls, Sand & Water Traditional Cache (1) Not chosen (1) 1.0 (1) 1.0 (1) 2 GC3WFHR The Nineteenth Hole Traditional Cache (1) Not chosen (1) 1.0 (1) 1.5 (2) 3 GC2ZQRF Ribbit! Traditional Cache (1) Not chosen (1) 1.0 (1) 2.0 (3) 4 GCE67 Officers Scenic Cache Traditional Cache (1) Not chosen (1) 1.0 (1) 2.5 (4) 5 GC70ZK6 Nana's Birdhouse by the Tracks Traditional Cache (1) Micro (2) 1.0 (1) 2.5 (4) 6 GC2Z8BQ Skookum Bridge Traditional Cache (1) Micro (2) 1.0 (1) 3.0 (5) 7 GC2W633 Mare Island San Pablo Bay Trail-- Overlook Traditional Cache (1) Micro (2) 1.5 (2) 3.0 (5) 8 GC2DZ39 RG18 Micro D I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Cache Traditional Cache (1) Micro (2) 2.0 (3) 3.0 (5) 9 GC30KDC Overlooking the Empty Beach Traditional Cache (1) Micro (2) 2.5 (4) 3.0 (5) 10 GC1X3PQ CT Gazebo Series - Liberty Green Traditional Cache (1) Micro (2) 3.0 (5) 3.0 (5) 11 GC41QM0 Chief Little Feather's Lost Cave Traditional Cache (1) Small (3) 3.0 (5) 3.0 (5) 12 GC27MHE Milcoins Groton Cache 001 Traditional Cache (1) Small (3) 3.0 (5) 3.5 (6) 13 GC3EXDF Let's not ruin the holiday Traditional Cache (1) Small (3) 3.5 (6) 3.5 (6) 14 GCZ604 Civic Triangle Multi-cache (2) Small (3) 3.5 (6) 3.5 (6) 15 GC5HJJB Not Another Mindless County/State Challenge Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 3.5 (6) 3.5 (6) 16 GC4TBWR A Tale of Two Cities - K-Town (Challenge) Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 4.0 (7) 3.5 (6) 17 GC8T07W 10^100 + What the Heck is this? Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 4.5 (8) 3.5 (6) 18 GC7GNJ9 Bowie - 100 Souvenir Challenge Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 5.0 (9) 3.5 (6) 19 GC54XJ7 WVCACHERS3: 10 - 5/5's - 3 Types Challenge Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 5.0 (9) 4.0 (7) 20 GC56GMY World Traveler Challenge Cache Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 5.0 (9) 4.5 (8) 21 GC1F0Q4 Follow the Lights Unknown Cache (3) Small (3) 5.0 (9) 5.0 (9) 22 GC4RFEJ 5 Countries Challenge Unknown Cache (3) Other (4) 5.0 (9) 5.0 (9) 23 GC2CFP9 Club 81 - Fizzy Challenge Unknown Cache (3) Regular (5) 5.0 (9) 5.0 (9) 24 GC3HVRA New England County Challenge Unknown Cache (3) Large (6) 5.0 (9) 5.0 (9)
  2. Having spent the last week attempting to solve these I may have to say my goal is already not achievable - far too many of these are "read my mind" WIGs which just seem impossible to solve. Back to the goal-drawing board.
  3. Yeah I've seen the numbers decline - hitting myself for not making a WIG run last year when I was at DINFOS - I'll need to complete all the "play anywhere cartridges" before I go to ensure that I'm ready for a long day!
  4. I really wish I could remember last year's goals. Ah well for next year I'd like to try the following: Find 100 Caches in a single day Reach a 100 WiG milestone Got a two-week TDY trip to Maryland so I might be able to have this happen in a single day. Complete a new County Challenge Washington or Oregon are the most likely options. Find GCD Find a cache in 1 new country Most of those should be pretty easily attainable, but we'll have to see what the Caching Gods have in store.
  5. Oh I forgot technically Tyrol, Austria as well (Thank you Zugspitze!)
  6. Just came back from a few weeks in Europe! New Countries/Regions: Germany Hessen Baden-Wurttemberg Bayern France Île-de-Franc United Kingdom London Iceland Capital Region Southern Peninsula Had a great time and ended up with about 75 new caches (mostly Earthcaches and virtuals as I was attempting to make geocaching an unobtrusive part of the overall vacation). Although I've been to France, Germany and Iceland before (pre-caching days), the UK was a completely new country to me.
