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  1. Interesting - I got the email stating I was receiving a Cache Crate travel bug, but we were traveling and I didn't look closely, and figured we'd be home before it arrived and I'd have time to figure out the requirements and all later. I checked after reading this thread, and sure enough, although it came to my email address, it was sddressed to a different geocacher! I got a second email today - apologizing for the mixup, and apparently I WILL be getting a trackable at some point in the future months) once they produce a second run. Part ofthe text I received today... As you may have guessed, the email you received yesterday about winning a trackable was caused by a glitch in our mailing list. Unfortunately, your name was not initially selected to receive a Cache Crate™ trackable. ...Now, the good news. We are going to fix our mistake and you will receive a Cache Crate trackable, though the process will take a few months. The email didn't say if I was going to be required to log and hashtag it, and all that as the original was to be. Guess I just wait and see!
  2. When you delete a log, the cacher who logged it gets notified. And some may respond quite negatively to that. My son had a trackable decal on his vehicle. When he moved it to a new vehicle, he deleted all the old logs to start a "fresh" map for the new vehicle, and got a ton of emails from unhappy (or worse) cachers who did not apprectiate their logs beng deleted. It was only after that he realized he should have simply gotten a new decal for the new vehicle....
  3. I've been traveling, and just saw this. I am on Android 13, using gmail for notifications. App version 9.15.0 Yes, it does appear to be on all the TB notifications I get. I just got one yesterday, and it behaved the same way. Each link in the email (the TB page, Geocacher's name, and Lg link) took me to the map, at the last location I had been looking at (nothing to do with the TB location).
  4. I don't think there is any way to determine if the rating was intentional or not - so a retroactive fix would probably be impossible to fix? Granted, the vast majority of ratings are in the 4-5 star range - so those 1-star ratings are LIKELY to be unintentional, but who knows for sure?
  5. It's not just you - I just checked a recent TB log I got via my email notifications - and all the links take me to the app map. A recent DNF worked as expected - username link goes to their profile, although the Log link closes the app for me. Regular Found it log notifications behave the same way - I can go to the app map with the cache highlighted, I can go to the users profile, but the Log link closes the app.
  6. Those who would take the time to populate your "new" website would also be the ones who write the logs that give the information your website is proposing to do. I read the descriptions, past logs, and glean other information from the cache page; I'm not sure what other information your site would offer that I can't get already.
  7. +1 I've sometimes done a little detective work, and so far, I've determined such logs on my caches are actually legit. The log still stands on the cache page - I did not delete though I have serious doubts that both the signer and the other cacher were both physically present. Team caching - one solved the puzzle, the other went and found it? I've caught the same signer "accidentally" logging another of my puzzles with the other cacher's name - then deleting and claiming the find under their own account....I now have doubts about BOTH of these cachers and their methods! In any case, that's how they do what they do, and I haven't deleted any on line logs for any of the two of them. BTW, back on topic - I did check the logsheet after the recent "find" on my puzzle that has since been deleted - (same two cachers involved) the one I knew was in the area that day does have a signature on the logsheet; the other cacher whose find log was deleted ("accidentally" logged by the actual finders under the wrong geocaching name, then deleted?) is not on the logsheet. Online logs and logsheet now match - though I did not delete any logs. It's shenanigans like this that make me more determined to keep MY caching honest!
  8. That is auto created after 5 people have completed your adventure lab. However you are welcome to add the duration estimate yourself to the description. I have added time and distance factors into my description : This Adventure will take you on a leisurely drive around the Suisun and Green Valley area, and can be done in an hour or less by car (about a 10 mile loop). You will not have to enter any tasting rooms, though you are welcome to do so if they are open when you visit... Be advised that this Adventure will take you much longer than an hour if you do decide to sample the wines! The automatically added time to complete is 46-60 minutes, so that seems pretty accurate,as well.
  9. Several of our caches, and those belonging to our son, are very close by our home, and those I do check the logsheets and signatures. I haven't ever deleted anyone's online logs, but there were a few newb cachers who claimed online finds for several local caches, but no signatures on any logsheets. I have had the opposite happen - the signature is on the logsheet but I know for a fact the cacher was not there - it was signed by another cacher who also claimed the find for themselves. In other words, one cacher signed for 2 people (yes, the handwriting was identical!) one of which was not there. I did not delete the one I knew was not there; not worth starting something I really don't want to get into an argument over, but let's say I have lost a little of the respect I felt for this particular well-known cacher.
