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  1. Can you just edit the date of the old log? I think so, but don't want to actually try it right now.
  2. You are right of course. I changed the wording in my last post.
  3. If they can make easy to use date fields for PQs, why not for searches. I guess I'll just use PQs for my searches.
  4. Same as above for me, but it was 2021 that I forgot to get.
  5. Yes, because too many cache owners won't classify them correctly as micros, but call them "other." Also too many cachers who do see nanos called micros, then think that a film canister or prerform or match holder is a "small". Then what is rightly a "small" becomes a "regular."
  6. I would even be satisfied with being able to just hold down the left button and have the search zoom through the months. This business of having to click once for each month is much too tedious. I am planning a trip to an area I've never been and want to search for caches hidden between Aug 1, 2000 and Mar 31, 2001. In addition, for whenever & wherever I happen to be, I want to search for caches hidden in 7 specific months of 2019 - 2021.
  7. I saw the red wrench symbol and assumed there was a NM log. Now I looked back through the logs and found the NM in 2018.
  8. Well, that sounds simple enough, but.. . . I use a trackball rather than a standard mouse and don't have a mouse wheel. And what about those many more people who use a laptop or tablet or even a phone with a trackpad or touchscreen instead of a mouse? (Jeff-this is not actually directed at you, but at those programmers who seem think that everyone (or almost everyone) has the same equipment.)
  9. Looks like you did everything right and the cache is ready to be found. Btw, did you delete the NM log? Unless there was a good reason for doing that (like foul language) you really should let it stand.
  10. It is just as bad for newer caches. Or for any time that one wants to find caches placed on, or before, or after, or between specified dates. PLEASE change this.
  11. I have no problem with seeing yours. Safari on iPad
  12. I use Safari on my desktop (Mac mini) and my iPad. I also frequently get the "Safari Can't Open Page" error message, but usually refreshing the page solves the problem. Occasionally it takes two or even three refreshes, which gets to be annoying.
  13. For Date Placed, please make it possible to type the date(s) in.
  14. I am planning a trip for next spring which will include geocaching. I am looking at many caches in several states, but will not be logging any finds for 8 months; and many of the caches I looked at several times, I will probably never log. How is this telling? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer.)
  15. It really irks me when the cache description says something like "This is a very busy place, so be sure to use stealth when finding." My response is that the hider should have chosen a better location, and while I don't actively call attention to what I'm doing, I don't try to be stealthy either--I just go about my business of looking for the cache. It's really hard to be stealthy when you're lying on the ground under a park bench--I just don't do it when someone is sitting on that bench.
  16. I hadn't used this feature, but looking at it now, I see the same result as you do. I'm in Safari. Definitely a bug!
  17. Where do you find a trash can icon in the message center?
  18. Too many of the caches I see with a large percentage of FPs are the ones that break guidelines--Buried underground, holes drilled into telephone poles and fence posts, etc. I do not give FPs to these caches.
  19. NanCycle

    travel bug

    OK - I get that your response was specific to the OP; mine was more generic.
  20. NanCycle

    travel bug

    Any you're supposed to do what with the toy/whatever attached to that aluminum tag????
  21. Owner Maintenance 06/01/2020 Will try to replace the first week of june. Will post when repaired.
  22. This already exists. A cache can be Temporarily Disabled. With sufficient, reasonable explanation, "temporarily" could last several months.
  23. There are 193 caches within 10 miles of where I live, 154 caches that I don't own.
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