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Found It = Didn't Find It

Jamie Z

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Owner Maintenance Owner Maintenance

Cache replaced. DNFers may log finds


Perhaps the owner could have replaced the cache in 2015 when the DNFs started to come in, instead of encouraging people who did not find the cache to log a find. <_<


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Turns out it was 2015 and not 2016 when the cache went missing
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Found it Jan/24/2017 6 for 8

Didn't find it Nov/05/2016 Nothing found. Not many places to be hidden. Not even the magnet that has been mentioned. Think this one is gone.

Found it Mar/14/2015  yeah, needs maintenance big time.
Found it Jul/22/2014 Not found
Found it Jun/15/2014 Found it...just the magnet like previously mentioned
Needs Maintenance Jun/01/2014 Just the magnet here buddy
Found it Jun/01/2014 I found the magnet and some tape but no sign of the original Chahe needs maintenance
Found it Mar/16/2014 Thx! Your cache needs some maintenance. We found the cache taped around the bottom of the pole with black electric tape. I'm sure you didn't mean this as cache hide itself

Found it Feb/24/2014 That’s one more find for me! Thanks so much for hiding this geocache.

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Archive 13/11/2017 By CO (Found=0 Hidden=3)


Temporarily Disable Listing 13/11/2017 By CO (Found=0 Hidden=3


Needs Maintenance 1/11/2017 By aaa (Found=12454)

Straps still there but no cache


Found it 24/10/2017 By bbb (Found=4956)

Didn't find it 22/10/2017 By ccc (Found=2851)
DNF (includes photo of straps that held the cache)

Didn't find it 14/10/2017 By ddd (Found=225)
Found the straps

Didn't find it 14/10/2017 By eee (Found=461)


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No counting a cache unless you open the cache and sign the log, even if you have to sign with a twig because you forgot a pen! I had to DNF a cache three times before I got my husband to carry a ladder about half a mile, cause I am vertically challenged.

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(5 NMs, cache owner hasn't logged in since 2015. The throwdown guy wasn't good at taking care of his own cache, it was archived by a reviewer.)



prem_user.gifPremium Member


Found it Found it

Found the remains of the cache and replaced with a new container, log book and swag. Once I found the damaged cache, I decided to replace it. All the contents were wet and the logbook ruined.

I opened the trunk of my car, and dumped my caching bag in, and began to build the new container.

Leaving the trunk open, I went to GZ and replaced the cache. I stood up, feeling very proud to help a fellow cacher out and as I walked towards the car, a gust of wind came up and closed my car's trunk. ...... with my car keys inside.

A small panic attack, and I realized that I had my phone. I phoned the cabin Resort and explained my dilemma. The owner sent her daughter to rescue me with a coat hanger and CAA card.

The hanger wouldn't fit, so CAA to the rescue. After an hour, he arrived, opened the door and all was good.

So, needless to say, a memorable cache for me.




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prem_user.gifPremium Member found.png6027 

Didn't find it Didn't find it 03/27/2015

Found chirp, followed chirp to coords....um tree gone.





prem_user.gifPremium Member found.png4171 

Found it Found it 03/29/2015

Logging with CO's permission. 
Downloaded ANT+ on my smartphone and was able to get the chirp to work quickly. Got the info downloaded and headed to GZ, where we found.....no tree. Where on earth is the tree? Took a pic at GZ and sent it to CO. Chirp worked great, tree did not cooperate. This was fun!



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I don't know why Antarctica caches are all 5T, they seem super easy to do.

Found it Found it

I asked a scientist friend who is currently working on the station, if, during his mission, he had a little time to find the cache 'zero emission'.
He said to me : "Quickly found... just with a small description and a few photos. What was funny was that another scientist on the station was also looking for the cache for another belgian geocacher   (+2700 finds)

Found it Found it

Found it with google maps. Maybe one day I’ll find it IRL.

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Found it Found it

Had a similar experience to the previous log but add thousands of mosquitos.
We really dove into the brush, forsaking any fear of the poison ivy, and still didnt find it. Maybe its gone?