  10. Ways to increase quality: Hide the type of caches you would enjoy finding. Encourage CO's who hide those types with favorite points, good logs, and possibly a personal note stating your enjoyment. Report poor quality (broken or missing containers, soggy logs, etc) with your logs - DNF's, NM's, and NA's as appropriate. Mentor a new cacher in quality hides. The listings ARE evaluated with log tools already in place; the CO is given a chance to rectify it, and a reviewer steps in as warranted. The CHS score, though imperfect, is a way of evaluating individual caches. There should NOT be automatic archival of any cache without human intervention - and the current system allows for that. IMHO, allowing geocachers to rate caches on a scale as you suggest would open the door to abuse, and is not needed. I can look at logs on a cache and decide if I want to try to find it or not, and I don't want caches being archived just because some cachers felt they were not up to standards and gave them a lower rating. I am not in favor of this idea for the above reasons, and others have given other good reasons why this is not a good idea. There are better ways to improve cache quality!
  11. A local cacher has blanketed a nearby town with puzzles/multis, and it is nearly impossible to hide anything in town without running up against a stage or a final. I do enjoy solving puzzles, but I have a long way to go to in this town! We've solved and found a few, and I don't even consider trying to hide something here - it's HIS town! The puzzles are clever, and some are obvious (to me), others are quite challenging. No, I don't want final locations shown on the proximity map; I'll do the work to solve and find them, or find a location that is well away from all of this! I do agree (and have said in other threads on this forum) that a toggle to show solved/posted locations would be very helpful.
  12. It's dependent on several things. If there are permission or proximity issues, it may take longer. We've had caches approved within an hour at times - must have showed up in the Reviewer's queue as he/she was sitting at the computer!! Others have taken longer when we had to do more work to get it approved (our write up violated commercial guidelines in one casse; another was too close to a puzzle final). In any case, the Reviewer's initial response should be within 7 days - I've found it to be usually within 24 hours in our area. If all is good, it's simply approved and published without any further action on my part. Otherwise, I hear from the Reviewer and we work together to get it published.
  13. We pretty much cleared our loca area (within 10-15 miles) when we decided to fill our calendar grid in 2018; we started caching in March 2017 and in December decided to find at least one cache a day in 2018. We did that, ended our "streak" at 404 days, and since then have cached as the mood strikes us. We are retired, and do geocaching as we travel. It's fun to explore a new area through geocaching. We will go for FTF's at home if they are close and the timing is convenient, but if it isn't someone else can go for it! We do events to meet with local cachers; we've made some good friends through this hobby. I do enjoy puzzles and challenge caches - if they are nearby where we are, I will solve the puzzles (if I can) to grab while we are in the area; I will check to see how close we might be to fulfilling a challenge and sign the log with a note to keep checking to claim the find when we do fulfill it. Yes, we will try to earn souvenirs for the promotions as they are offered, and sometimes will target specific caches to earn points and souvenirs. The current Labyrinth series it seems our "normal" activity locally (picking up the newly published caches when we happen to be nearby or going for the FTF) and as we travel seems to earn enough points to earn the souvenirs without making any special effort. We've earned both souvenirs on each one to date, except the current one but we are only 2 weeks in, got the first souvenir, and are halfway to the second souvenir. A trip to Arizona before the end of November should nab us the second souvenir without any extra effort if we haven't already got it.
  14. And how many people would know how to do that? Very few. niraD DID say "technically", and I agree, it is a techy nerd solution! I remember our son calling us, or arranging for us to be at our computer at certain times to grab a screen shot of him at a webcam - before we were geocachers but we knew all about it due to his interest. With cell phones and internet available, webcams are still doable, but not the same challenge they were 15-20 years ago. I haven't done any, but have assisted our son with a few over the years!
  15. Can you ask the other cacher for a list of GC codes you found that day?
  16. LOL! I said it was a cache rich area - yet there are still places to hide things. The trick is making them attractive enough for geocachers but safe from curious muggles and vandals (and construction crews). And the ratio of archives to new hides seemed unusually high recently, hence my post. But Moun10Bike's graph shows it's really not significant, so I'll just keep watching. I am concerned by the # of archives due to homeless activity and/or new construction; guess we just have to venture further out away from suburbia. BTW, here is a more accurate pic of caches within 25 miles of my home area (the arrow points to my home coordinates), and a second within about 15 miles to show the ones I have yet to find:
  17. OK, that's helpful. It's not my imagination that archives outnumber hides for the past few months! However, overall, it's not a significant drop in total caches (as I said, my area is pretty cache dense.) Guess it's part of the normal ebb and flow...
