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  1. Drat - this looked fun and I wanted to just test the checker to see if I qualified... but unfortunately it's also disabled.
  2. Sometimes I find that the best Earthcaches are in unassuming places that just teach me something new or causes me to put a lesson to the test.
  3. I got my equator crossing a bit differently... unfortunately there's no Cache at the "X"
  4. I hope the rest of the reviewing team knows how big an advocate you are for them. Taking the brunt of the anger on the forums lol
  5. Whoops, looks like Keystone beat me to answering. I knew I was typing too slow!
  6. Hi, I won't speak for @Keystone (who is our resident Forum Reviewer) but it sounds like you have an answer in the email you received. At the end of the day, while geocaching is a hobby for many of us, it is also a business and as such the business side of the house has made rules that caches can't advertise for another competing business and they have determined that the mobile location based Pokemon game is a competitor. Another instance of this rule is in place here in the forums: you can't discuss or even reference competing geolocation games like M***** (name intentionally redacted). An idea for how you could get your caches published - remove the reference to Pokemon and instead reference it by theme "Water" "Air" "Poison" "Fairy" "Dark" etc. This way you aren't specifically violating the spirit of the rule but also get to bring cachers to the locations you painstakingly picked out. At the end of the day it might be frustrating, but it's the rules.
  7. I've intentionally hunted archived caches before. It's honestly a lot more fun/challenging: First you have to search for archived caches. Then you have to figure out how/why a cache was archived (Was the container recovered?) Then the hunt... no geotrails, no helpful recent logs etc. I find best success with archived multi caches - especially when stage 1 is a virtual. While the signage may have been removed it's usually easy enough to figure out some good coordinate on Google. Personally my best is GC26C92 - Juneau Totem Pole Safari.
  8. Perhaps Im nostalgic or perhaps I’m just a digital pack rat but I never deleted the original classic app from my phone when it went dormant in 2017. Today the app store got an update for the classic app… anyone have any idea why?
  9. That's awesome! Congratulations! Wow; your cache in Voyageurs looks amazing! Definitely going on my bucket list of caches! As for me the one I'm probably most proud of is one of my least found and in an unassuming location: https://coord.info/GC81E9D Isostatic Rebound is something that's usually pretty difficult to see and as such very difficult to make a cache out of. I was fortunate to find a pretty great spot for it in Juneau. The cache page was also really fun to write up!
  10. My new irk is now that there's no sad response in the forums.
  11. Even though we're not supposed to, we all have favorites. Tell us about your favorite Earthcache hide: It might not be the one with the most favorite points, or in the most famous location... it might not be your most visited. What's your favorite Earthcache hide you have? Brag about it. For some it might be finally tying together a cool piece of geology with a great write up, for someone else it might be finding a sweet location and for others it might be the arduous journey you had to go through to get it approved! I love reading about geology and Earthcaches - I may even add one of yours to my bucket list!
  12. I managed to get my ARUBA souvenir back in October of 19 during a port visit. Stunning island; I really enjoyed the old lighthouse at the north of the island. I also played the tourist part quite well and spent a few hours on a flamingo beach. Nice to get a souvenir for it!
  13. I really enjoyed this one: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7K4M1
  14. Some people talk about High D/T ratings. Some people talk about solving a difficult puzzle. Some people talk about the cool places they go. But I'll be honest, I'm still chasing that high from the first time I submitted an EC to the Geoaware and said "looking for feedback on what needs to change" and he said "I can publish it right now." Whoosh. Blew. My. Mind.
  15. As far as Earthcaches go; I'm with Jeff on this one. A good Earthcache really shouldn't be concrete answers; they should vary based on your personal observations and your own interpertaion of the lesson. Think back to High School or college - two people doing the same chemistry experiment can get marginally different answers and based on the prevailing circumstances they can both be right. It'd be hard to capture the essence of an Earthcache in the program you're describing. Now virtuals on the other hand, I can see this working for. Provided that some functionality can be made for offline use that's essentially all a virtual is. Show up to GZ, make a note about some concrete feature that verifies you were there and send answers/photo. This seems to lend a hand much more easily to this style of cache. In fact I'll be honest beyond the whole "multiple finds per AL" thing I really don't see a difference between ALs and Virts...
  16. We actually have an entire forum thread dedicated to this purpose! Hasn't been used in a while, but it's still a good resource!
