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  1. Since they aren't gone yet, is there an easy way to download your individual logs and photos? That would sure be useful!
  2. I don't believe you need to, at least I don't. Every time I download a new PQ GPX file into my GPSMap 64st using GSAK, the old file disappears. Maybe the 64 series can only contain one GPX file at a time.
  3. And it gets worse as that smelly fish starts to rot.
  4. Holy cow! Awesome!!! Because I have 3 of these now, I get them confused. Too bad you didn't say anything, I would have loved bumping into you guys. Very much looking forward to your log!!
  5. Very interesting. Did either BigG59 or desert dawg send you the picture? Neither one included it with their log to be found in the cache's gallery. What does your conscience say to do? Not only is the restrictive language found in the Help Center article, but it is also duplicated in both the Utah cache as well as the Oklahoma cache. Very interesting indeed, especially since all the Utah cachers that have logged Found it logs have had Oklahoma partners other than @Max & 99.
  6. Getting off-topic but ... Similar issue happens on Project-GC challenge checkers that are based on attributes. The fix is easy. If you can figure out which cache is giving the incorrect result on an attribute, you can refresh the cache data on Project-GC's website by clicking on the Support button (upper right-hand corner), then click on the Self-Support button, then type in the GC code at the bottom and click on the Refresh button. The cache details are then updated on the PGC site and running the challenge checker should then give you a updated proper result.
  7. About 300 comments on that FaceBook post so far, and GC has responded to some of them. See this little nuggett:
  8. That surprised me too, but then it does indicate to whom the promotions are being marketed. Many participants in the forums have been around long enough to not need incentives to go out caching or to try different types of caches. And we tend to nit-pick at the promotions even though they are still fun for many of us. But it seems that the promotions are more well-revieved outside the forums then in.
  9. What's worse is the reviewer unarchiving a cache that the CO no longer wanted. What is the maintenance plan then? Can't force the CO to do it. What can a reviewer do when CO refuses to do maintenance? Archive it. What a silly wasted cycle.
  10. I think the basic presumption is that the reviewers know what they are doing and won't archive unless there is a justifiable reason to do so, such as an unresponsive CO or a CO unwilling to correct a reviewer-identified problem. As such, there is no such thing as a premature archiving.
  11. I really do understand the sentiment and the logic. I also understand wanting to help by replacing a log or missing lid, or even swapping out a cracked or broken container. And of course, where I live now is vastly different than Austrailia. But in my experience, since 2006 as well, although people use the retoric of "helping a mate," the truth has been that they are really helping themselves so they can claim one more Found it when there was nothing to find. Is what you describe a cacher driving for hours, then hiking for hours, from his/her home and civilization to perform maintenance on a cache that isn't his/hers to help out a mate wanting to find it? Or is it a cacher driving for hours, then hiking for hours, from his/her home and civilization, to a beautiful location, hoping to find a cache, but failing to find it, places a new one to help out his mate, but then posts an online Found it log, when in actuality he found nothing other than the place he thinks the cache might have been? The sentiment of a beaut spot and historicity is understood and shared by most. It was even a recent topic in the forums. But it is the listing that some consider historic, not a replaced container or throwdown. The beaut spot will still be a beaut spot with no cache or a newly published cache.
  12. Mystery cache would be fine, but if you are giving instructions or directions such as with a map rather than making them calculate coordiinates, I think a letterbox hybrid would be more appropriate (as long as you include a stamp and pad). Because you aren't giving a distance and bearing at Stage 1, then it wouldn't be an offset multi.
  13. Part of the problem is that when you backdate a log (for whatever purpose) on the website, the selected date remains sticky. Then after you post the back-dated log, while still logged into the website, you attempt to post a current log, the default date is whatever date you last chose. That has happened to me several times, requiring me to go back and edit the date on all the logs that were dated incorrectly. It usually happens when I am traveling and don't have time to post proper logs. I might find a cache on day one, then a handful of caches on the last day before I get home. If I don't watch my logging process closely, the dates for all the caches will be for day one, because I wrongly assume that after the first cache, the date will default to today's date. But it doesn't.
  14. Minor annoyance -- I think it is a major annoyance these searches keep taking me back to my location with zero results when I know there are plenty of results at other locations.
  15. I just noticed someone posted in Utah's Geocaching FaceBook group complaining that can't highlight and copy their posted logs. Similar problem, but different page.
  16. Copying from and copying to. Its wierd that that is the sole malfunction -- and just on that page.
  17. Yah, but if you have done it before, it just takes a few seconds. I agree, and there probably is, such as undoing the setting that defaults https://coord.info links to the official app. I just don't know where to find it.
  18. Don't have Firefox to see what you're seeing, but I just tested Chrome, IE, and Edge and they all work manipulating the contents of the coordinate box and for dragging the pin.
  19. This works for me: In the official app, click on any random cache (it doesn't even have to be a close one). Scroll all the way down and click on Open in browser. Once that cache opens up in a browser click on the Play menu in the menu bar (in green banner). Click on Hide a geocache Click on Create a new geocache Find the unpublished cache you have been working on and click on it I do this frequently when I create a cache listing beforehand at home on my desktop guessing where I might place the cache. Then I go out and actually place the cache, edit on my smartphone with accurate coordinates and date placed, and then submit for review. Once after doing this, the cache was actually published before I even got back home.
  20. It looks like the site is down for maintenance already. I thought that wasn't going to be until a few hours later tonight.
  21. Agreed! Although not mentioned in the current nudge-mail, such communication would likely pre-empt any threatening follow-on reviewer email like the example @coachstahly quoted above.
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