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  1. The way I'm reading it, Isonzo Karst's information is the guideline is for regular multi, whether part of a geo art or not: You need to visit the posted coordinates to work out the final. With a puzzle, you don't necessarily have to visit posted coordinates.
  2. Agreed. One of my early hides, I rated it 1.5 as that was the default and seemed ok. At a recent event, a finder said it really should be 2.0, as it IS a bit off trail and you can't reach it without some minor climbing/bushwhacking. I changed the rating as I recognize his advice as correct, helpful, and accurate. THAT's a minor change and probably didn't affect anyone's grid. Changing it to a T4, on the other hand, is (in my mind) making it a substantially different experience and probably should be a new listing. As to the OP, and the changing of adopted caches to incorrect D/T ratings just to help others fill their grid...that's.just.wrong. (IMHO)
  3. I admire your ambition!
  4. How did you accomplish this with your iPhone? I am a premium member so some of this may not work for you as a basic member. What I do if I am going caching in a questionalble service area is to create a pocket query of the area. I then download the PQ file and put it on my Garmin ETrex as a back up. When I pull up lists on my Android phone, the PQ is listed there, and I click the three dots on the right hand side to download for offline use. I do this while I have cell service - then when I am out of cell range, the GPS onthe phone takes over and I can go find the caches that are on the list.
  5. I use the official Geocaching App for Android; logged 10 drafts yesterday and then wrote the full logs from those drafts to post the finds today - all works as expected. Drafts are gone, my Find count is accurate, and my logs are showing on the website cache page. You said you are using the L4C app - maybe try asking in their forums? This forum topic is for the GC Android app, I believe.
  6. Retirees who do this as a retirement hobby. It keeps us active, and adds something a little different and fun to our retirement travel.
  7. Are you, perhaps, using the French version of the website?
  8. Try using the Browse map - my preferred map. You don't even need to click on "Search this Area" -
  9. I don't know - I won't see him or his phone till this evening to check it. Now I'm curious!
  10. Hubby and a friend did a couple of adventure labs yesterday, and their reviews are showing on my Android phone. Hubby has an Android as well, and the friend has in iPhone. I logged in as him on my Android and I can still see his completions and review of the two labs completed yesterday. AL App version 1.3.10 build 2371 Pixel 4a Android 11
  11. They may count for points with future peak challenges - the point values change with each monthly "Peak", though events have never been included so far. And this ^^^^^
  12. That's a LOT of information to pack into one cache description - and likely would not get read much (not to discourage you, but it's a fact). Like Max and 99 said, a puzzle cache or a multi cache that gives the information, but breaks it up into smaller chunks, would be more manageable. You'll be walking a fine line between stating the facts and what some reviewers may see as an "agenda" - wording will make a big difference! By letting the cachers find the information to solve a puzzle clue will be less likely to draw a red flag. Good luck with the project! I am a BSA (now Scouting USA) Geocaching Merit Badge Counselor, and we have the option of hiding a cache, releasing a travel bug, or holding an event. I like being able to give Scouts the options.
  13. Highlighting the contibutions of a cacher, meaning calling attention to the number of caches he has hidden and the quality of the caches, is a separate issue from the way he feels about the logs people leave on those caches. As a hider, I enjoy reading the logs I get when people express the fun they had finding the cache, or solving the puzzle. I also get TFTC, or Got it. No story, just a smilie and they are on their way. I can't control what other cachers are going to write in their logs, no matter how much effort I put into the hide or the write up in the description. As far as highlighting his caches or his contributions, I've seen "tribute trails" where each cache along the trail names aspecific local hider, and the caches hidden are "in the style of" a typical hide by said cachers. You, or others can hold an event for his birthday, or to commemmorate his first hide, and celebrate the number of years he has given to hiding caches for others to find. I try to write interesting logs for those caches I find interesting, and at least a bit more than TFTC for any cache that I find. After a dozen or so finds, I'm usually done caching for that day anyway, so it's not hard to sit down and write good logs for my caching days.
  14. Does that thread still exist somewhere? Can anyone find it? I have vague memories of even posting in it, but I can't find it anymore... I can't find it either - under topics or under content I've posted in ... it seems to have disappeared, but it DID exist at some point!
  15. It was much more subtle, and so not as noticeable. The layout is what has changed.
  16. It seems to have finally corrected for me as well -
  17. I don't think it has been there prior to today - it's new. And I likely won't be using it - I like seeing the most recent logs for a number of reasons. And I'm not seeing many "upvotes" for caches in my area anyway. I pretty much ignore that part of the log....
  18. Geocaching doesn't have RULES, it has GUIDELINES. Max & 99 quoted the pertinent guideline:
  19. Yes, I am seeing this as well. (version 8.59.0, Android 11, Pixel 4a) Exactly what I am seeing.
  20. That, to me, seems to be the simpler solution. How many "beta-testers" does one need on a cache? One trusted friend, or if not THAT trusted, use the adoption. (I didn't know you could adopt out unpublished listings either - always new things to learn!) I really don't see the need for someone having access to the actual unpublished listing all that often - and the coding to make that available to non-cache owners is obviously going to be quite involved, and likely not going to be used enough to make it worth the time and coding effort to make it happen. Provide your beta tester with the waypoints, puzzle links, etc and let them have at it. CO's can preview their cache pages before publication - and see that their copy/pasted Word doc is a mess when it's moved to the geocaching platform. Or do they not preview the pages first? Why do they need a beta tester to have access to their unpublished cache page to see that? Granted, I'm not in Germany. I do see there are tools one can use to beta test multi caches and puzzles without allowing non cache-owners access to unpublished cache pages. Keep those accessible only to the CO who created the page. The "workaround" suggested by @Hügh (adoption) or sharing your account password for those relatively (seemingly) rare occasions it's needed makes more sense than recoding the unpublished cache page access.
  21. The cache is now enabled, and apparently in play. Is it actually in place? It seems it must be, there have been consistent finds up until it was disabled, a reveiwer note, and then enabled again. @Sydneyapple96, I would go visit the cache location; if it is still there and in good shape, do nothing with it as it is there to be found and logged. If it's not, and you want ot manage it, request that the original CO adopt it over to you, and then you can replace the container, and do other maintenance as needed as it will be YOUR cache. The other option is to to have the original CO archive it, and then you can use the spot to create a new cache inthe same location. Either way seems doable, now that the original CO seems to be responding to notes.
  22. My guess would be the ownerof the cache where it was last reported to be logged it as missing from his/her cache. (Oddly, that doesn't seem to be the case - the one who logged it as missing is NOT the CO of the cache where it was last dropped). Don't despair - whoever has it may eventually log it into a cahe and it will be back in play. It may turn up at an event somewhere...
  23. On the Geocaching dashboard page, right hand side, is a Nearby events widget. If you have set your home coordinates/area in settings, then it will show all events within 50 miles (or whatever radius you choose) of your location for the current month and the next month. Clicking on the event below the calendar will open the event page where you can see when and where it will be held, you can log a "Will Attend" or a note and see who else may be attending. Events are a great way to meet other local geocachers, and exchange stories, tips, and ideas.
  24. I can still see my Benchmark count (and yours if I go to your profile). Click on Profile, then the Geocaches tab - the number is still there. If you click on Benchmarks, it gives a list of allyour logged benchmarks.
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