  17. Exactly this - I don't think I'd call a lonely cache a finite resource... it's a renewable resource.
  18. I recently saw this but also saw it denied by the Washington State Reviewer (Barking Frogz) for the same reason that Keystone mentioned above: your qualification is dependent on the aggregate number of finds and can change over time. For instance you find a cache on 01 JAN 20 that has less than 1 find per year on average ( 8 finds since it was placed in 2012) and you now qualify for a Challenge that requires a loneliness score of "no more than 1 find on average per year." You're ecstatic and plan to go find the challenge cache next weekend. Then on 03 January a group of 5 cachers come through and log that cache. You no longer qualify because the average rate just increased from 1/year to 1.6/year. You no longer qualify AND this means that your past qualifications may also actively change. AKA you may log the cache and qualify on Monday, but on Tuesday you no longer qualify. That'd be a nightmare for reviewers/HQ to deal with. That being said I'm not quite sure how I see finding lonely caches to be a competition in and of itself. The above scenario is consistently dependent on other cachers and qualifications are always in flux until the cache is archived. However, with a lonely cache it's at a discrete moment in time: i.e. either the cache is lonely when you find it or it's not, the actions of any other cachers after you ink the log in no way affect your qualification. Are we saying its a competition to FIND lonely caches? If so I think that would easy to work around - you can always say that the challenge is to find a cache which has not been found in x amount of days since the last find on the day you found it (i.e. if two groups of people go to the same lonely cache on the same day then they can all claim it as lonely) because it was lonely ON the day that you found it. To your point Keystone, I realize I'm being slightly pedantic here, but every challenge is based on the action or inaction of other cachers. If I qualify for a challenge saying "find 10 D5/T5 caches" and I qualify for said cache, my qualification is dependent on those 10 COs to not change their D/T rating - which does happen from time to time as the nature of the hide location changes. If I'm trying to qualify for a challenge that is "find 10 LARGE containers" I'm depending on a CO to not update their cache when a large inevitably gets muggled and they replace it with a regular or a small. In order to preserve statistics and prevent challenge cache qualifications from being dependent on other cachers, should we encourage COs to not conduct required owner maintenance (i.e. update their listing)? Or (as in another example used here) if I'm trying to find a challenge cache that requires someone to find a cache north of the Artic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle, I'm dependent on enough other cachers having also completed that same task for it to even be published in the first place. To butcher a lovely saying by someone much smarter than I am: No cacher is an island. Overall I understand GS had issues with challenge pre-moratorium, but to issue guidance saying that challenge caches can't be published if qualification is dependent on the action (or inaction) of another cacher is a bit extreme. Lonely Cache Challenges are particularly well suited to the guideline updates post-moratorium that I've quoted above.
  19. I'm curious - now that (two years later) project-gc has produced a Checker that works on lonely challenge caches would they still be prohibited? I understand there may still be some issues surrounding the "multiple finds on the same day" issue, but based on the criterion found in the guidelines for challenge caches, I don't see anything that would specifically prohibit lonely caches... or am I wrong on that front? Sadly I also attempted to create this challenge (I had divvied it up into 3 separate caches - South of the Antarctic, North of the Arctic and Both) in the pre-moratorium era (around 2014) but was denied due to the "low likelihood that anyone would be able to qualify for the caches" or something of that nature. Sad but I've since moved on. My apologies for dredging up a two-year old thread, but given recent developments in Project-GC Checkers I was hoping someone might be able to answer the "why" since the previous rationale always seemed to be based on "because you can't design a checker for it."
  20. I'm making an assumption here, but the easing of this rule is ONLY for AL Bonus caches, correct?
  21. For statistical analysis - I started this thread 6 days ago. On that day I reached out to 15 finders of 8 of my ECs about not logging caches. Of those, 5 have gotten back to me. Of those 5, four were veteran players who either 1) forgot to send the email or 2) their email went to my spam folder on accident. The last was a newbie who responded to my email with "hi no." So of 15 players reached out to, 4/15 have supplied answers of 9/15 have not and 0/9 newbies* have responded to the messages with answers. *a self defined term based on number of caches and specifically earthcaches found, typically less than 200/5 split.
  22. I think a combination here might be required... or rather multiple boilerplates... Boiler plate one - For the newbie with either few to no EC finds on their account Boiler plate two - Something similar to what dprovan was suggesting - short sweet and to the point.
  23. Their log was "Thanks" So not much to go on their. Definitely their first Earthcache so I'm trying to explain the ins and outs... but you can only lead a horse to water
  24. Apparently this was too direct because I got the following response back today: "hi no" So now I'm trying to figure out exactly what to say with that.
  25. I think the content of their log would irk me more... "very very upsetting..." and "Thanks we hate this..." What's the old saying? If you can't say anything nice...
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