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  1. Just have to speak up on this one. Nearly gave up searching because of these 2 glitches intentional features, I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world but at least I could use the previous search to provide meaningful results. Mr me N u
  2. 5 years 7 months to compete GC1D17R, we started in February 2013 and finally got round to completing it in Sep 2018 - it is only about 11 miles long and the final location is less than 4 miles from home, we picked up the clues during a series of shorter circular walks over the years.
  3. If somebody is "creeped out" by the prospect of someone casing them, why would they contact the cache owner (probably a total stranger) at all?
  4. We started with one of these whilst in Saudi Arabia in 2008- the total number of waypoints (152?) - was exactly the same as the number of caches in country at the time! We also carried a ring binder with a print out of every cache listing, and only replaced it when the LCD screen died.
  5. Basic member caches in your small area should count themselves lucky - in the WHOLE of Kuwait (where Mrs me N u is currently working) there are a grand total of 5 caches available to basic members who are not military personnel. Edit - and only 16 non military available caches in total.
  6. GC2NQZP Sembawang hot spring in Sinagapore. An earthcache that epitomises geocaching for us - somewhere we would never have found as it is not listed on any tourist sites or in any guide books, it involved a train and bus journey followed by a short walk around the boundary fence of a military installation, said fence had been diverted to allow public access to the hot spring and as we were approaching the entrance an elderly local gentleman rode past us on a bicycle and pointed whilst shouting "hot spring, hot spring" a special memory for us!
  7. We refer to GZ as the point on the surface of the earth that our GPSR takes us to when navigating to the listed coordinates, and at least here in the UK, Groundspeak geocache listings DO NOT include elevation, so apart from attributes/cache description, we have no way of knowing the elevation - we have found a cache in a mine shaft where the listed coordinates were vertically above the cache but the entrance was some distance off and those coordinates listed as a waypoint (with no elevation information).
  8. A nice cold DING to Colleda - no apologies for being sneaky with the question, Pluto's first moon (Charon) was discovered in 1978 when Pluto was still regarded as the ninth planet in the solar system.
  9. Nope not Jupiter - that was the first planet (after earth) found to have moons orbiting it.
  10. Not Neptune -2 planets have had their first moon discovered since Neptunes.
  11. Thank you and sticking with the solar system and moons: Which was the last planet found to have at least one moon orbiting it? Edit to clarify question (hopefully!)
  12. Thank you, watching pointless obviously hasn’t been wasted time. For the next question, in the name of the bank what do the initials HSBC stand for?
  13. One way to "find" D5 T4.5 caches! Publish Listing 26/06/2020 Published Found it 21/06/2020 I was fortunate enough to join the CO in hiding this cache.
  14. Ding to colleda. In the introduction to the book, Stephen Hawking informs that he was told “he would lose half the readers for every equation he included” but thought that Einstein's e =mc2 was well known enough to include.
  15. Has nobody else got a copy? Here's a hint - it's somewhere between zero and two ?
  16. Didn’t expect the ding, but thank you! A simple question now - how many equations did Stephen Hawking include in “A brief history of time”?
  17. We think the front was a pig/piglet but not a clue on the rear end - have seen it mentioned on one of the food history programmes.
  18. Ding to MartyBartfast - Kazakhstan is the info. we had.
  19. At least we didn't fall flat on our faces - thank you MartyBartfast. Staying with geography, what is the name of the largest landlocked country?
  20. Let’s see if our confidence is misplaced ? 1) Mount Everest 2) We think it’s in Ecuador, and the distance from the earths centre is due to the earth not being a perfect sphere and bulging slightly at the equator, but we have no idea of the name. 3) Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
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