Found it Found it

I so much would love to have logged this as a find but the cache seems to have been muggled, we found a white lid, and plastic baggie with hair ribbons. the walk was beautiful, picked some rosehips for tea on the walk back. We believe the cache is gone and now getting home to NJ and reading the logs were sure it was not there. will post pictures soon. I am positive we were in the right place well send pics to the owner, asking to post that smiley if the cache is indeed not there. Thanks for bringing us here. Unfortunately we can not get back from jersey at least for a year or so. We were going to leave a jeep 4x4 but could not.



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Found it Found it

From reading logs prior to hiking out here, I knew that this one had a good possibility of being missing, so I had a spare container and log with me. At GZ I searched at 5 feet, but found nothing. So I also looked on the ground in case it had fallen, but again, found nothing. So I placed my replacement container at 5 feet.

Last found in 2015.

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Found it  Jan/10/2018  USER        

A drive to Reddington , Madeira and St-Petersburg beaches, on a beautiful sunny day with a 22C wow!!!!!! it’s beat the-22C .icon_smile_wink.gificon_smile_wink.gif Favorites are given here and there .icon_smile_approve.gificon_smile_approve.gif All caches were found and in good conditions. Thank you to all CO for the work done.icon_smile_big.gificon_smile_big.gificon_smile_big.gif

we replaced this cache for the CO

Archive  Jan/01/201 REVIEWER        

No response from owner.
Archiving listing.

Temporarily Disable Listing  Nov/12/2017 REVIEWER        

Greetings from a volunteer reviewer. Based on information in the logs, your listing has been disabled.

At a minimum, you need to post a log to the cache page within the next month, to let the community know that you intend to check on the cache. If no log is posted by the cache owner, the listing may be archived (permanently retired) by a reviewer.

Please check the cache and repair, replace or move as needed. Then:

  • Enable the listing
  • Post an Owner Maintenance log to remove the Needs Maintenance attribute icon if present
  • If necessary, use an "Update coordinates" log to edit the cache coords.

Archive the listing if you no longer wish to own it.
Archive, Enable, Owner Maintenance and Update Coordinates are all log types available to cache owners.

Needs Archived  Nov/12/2017 User        

This geocacher reported that this geocache should be archived. A community volunteer reviewer has been notified.

Write note  Nov/12/2017  User        

9 DNF's posted since last found May 2017. No response from CO.


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Angry crabs. They can be quite menacing.


Found it Found it

Stopped in for a gas and go and decided to go looking for this one. Had to remember from memory as there is no cell service here. Was unable to retrieve log due to some angry looking crabs upset with me for disturbing them. Been awhile coming but I've finally logged a cache in ----. TFTC.

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Needs Archived  Jan/20/2018
In the area looking for interesting caches, but it appears this one has not been actually found since 2013, and the owner has not logged into the geocaching page since 2016.

Found it  Sep/11/2017 One trip coast to coast We traveled 1,500 Km.
Found it  Aug/09/2017 trying to find the hard ones, not afraid to get dirty
Found it  Apr/20/2017   Right, I should have known better, but I was not online, when finding the cord. Now I know that the caches before us hd the same experience. well, anyway, thank for having put it there a while ago.
Found it  Mar/10/2017  found nothing more than a stripe...
Found it  Jun/13/2016  made the paddle out to this one and forgot about it has it was unsignable, looks like it will be archived so may as well get credit for the effort
Found it  Mar/21/2016  Im only gonna say found it because i found the cord tying it to the tree
Needs Maintenance  Aug/09/2014  Muncha.
Didn't find it  Jun/29/2014  Wow another blue frownie. Spent at least 30 min on this one. Oh well.

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Found it Found it

We couldn't find this one, but the co is letting us log it found, shes awesome! Thanks




Found it Found it

One of the members in our group is a previous finder of the cache here and confirmed it as being missing, so he replaced it with a new container




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Didn't find it Didn't find it


I don't think it's there. 
We even used flashlights to check lol

Found it Found it


At location, but couldn't locate the log in the sign! TFTC tho! 

Found it Found it

Found it but...the note explains it all. TFTC

Write note Write note

"Geocacher" and I found this but we could not sign it because the container rolled so far up that we could not reach it. I even got a stick and tried to push the cache down from the top without success.