  18. TL;NGR (Too Long;Not Gonna Read) – Has anyone else noticed a recent trend of more caches being archived than new caches being published? Or is it a local thing? A fairly recent trend seems to be occurring in my area (Northern California, SF Bay Area in general) and it’s really beginning to get to me. It’s something I’m hoping to turn into something positive, but it will take some effort and right now it’s just something I need to talk about and see if it is just me! Maybe it's just part of the natural flow of things - survivial of the fittest (caches) and it's time for a purge? I have notifications set up for newly published caches and archived caches in my local area. It’s pretty cache “rich”, there are a lot of caches by many CO’s, and lots of variety, and we don’t have to go too far to find enough caches to meet whatever souvenir or promo HQ comes up with. Typically, (based on my 5 years of geocaching experience) the newly published caches outnumber the archives by a good margin; 10-12 new caches a week vs maybe 1 archived is a good estimate (discounting events, and within my home radius of 25 miles). The past several months have seen a reversal – I’ll get more archive notifications than new caches. In September for example, 24 caches have been archived by CO’s, and 3 by Reviewers “cleaning up” and the explanation is that the CO has not responded to DNF’s or requests to check on the status. Of those archived by the CO’s, some don’t give a reason, but of those that do, it’s due to the area not being a good place anymore – homeless camps, trash dumps, construction – whatever, there seem to be many areas no longer conducive to hosting a geocache. And the new cache notifications? There have been 7 new caches, and 4 events published so far this month. So, is it just this area? Are others seeing this? I recently archived one of my hides due to homeless activity too close to the previously good hiding spot, and changed another to a different style hide to hopefully make it less attractive to vandals – but it’s not the experience I wanted for that final on the mystery series. And my reaction, other than being frustrated and feeling the need to archive hides, is to find better places to hide caches. But better places and better caches take time and effort, which I am willing to do – as long as people still enjoy finding what I hide! My newest cache has only one find to date (published Aug. 30), and it’s a puzzle, so I know it’s not one that will be found by casual cachers. Still, 1 find in nearly a month is unusual for this area.
  19. In may, we flew through Chicago, and each of the two major airports there has an AL - reading the logs I was surprised to see logs that indicated that the cacher never left the airplane and was able to complete it. Other logs indicated it was simple, and could be done from anywhere in the terminals. Sure enough, we could get the questions all from the same location, and they were all simple multiple choice so no chance you would not be able to get the right answer (though some of the choices were obviously not the right ones!) We only passed through Midway, and got 5 easy smilies. I imagine the O'Hare version is similar, the write up is nearly identical as are the titles (Sweet Home Chicago and Sweet Home Chicago (Midway)) and they are called "sister caches", two different CO's. We took the smilies anyway, but hubby didn't get a state souvenir for Illinois. I had previously done a virtual at the same airport and that earned me the Illinois state souvenir, but time didn't allow us to grab that one so he could get the souvenir, since AL's apparently don't get you a real "find" in the state they are located in.
  20. I can verify this, as I recently found a multi with the posted coordinates in California, and the final in Nevada, at the stateline in South Lake Tahoe, CA/Stateline, NV. The find was listed as a California find, not Nevada, although the container and log were in Nevada. GC3AFN7
  21. Isn't there a guideline that says for something to be a "geocache", there has to be GPS coordinates to locate the cache, or use of a GPS device to find waypoints on the way to the cache? A geocacher moves, all over! There would be no coordinates involved at all, so in my mind, that would disqualify it from being a geocache type. And, as niraD pointed out, we already have personal trackable name tags, or other trackables that we can use to "Discover" other geocachers when we meet. A "geocacher" as a cache type just doesn't make sense to me.
  22. When you create your puzzle (using an account on jigidi.com), you add a "completion message" - an extra step that shows the correct coordinates once the puzzle is completed. Watch the video and read the help guide for adding a completion message to your puzzle. Go to jigidi.com, create an account, create a puzzle, and follow the guides to adding a completion message. From the help article: Puzzles with completion messages This article's mentioned topics are essential if getting your puzzle's completion message is the primary objective for others to solve the puzzle. It is important to consider the solving experience you offer your fellow puzzlers. Challenging them to solve a puzzle with very many pieces and few details to get the final message will likely give them a sense of being punished. As a rule of thumb, jigsaw puzzles that primarily bring a completion message to the table should stay below 150 pieces. This is manageable for most people. For puzzles with more pieces, keep in mind that the enjoyment of solving jigsaw puzzles is essential on Jigidi.
  23. First, a clarification - do you mean trackables you currently have in your possession, either owned by you or that you have retrieved from events or caches (your current inventory)? Or do you mean all of your owned trackables, whether in your possession or out in the wild? I'm guessing it's your inventory, as that groups by 10 and has no sorting options, the list is alphabetical. Second, what do you want to do with this list? I don't know about you, but my inventory is constantly changing, and I find the list on the website, or in the app when I'm in the field, to be workable, especially when I am moving the travel bugs around. Knowing how you intend to use this list may help us come up with a workable solution. How many trackables do you typically have to keep track of? I currently have 23, some are my personal coins and travel bugs that I keep with me, the rest are travel bugs I have picked up and will be moving on to another cache soon, to likely be replaced by others that I pick up. A hard copy list (assume that's what you meant by "copying and pasting" from the list of 10 shown in your inventory) would be next to impossible for me to keep current, and I have the updated list on the app, as well as on the website, and it's current, as I do like to log trackables as I retrieve and drop them - I just have a notebook where I jot notes to add info to the drop and retrieve logs later.
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