  7. Found out that we've got a short fused opportunity to visit Europe later this fall and we're taking it! I'll be looking to grab France, Germany, and the UK for sure, also potentially Luxembourg and Austria depending on how the exact planning goes. I'll also be able to get Iceland, but I've already found a few there back when I first started. Should be a good time!
  8. Funny, I've seen your name in the Project GC forums a bit lately - I'm also working on a Geoart with Challenges (albeit much less ambitious than yours).
  9. My goal for 2021 was to finally cross the 1,000 counties cached in bar. With the help of a cross country move and some LONG weekends in Pennsylvania, I was able to finally do that this year (currently sitting at 1,061 counties cached in). My goal for 2021 is to reach a 366 day streak (currently at day 208) and to finish up two more state county challenges (based on where I'm currently living I'm hoping those will be Oregon and Washington).
  10. *When the server throws up all over it.
  11. Ah.... I love a problem where the answer seems to be "just deal with it."
  12. I did a bit of searching but can't quite find the topic I'm looking for - please forgive me if this has been covered. I've noticed lately that I can go into a pending cache description and edit the image (I.E. Resize it, lock it to the left or right alignment, add alternative text etc) and then save the page I'm working on. I'll come back later and find the image has returned to it's original size and position on the page - the only thing that remains is the alignment. This happens regardless of whether I click "save" or "Save and Preview." To clarify - when I click save and preview the cache page looks just the way I planned it. It's when I go back to edit something else that the image reverts to it's original size and placement. If the rest of my HTML code can stay the same I'm not sure why my images can't. For the record I upload my images to the geocaching server, these are not linked from another page.
  13. I have my logs and messages set up to arrive via text message - while I do have quite a few caches they tend to be pretty remote (traditionals), difficult (puzzles) or unattractive to a large segment of the geocaching populations (earthcaches) so in general I get a few texts per week about logs and messages. On International Earthcaching weekend... my phone BLEW. UP. It's great to see so many people out enjoying Earth Caches, but I definitely had to spend a considerably longer time responding to messages.
  14. I wanted to also give you a public thank you for letting me adopt and use one of your write ups to publish an EC up in Pennsylvania! I had a great time grabbing several of your ECs on the East Coast while I was on my 10 week visit to Maryland earlier this year!
  15. Drat - this looked fun and I wanted to just test the checker to see if I qualified... but unfortunately it's also disabled.
  16. Sometimes I find that the best Earthcaches are in unassuming places that just teach me something new or causes me to put a lesson to the test.
  17. I got my equator crossing a bit differently... unfortunately there's no Cache at the "X"
  18. I hope the rest of the reviewing team knows how big an advocate you are for them. Taking the brunt of the anger on the forums lol
  19. Whoops, looks like Keystone beat me to answering. I knew I was typing too slow!
  20. Hi, I won't speak for @Keystone (who is our resident Forum Reviewer) but it sounds like you have an answer in the email you received. At the end of the day, while geocaching is a hobby for many of us, it is also a business and as such the business side of the house has made rules that caches can't advertise for another competing business and they have determined that the mobile location based Pokemon game is a competitor. Another instance of this rule is in place here in the forums: you can't discuss or even reference competing geolocation games like M***** (name intentionally redacted). An idea for how you could get your caches published - remove the reference to Pokemon and instead reference it by theme "Water" "Air" "Poison" "Fairy" "Dark" etc. This way you aren't specifically violating the spirit of the rule but also get to bring cachers to the locations you painstakingly picked out. At the end of the day it might be frustrating, but it's the rules.
  21. I've intentionally hunted archived caches before. It's honestly a lot more fun/challenging: First you have to search for archived caches. Then you have to figure out how/why a cache was archived (Was the container recovered?) Then the hunt... no geotrails, no helpful recent logs etc. I find best success with archived multi caches - especially when stage 1 is a virtual. While the signage may have been removed it's usually easy enough to figure out some good coordinate on Google. Personally my best is GC26C92 - Juneau Totem Pole Safari.
  22. Perhaps Im nostalgic or perhaps I’m just a digital pack rat but I never deleted the original classic app from my phone when it went dormant in 2017. Today the app store got an update for the classic app… anyone have any idea why?
  23. That's awesome! Congratulations! Wow; your cache in Voyageurs looks amazing! Definitely going on my bucket list of caches! As for me the one I'm probably most proud of is one of my least found and in an unassuming location: https://coord.info/GC81E9D Isostatic Rebound is something that's usually pretty difficult to see and as such very difficult to make a cache out of. I was fortunate to find a pretty great spot for it in Juneau. The cache page was also really fun to write up!
  24. My new irk is now that there's no sad response in the forums.
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