Found it Found it

Could not sign the log because the cache rolled up inside the sign. TFTC[/quote]

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prem_user.gifPremium Member


Found it Found it

Logging with permission of CO. All we found was the damaged/chewed lid.


prem_user.gifPremium Member


Found it Found it

Found only lid and no container. 

Cache Owner

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Owner Maintenance Owner Maintenance

Outside container is damaged but log container is intact. 

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Temporarily Disable Listing Temporarily Disable Listing 12/2017

Container is missing. Will replace soon.


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png16223

Found it Found it 11/2017

...the cache had gone missing...logging with permission of the CO...TFTC


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png7507

Found it Found it 09/2017
 ... It turns out the cache was missing. Logging find with permission from co. TFTC!

prem_user.gifPremium Member  2.png12549

Found it Found it 09/2017

We DNF'd this one on our way to xxx...

Changing log to a "Found it" with the permission of the CO, as the cache was missing when we searched for it. How lucky is that!


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prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png4956

Found it Found it 08/2016

Couldn't find it. Checked past logs and see the cache is missing. A spare cache has been burning a hole in my glove compartment for some time, now is the time to use it. Replacement cache is white pill bottle, should be easy to spot because it's uncamo'd. 1st bush.


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png74

Found it Found it 08/2016

Pill Container missing... found cap and some other pieces of tape.


reg_user.gifMember 2.png28

Didn't find it Didn't find it 07/2016

No find


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png3388

Needs Maintenance Needs Maintenance 07/2016

Did not find either. The gps took me to the spiny bush between 2 maples. No cache there. I checked 2 other spiny bushes as well as the maples, no cache. It's very likely that the cache is gone. The cache owner hasn't logged in 10 months but maybe they are watching for NM posts. This one could use a visit.

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prem_user.gifPremium Member



Found it Found it

How ironic that the cache with the best view is the only one that’s missing , and what a great view it is too .As the CO doesn’t cache anymore and it’s obviously missing due to the precise hint I’ve replaced it with a micro.

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   The only time I think this is acceptable is if you don't find it, say so, the CO checks, confirms it wasn't there and gives you the option of logging it as a find as you 'would have' found it.



  On the other end of the scale is where you find it alright but can't extract it/open it etc to sign it! I once tried logging one of these as a find but the CO wasn't having it!

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9 hours ago, Cacheism 500 said:

  Oh yes, 'bits' of cache only left. If I am certain enough they WERE the cache and not something else I generally log these as FOUND.



I would log a DNF and a NM. I've this many times where there would be a string of "Found It" on the remains with no log,  some loggers mentioning the condition but nobody logging a NM.

No log to sign, cache destroyed, its a DNF.

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19 hours ago, Cacheism 500 said:

The only time I think this is acceptable is if you don't find it, say so, the CO checks, confirms it wasn't there and gives you the option of logging it as a find as you 'would have' found it

On a few of my DNFs where no container was found, i've had offers from COs to log their cache as found anyway because they were sure i would have found it if it had been in place. While i appreciated the gesture, i had to decline because the fact was, i DID NOT FIND the cache.

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2 NMs for a broken container. 4 months later, the owner removed the cache and temporarily disabled it in August.



This cache has been temporarily removed. There were new life forms growing with the container and I think it stopped being a cache needed to be CITO'd. New container to come.


In September someone posted a find because they found the remains of a container.

In October someone threw down a container and claimed a find.



Noticed that this needed a new container, so I brought one along...this cache can be enabled.


8 months later the reviewer posted a Reviewer Note.

Same day someone posts a find thanking the guy who threw the cache down. 5 days more and the next finder leaves a note thanking the cacher who threw down the cache. Two days later the next finder  leaves a message of thanks for the throwdown. 

One month later the reviewer archives the cache. No response from the CO all this time. 

3 months later, after archival, the CO posts an OM saying "Cache has been replaced."

Cache remains archived. 

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prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png26363 

Found it Found it 03/22/2018

Great cache. Thanks for placing and maintaining.

Installed replacement container.


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png129 

Didn't find it Didn't find it 03/19/2018

Needs checked on



prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png1376 

Didn't find it Didn't find it 12/17/2017

Didn't find anything here either. The neighbor across the street pulled in and sure looked at me funny. Can the Cache Owner please check on this one and confirm it's here, replace it, or archive it?



