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  1. Not like those. They are large single rings. I took some photos which I now can't find. I'll go back and take some more. They are ground level above cliffs, between #7 & #8 of my Two Beaches series.
  2. I have a similar problem to the OP. I have found an interesting rock feature (which I think would be good for an EC) but have no idea what it is which makes it hard to research. Orange rings of various sizes in, I think, igneous rock. Ring sizes vary up to about a metre diameter. The rock inside and outside the rings looks appears to be the same. Imagine a 44 gallon drum set in rock with the esposed part rusted away. My own (ignorant) guess is that it may have at one time been an iron(?) bubble in magma. Can anyone point me to how I may find out. Not far away is exposed rock with stumps of trees that were engulfed during a volcanic event, but at a lower elevation.
  3. G'day and welcome. Plenty to start with in your LGA.
  4. I use an Etrex 20x 90% of the time. My phone is quite accurate (Motorola G4 plus) but phone coverage is not all that good or non existant in many places. As a COI mainly use the phone for maintenance so that I can instantly disable/enable caches as required. Living where I am (a lot of bushland and scrub), a feature I find useful with the Etrex is the Backtrack if I am navigating in trackless areas where one could easily become disoriented. Also found it usefull on a couple of occasions when I have lost my glasses in scrub then found them by backtracking. Then there's battery life and screen in definition in bright sunlight. In the end try both and go with what works best for you.
  5. Have you ever placed a cache in a remote area and then relied on someone else to maintain it? Or, would you not place a cache in a remote area because you could not maintain it? Remoteness, to me, makes no difference to maintenance responsibility..
  6. As I had some Altoids tins handy I decided to measure one. I needn't have bothered as it wasn't untill after I'd measured that I noticed the contents weight printed on the lid 1.76oz (nice round figure?) and 50g (grams) Perhaps the grams was for the benefit of straying Canadians. BTW the Altoid tin volume worked out a just a little more than the Eclipse, IIRC, mint tin illustrated by Goldenwattle somewhere above, approx. 100ml v 75ml. Sistemas = Lock'n'Lock various sizes. Sistemas are made in New Zealand. IMHO Altoids and Eclipse tins are micros.
  7. I never suggested that. It was just an observation for comparison.
  8. Yes, Google it. That's what some, usually younger, finders have done.
  9. You are quite correct but the problem I alluded to would be similar to the micro v small issue i.e. nano v micro.
  10. Another hint I could have used would be "Short on intelligence" = _ _ _ _ _ as a _ _ _ _ _ Sorry for OT.
  11. Jethro Tull was a person but not the one in the hint. If you were my vintage you would know immediately to what it, the name, refers. Think 60's rock band headed by a flautist who plays while standing on one leg. Hmm?
  12. I kinda agree but I would expect there could be a problem in definition. I have micros that contain a small writing implement (some of my bison tubes do) but I have never seen a nano that could.
  13. Other, to me, indicates that you are searching for something out of the ordinary. something that does not fit normal container descriptions. I have micros that have larger camo and, as you suggested, I make it known in the description. Here's and example where there is also a hint within the hint. GC4R3JD
  14. "Other" gives no indication of size at all. It gives no indication that it can accept trackables or could contain swag.
  15. I think I have it figured out. Something has changed whereas I used to be able to get the drop down menus on my Public profile but can only do it on my private profile.
  16. Top of page. GEOCACHING Play Community Shop Normally I would click "Play" and get a drop down menu with Dashboard and a lot of other items which I can't remember (oldtimers) and can no longer see.
  17. OK. Understand now. Thank you. Tried it and I found the dashboard down the list. This bug should be fixed.
  18. There is a corollary to Murphy's law which is "and at the worst possible time".
  19. Sorry, I don't understand. I usually use Firefox but with new computer Microsoft seems to have disabled it. It's installed but not working, unusable. Same thing happened on my Surface 3 after a W10 update. Have been trying for months to fix it without success. I have to use Edge which uses Bing, which I hate.
  20. Yep, that's it. I didn't think of clicking the other options so I tried it and got the same result. So, how do I get to owner dasboard?
  21. When I go to click "Play" it highlights "Play" in a box and when I click it it opens my public profile, not the usual drop down menu from where I select my dashboard. What's going on, a bug?
  22. Where are the QR code stickers (if they are stickers) placed? On someone's property? Is permission required?
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