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  1. The place where we would recycle our aluminum cans would use $2 bills in payment. I'd use the $2 bills as FTF prizes.
  2. I did the one at Chicago O'Hare without getting out of my seat. I did the one at Colorado Springs, CO without getting out of my car. I agree that these don't real like much of an Adventure. But they were there to pass the time. Now, how did I miss the one at Toronto-Pearson? Edit: Oh, it wasn't there yet when I was there.
  3. NanCycle


    The advantages to a premium membership are not so much in the caches, as in the features available. I
  4. I have completely ignored the promotions (not events) for several years now.
  5. My LBH caches are all sports themed and I bought related stamps from Hobby Lobby. I bought two of each in case I’d have to replace them, but I haven’t needed the extras.
  6. It's not just you. I've done a few, but passed on many more because the requirements were just too much like a school exam. If I'm going to be near one I'll read the description and usually decide to skip it as being just too much work.
  7. Good to know that there is such a warning. I couldn’t swear in court that I didn’t receive the warning, but I sure don’t remember seeing it.
  8. That’s good to know, but there are statements to the contrary here in the forum. Who really knows?
  9. You are using the word "archived" as though it is the same process as archiving a geocache; however after reading further in the forum, I understand that there is no "archiving" an AL--which would preserve the records of all those who had completed the AL, but there is only "deleting" which also deletes the records of all those who had completed it. (In my case I deleted it before I had actually finished it, so there were no other records to mess up, but nevertheless, I did not archive it, I deleted it.). Unintentionally and unknowingly. I had no idea that I couldn't delete what I had started and start over. A warning of the drastic results of deletion would have been nice. Like "Are you sure you want to delete this AL? If you do , it will be gone forever and you won't be able to recreate it".
  10. Well. so there's the answer. I didn't know I did that; I didn't know it was even possible to archive an Adventure--I do remember reading here in the forum that it was not. I wonder if I'm the. only person who finds the AL Builder confusing and hard to work with.
  11. I have created one new Adventure and now have no credits. Since when does 2 - 1 = 0 ?
  12. One of my finds went missing a while back. Geocaching Support was able to help me.
  13. One of my ammo boxes was taken by a utility worker, but he brought it back a few days later. Evidently took it home and researched it, decided it was harmless, even signed the log. Later the box was taken again and gone for good this time. Many other types of container have also disappeared.
  14. Yesterday I found 4 caches and logged all 4 finds on my Android phone before going to an event. After I got home I logged the event on my Mac running Safari computer; then also edited all the 4 find logs. Now the event is showing as the 3rd find of the day, not the first, not the last, right in the middle.
  15. There is no review process for ALs.
  16. I received the following: Hello NanCycle, Congratulations! Because you have created a public Adventure, Geocaching HQ is giving you the opportunity to create two additional Adventures for the global community. We have selected geocachers from those who created one or more public Adventures and have no credits remaining. You were chosen as part of this process. What does this mean? You have access to create two additional location-based Adventures, each with up to five Locations. If you use both credits to create public Adventures by International Geocaching Day (August 20, 2022), you will have the chance to receive additional credits after August 20th! In three easy steps, you can create and share your custom Adventure with the world! Please read the Adventure Lab guidelines (Lese die Richtlinien auf Deutsch). Your Adventure must follow the guidelines, or it may risk deletion if problems are reported. Review the Adventure Lab Builder guide (Lese auf Deutsch/Lire en français). This provides step-by-step instructions. If you're looking for inspiration, check out this Adventure Lab tips article and Top 5 tips video. When you're ready to create your Adventure, log into the Adventure Lab builder with your Geocaching.com account. Please note: Your Adventure Lab credit includes up to five Locations. If you create an Adventure, it must be set to Public (not Private). Your Adventures have no expiration date, although if there are issues they may be turned off at the discretion of Geocaching HQ. By creating an Adventure, you are helping test and improve this platform for the future. Geocaching HQ intends to expand opportunities to explore by welcoming creators and players beyond the current geocaching community (learn more about our vision here). Adventurers, both existing geocachers and new players, are sharing that they are excited to see Adventure Lab explore more types of content, ideas, locations, and themes than have been traditionally supported in geocaching. For example, we are seeing highly-rated Adventures in theme categories such as ‘Food & Drink’ and ‘Exercise’ and we are hearing parents share excitement about Adventures that are specifically created ‘For kids’ to enjoy. We encourage you to innovate by featuring compelling narratives and themes! We have recently added the following features: Themes: Adventure creators can choose from 31 themes to add to their Adventure to help create and share compelling stories. Players can use themes to find Adventures that interest them. Filters: players can filter in the app for new Adventures, completion status, estimated time, Adventure type (sequential or nonsequential), and themes. Time Estimate: an estimated time to complete an Adventure is calculated automatically and displayed to players once an Adventure has at least five completions. For more information and ideas about creating an Adventure, please visit our online Help Center and Geocaching.com forums. Congratulations, and have fun creating! Best regards, Geocaching HQ
  17. Yes, there are fire-resistant and fire-retardant paints. I don't know how well they work.
  18. My (so far only) AL also has a specific location where you have to start. Parking is available only on the opposite side of the river to where the AL is, and there is a pedestrian bridge to cross the river from the parking to the AL. And, no, you cannot access the AL from the other side by walking--there is a railroad yard and at least one fence in the way. ( But I don't really understand what this thread is about.)
  19. Scouts under supervision, maybe, but others have given good options. "Students" -- absolutely not! Many of us make our caches PMO specifically to keep them out of the hands of this age group.
  20. I don't understand how not having features that you're not paying for is a "rip-off."
  21. I have this issue also, using Safari. Shows correctly in Chrome.
  22. Yes, those and a few others, like International Geocaching Day each year.
  23. I'd sure like to be able to do this also.
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