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  1. A couple of irks to revisit after my caching experience in Morocco. It seems that some, perhaps many, geocachers cannot bare having to log a DNF in a socalled "exotic" location. This was my experience in Morocco and to a lesser extent, Qatar. I came across a DNF log from a frustrated cacher who was sick of "Found It" logs begging COs to accept their find even though caches have been obviously missing for some time. Example "Didn't find it 14/05/2022 Nothing there unfortunately. To those who log as found without finding and signing the logbook - you're pathetic!" This was in response to "Found it 14/05/2022 Here also, the cache was not there. I look everywhere. Then I read the comments. May I log it. Greetings from Belgium" and this one on same cache and a couple of others "Found it 09/05/2022 This is another one which is a great place to stroll to and the hint is fairly clear. While it seems to be missing, the likely hiding place is findable and it would be a loss to be archived, so I am logging as having found the location, subject to CO approval. FP. TftC" My next irk applies to some caches I researched for cities and towns I visited in Morocco. Caches placed in businesses and private residences. Somehow the cache owners have managed to convince the owners of these premises that it could be fun to be cache maintainers. For me, I will not invade someones privacy just to add a "Found It", not to mention rules somehow being circumvented to allow a cache on business premises where interacting with the business owner is necessary to make the Find. Could have added a heap of other examples if the now defunct "Found It, Didn't Find It" thread was still open. I could go on about throwdowns too but I've said enough already. OK. One final (mundane) irk. After six weeks away I now have to go and do battle with with knee high grass that was once lawn.
  2. Arrived home last night after being away for six weeks in France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Was able to add France and Morocco to my tally as I already had Spain and Portugal due to a MSC cruise in late 2019. Had a stopover in Doha, Qatar, yesterday where I was able to add another find which was right next to my hotel. It was too hot to chase any more as my luggage was shipped straight through to Sydney so no change of clothes. Have a couple of irks to post too from my Morocco experience.
  3. The following is being logged on all M. Highnumbercacher's Found It logs. Channeling Johnny Appleseed? Quelques boites disparues ont été remplacées. (Some missing caches have been replaced)
  4. High find numbers geocachers who can't face posting a DNF. Example. A few days ago I had my eye on a Letterbox Hybrid near where I am staying in France. The last find logged was by a high find cacher so I thought this one should be ok. I got to GZ and, with an excellent hint, started my search and came up with zilch, nada, nothing. So, I retraced my search and found, in a spot that matched the hint perfectly, a tiny plastic zip bag with a folded log strip in it and a largish pebble(?). I took out the log strip which was a personalised strip apparently left by the aforementioned high number cacher. It was not signed or dated but the cacher's name was printed on it hence "personalised'. I'd found a throwdown. Aaaagh! The pebble? I assume it was placed in the baggie to stop it from being blown away. Disgusted, I logged a DNF and added an NM. The previous cacher had over 10k finds. I wonder how many, if any, DNFs they have logged? BTW, there were three DNFs before M. Highnumbercacher came along going back over a year. No NMs.
  5. Scored France yesterday. A nice cycle ride along a canal near Hure. Next one to aim for is Morocco in a few weeks.
  6. Missed this souvenir due to being in airports or on planes Sydney/Doha/Barcelona.
  7. Agree. I have some island caches that I have rated a T4. They can be waded to and/or or swum to but boat or kayak is much easier. Since I started geocaching I have always thought there should be a seperate terrain rating for water caches, say, based around water grading used in kayaking. Using a boat or watercraft (even those that "moo") is, in many ways, can be a less specialised skill than driving a motor vehicle.
  8. MIA cache owner with NM caches - Archive. Deceased caches owners, after they get to the NM stage. - Archive
  9. On your first link all I see the hiking image.
  10. I also recently received the same note on GC4D0MB a little over two weeks from last WN. I just posted another WN and will wait another month to see if construction work has finished - not hopeful at this stage. Chill out Jeff.
  11. How do I include an attribute image in a message or email? Is there an easy copy/paste?
  12. If it's a micro it's a micro. I have confused more than one player by mentioning, in the description, that they are looking for an ammo can. GC6XG1Q
  13. I enjoy them. I once found one where the container was a miniature coffin (Small).
  14. I'll bet the CWA ladies had baked some great cake.
  15. The rule is to leave the gates as you found them - just to clarify.
  16. I don't see it on my dashboard. Same country (for those who don't already know).
  17. I DNF'd that one a few years ago. Near Narrabri right? There were quite a few in Narrabri but last time I looked most had gone bye bye.
  18. Hanford Reach National Monument looks like an interesting place. I guessing it's about 1 hour from you?
  19. It's a long shot but how about instigating a "class action" among the hiders in your part of the world - Brazil? A kind of union that can take on the fake loggers by deleting logs, making all hides PMO, mass disabling? In reality, it is a difficult situation for which I don't see any realistic counteraction to prevent such behaviour apart from what you have already done. Good luck.
  20. I once DNF'd an ammo can cache in a forest in Alaska. About 4 or 5 metres away there was a real birdhouse into which some seekers had placed scrap paper logs and logged a find. The description stated the cache was an ammo can, one of a series where all had gone missing and were eventually archived.
  21. I'm puzzled (not an unusual state for me to be in). I have received an alert that I have been quoted in this thread however I do not recall having posted here until now and I can't see a quote/post by the the poster who quoted. Has oldtimer's struck again?
  22. Yep. it's all relative. Katherine is just down the road from Darwin but there's not much in between. Litchfield Park is nice.
  23. I recently saw this Found It log on one of my caches. Found it 08/05/2022 Hard one to find put more where the coordinates are. On seeing this I thought I should check it and, as it happened, it was conveniently close to another of mine that had gone missing which I was replacing today. Not knowing the accuracy of the finder's device, and seeing also that he/she/they were novices, I was expecting I may have a bit of a search in front of me. I got to GZ and found, to my surprise, the cache was less than a metre from where it was supposed to be but a little more exposed than it was. Hmm. Not sure what happened here unless a previous finder had replaced it further from GZ than where the last finder found it. Has anyone had any unusual/interesting logs where a finder thought a cache was not in the correct spot and put it where they thought it should be?
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