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  1. How do complete tasks that require taking a picture? Do you bring polaroid/DSLR camera? Serious question
  2. All of these tasks - writing notes, taking a picture - can be done using a phone. No paper required.
  3. Well, virtual and adventure lab caches are completely paperless.
  4. Well, it seems that the first batch of winners have received the events! Source: got one myself
  5. Easy fix, I guess. Nearby events calendar on the right side of the dashboard. If I select an event and want to click on CO's name to see their profile, it brings me to 404 page because the link is set to https://coord.info
  6. I buy from this store regularly, preforms cost less than half a buck (especially if you buy larger quantities) + the shipping costs.
  7. The most dangerous one I've heard of is GCTA5E Psycho Urban Cache #9 - Hot Glowing Tribulations
  8. This one has been hidden 11 years ago and still waiting for FTF
  9. To me this sounds just as absurd as "I quit geocaching because everyone's logs were "TFTC" and I wanted to read two page essay of how they loved my cache". Everyone has their own reasons to go caching, and everyone may quit for whatever reason they want. It's just a bit disappointing that people get offended/upset by something so insignificant, like the message in the log. Don't you think? This will be an unpopular opinion, but I'm excited about this promo. The fact that others will have an additional motivation to go caching, doesn't affect how I feel about the game.
  10. Really, because I can't understand why you'd create a new cache if you don't want people to go look for it, even if there's an armchair log once in a while. Nope. I guess I can't relate, eh.
  11. I don't understand why you'd want your new cache not the be a part of a promo.
  12. You can contact Groundspeak, explain what happened and they'll get your log restored and locked so that owner couldn't delete it again.
  13. That's pretty much what I have noticed too. When I lived in Lithuania, most event attendees were in their mid/late 20s with only a couple veteran cachers in their 40s/50s. However, there's also lots of teenagers who are what I call seasonal cachers, they just don't come to events. When I moved to Canada, it was completely opposite - the absolute majority were seniors and middle age cachers, with some exceptions of young families or people in their 20s (myself including). I think it has to do something of how popular geocaching is in the country - in Lithuania it's still somehow of a new hobby and young tech-savvy people are more likely to know about it. In places where it's been popular for almost two decades, average cacher age would be much higher, I think.
  14. I wonder if there was any geographical distribution on a provincial level in Canada (or state level in US). In Saskatchewan there was only one VR 2017-18, and we haven't heard anyone getting VR this year. Pretty sad, knowing there are only 6 virtuals in the entire province. I've already seen over a dozen people saying they got a VR in Lithuania, which means more VRs were awarded there this year than 2017-18.
  15. You guys are talking about numbers out of this world. Not everyone is able/want to find hundreds of caches, especially if they're just starting with this hobby. Think about people who live in small towns where finding 20 caches within an hour drive can be a challenge. As one of the Lackey's mentioned last year, average premium member finds 92 caches a year (that's only 7.5 per month) and the medians are likely well below even those numbers.
  16. For those who own challenge caches, I strongly recommend using Project GC web extension if you have PGC membership. It makes checking whether logs meet the requirements very quick and easy.
  17. Here's my suggestion - let people choose their default map. A simple check box somewhere in user settings - boom, no more frustration using map that some users don't like much (me included :D). It feels forced to use Search map every time you open the map - I don't use search function every time I look up my COTD or want to log a find.
  18. Maybe you're looking at the wrong place? In your profile I'm seeing that you have found 70 lab caches.
  19. When you live in the prairies, there's always lots of driving. Yeah 24 hours might sound brutal but everyone plays at their own pace. Some (like me) just go and find a handful of new caches, hoping to snag an FTF or two, while some of the others go really hard, and the day after they flip burgers at a wrap-up event with their eyes half closed. There's also additional events (midnight coffee break at a cafe, breakfast in the morning, etc) that make this "race" a bit more fun and sociable. There were only a couple of power trails as far as I know so that's not really an issue. Also, all new caches are supposed to be maintained after the race is over, just like any other cache. New participants who hide a cache are entered to win a geocoin. The only drawback I see is that there are very few newly published caches a month or two before the event. It might sound like a hardcore race, but it's less competitive than it sounds.
  20. There's an annual local event in Canada called SCAR, where participants go on a 24 hour hunt to find as many new caches (published a day before the event) as possible, with multiple winners (most FTFs, STFs, DNFs, etc). It's really fun, almost everyone admits that it's the best event that they look forward to every year. Not only is it fun to participate in the hunt, but it also encourages geocachers to place new hides.
  21. I've found a number of caches placed ON bridges, both pedestrian and traffic. They were hidden years ago. A couple years ago I wanted to hide a cache on a pedestrian bridge but the reviewer, after considering and conversing with other reviewers, did not agree on publishing it, asking if I could move the cache off the bridge because "the potential for problems is too great". I moved it - problem solved.
  22. You can only get the souvenir once. This year there will be two CITO couvenirs: one obtainable March through May, and one September through November. So you can get 0, 1 or 2 CITO couvenirs this year for attending CITO events.
  23. I think the point about wearing the right shoes is very important. I often go for a COTD right after work and if I'm wearing inappropriate shoes, even an easy walk through tall grass can be painful. Another thing I can add, is checking the attributes (I guess it's part of the #2: Not reading the cache description). You don't want to show up at GZ and find a meter of snow when the cache has a "not winter friendly" attribute. Or not even being able to get to the location because it's not 24/7 accessible. Or hoping for a quick find when attribute is indicating field puzzle.
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