Didn't find it Didn't find it 10/26/2017

Nothing here

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Found it, but it needs replacement. Found a ziplock bag of wet paper mush and a fragment of a Official Geocache sticker.

That was a "Found it" log on one of my caches.

Um...yeah, a baggie of unidentifiable mush and a fragment of a sticker are not a cache. One of the few times I've ever had to delete a find.  The ammo can WAS missing, and has since been replaced.

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Premium Member. (CO)

Caches Found 31

Temporarily Disable Listing 04/11/2018

I thought I disabled this month's ago! Sorry everyone. The tree it was in has been cut down (well, trimmed significantly). We're planning on hiding another one but haven't picked out a spot yet.




Caches Found 18

Didn't find it 03/22/2018

Did not find searched area fairly thoroughly



Premium Member

Caches Found 17

 Didn't find it 11/13/2017

Looked for a long time couldn't find it




Caches Found 28

Didn't find it 10/12/2017

Looked for about 20 minutes and no luck



Premium Member

Caches Found2724

Didn't find it 09/10/2017





Caches Found 1

 Found it 08/26/2017

Great area for picnic. Shady green area surrounded by trees.




Caches Found17

Didn't find it 08/05/2017

Nope nothing



Premium Member (CO)

Caches Found 31

Write note 07/25/2017

Sorry for not keeping up with it sooner everyone! We will go place a new container within a week or so.




Premium Member

Caches Found14

Didn't find it 07/02/2017

It looks like some branches were recently cut so maybe it was hauled with them




Caches Found 107

Didn't find it 06/30/2017

No luck




Caches Found2

Didn't find it 06/21/2017

We look but couldn't find it, but it was a beautiful spot! We think the windstorm displaced it.




Caches Found 194

Didn't find it 05/13/2017

Out for a little fun, thought we might get lucky. No luck! Thanks for bringing us to such a beautiful part of the park!




Caches Found 47

Didn't find it 05/04/2017

Looked all around but they are fallen trees everywhere



Premium Member

Caches Found 16

 Didn't find it 04/30/2017

Could not find, also the trees were knocked down all over the park due to the recent snow storm


Premium Member

Caches Found 48

 Didn't find it 04/02/2017

Looked in right location but can't find




Caches Found 8

Didn't find it 03/28/2017

Looked all around for forty minutes but never found it...


Write note 03/25/2017

There was a horrible wind storm a few weeks ago. It's no where to be found, it probably blew away


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prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png4

Didn't find it Didn't find it

Nope ☹️


reg_user.gifMember 2.png16

Found it Found it

Guessing it was on the light but it’s gone


reg_user.gifMember 2.png7

Didn't find it Didn't find it



reg_user.gifMember 2.png104

Didn't find it Didn't find it

Did not find.


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png67

Didn't find it Didn't find it

DNF, i must look like a crazy person on my walk. Hard to be stealth.

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  • Logged by:xxxxxxxx
  • Log Type: Found it
  • Date: 29/04/2018
  • Location: New South Wales, Australia
  • Type: Traditional Cache
Couldn't find the cache, noticed that there was allot of DNF's so have put a replacement cache there. It is now a small but still magnetic.
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prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png3032

Needs Archived Needs Archived 04/05/2018

Not found in 20 months with multiple DNFs. No response to Needs Maintenance log in 3 months. Cache Owner not active for 27 months. Time to archive and make room for new caches.


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png8328

Write note Write note 04/15/2018

I spent too much time and effort solving this challenge cache, so, I placed a new "throw down" cache at the final GZ - as verified by Geocacher.COM.
Thanks to the original C.O. for creating this cache, and if my action is unacceptable please take other action.


prem_user.gifPremium Member 2.png8328

Found it Found it 04/15/2018

Solved the puzzle, found the cache at GZ, and signed the log. THANKS!

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1 hour ago, Team Christiansen said:

and if my action is unacceptable please take other action.

I sure hope the reviewer disables the cache. Throwdowns are unacceptable. If the reviewer doesn't disable it encourages a growing throwdown culture.

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