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Geocaching Hotbeds


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This thread is for posting coordinates.


Go to the Hide & Seek a Cache page and search by latitude and longitude. Then find the page that has caches at a radius of 20 miles. Post the name of the area, the coordinates, and the page number.


Seattle area:

N47-39.645 W122-03.250

Page 29

About 560 caches within 20 miles.


I'm sure there must be a spot in Portland Oregon that comes pretty close to that. There maybe bits of California that greatly exceed that. What about the East Coast? Inquiring minds, etc.


You're welcome to post different coordinates for areas already posted if it ups the cache count.


Maybe someone can start another thread for country specific hotbeds. eg. Geocaching hotbeds - UK


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How do you go to the page...
There is no page that tells you how many caches there are. If you find the page showing caches 20 miles from your search center then that page number times 20 (the number of caches on each page) is the number of caches up through that page. There are links to the page numbers at the top and bottom of each page. If that's not what you're asking let me know.
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The number of caches within 20 miles of my zip code (95118) is 671 as of 2/18/04.


The easy way to figure this out is to go to your state page, and then click on the "Other Search Options..." link. On that page, you can enter your zip code and enter 20 miles for your search radius. The total number found will be listed on the first page of the search results.



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Ok here i some by state data


Most cache dense:


1 New Jersey (yeah!!) 0.113 caches/sq mile

2 Rhode Island

3 Massachusetts

4 Connecticut

5 Maryland

6 California

7 Indiana

8 Florida

9 Delaware

10 Pennsylvania


41 Nevada

42 Arkansas

43 Louisiana

44 New Mexico

45 Nebraska

46 Wyoming

47 South Dakota

48 Montana

49 North Dakota

50 Alaska


Total caches (as of about 10:30p et)

1 California

2 Texas

3 Washington

4 Florida

5 Oregon

6 New York

7 Utah

8 Arizona

9 Pennsylvania

10 Illinois


41 New Hampshire

42 Wyoming

43 Alaska

44 Hawaii

45 South Dakota

46 West Virginia

47 Vermont

48 Rhode Island

49 Delaware

50 North Dakota


I have too much time on my hand, i know


dave (dhenning25)

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Jeepers! This all explains some people's stats. We don't even have 15 caches within 20 miles. To get to a hundred we'd have to drive for hours in many directions. I'm not complaining- we live in a beautiful place and I'm happy about it; but each cache is a major undertaking. Those of you who have more than five caches you could call "lunch caches," or more than a handful you can reach in an afternoon, BE THANKFUL!

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I believe that New Jersey is the most densely__________ state in the union.

Insert just about any adjective you want, but be nice. 


But I'm from New Jersey... I can't be nice!


Lets see, excluding the obvious Soprano's-esque profanity...

I choose "McSkeevy Corrupted"!!!

(those from NJ know what I mean!)

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Jeepers!  This all explains some people's stats.  We don't even have 15 caches within 20 miles. 

I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State where we have caches galore. This weekend I will be traveling to Enid, Oklahoma for my nephew's wedding, so naturally I wanted to do some geocaching while there. Ran a search for a 25 mile radius of Enid...........Total Caches???..... 4..... two of which are virtual caches. <_< Bummer! If it wasn't such a long trip to maintain the cache, I would hide one while there.

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Huh. I live about 1/2 hour N of Markey. 94536 - 723 within 20 miles.


we've done this before, recently. If I expand my radius to 30 miles I get 1383 caches.


at 100 miles I get 3571 caches.


an interesting statistic is to expand your search radius. If I put in 200 miles (or 300, or 400) I get 4080 caches. If I scale back to 125 miles I get 3839 caches.


ok, so if you assume from that that the database query stops at 4080, how much distance does it take for you to reach that limit?

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Ok here i some by state data


Most cache dense:


1  New Jersey (yeah!!) 0.113 caches/sq mile


4  Connecticut

Gotta love it! <_<

You left out Washington DC though. If you count that as a state, it trumps them all (of course 95% of the caches are virtuals....)

Actually, most of Washington D.C.'s virtuals are actually WORTH something. And since there are so many of them so close together (all up and down the National Mall), it makes it worth the trip...you can walk from one interesting site to another completely different but equally interesting site.


I personally like the ones that are in Arlington Cemetery...haven't been there yet, but I love Arlington Cemetery for the beauty, the peace, and the reverence in the area...I'll be going there soon. Since the virtuals placed there are intended to teach history about people worth revering, I appreciate the people who put them there.

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Germany / Hessia / Fritzlar near Kassel (center of Germany) N51.07 E9.16 - there are 84 caches around my home in a 20 mls area.

In Hamburg (Germany) N53.32 E9.58 there are 235 caches in the 20 mls radius.

In Berlin (Germany) N52.31 E13.23 there are 161 caches in the 20 mls radius.

In Frankfurt (Germany) N50.06 E8.40 there are 129 caches in the 20 mls radius.

So, Germany still can improve <_<

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Ok here i some by state data


Most cache dense:


1  New Jersey (yeah!!) 0.113 caches/sq mile


4  Connecticut

Gotta love it! <_<

You left out Washington DC though. If you count that as a state, it trumps them all (of course 95% of the caches are virtuals....)

if you want to include Washington, DC


Washinton DC 1.06 caches / sq mile (most cache dense)

72 total caches


New Jersey still tops the states


dave (dhenning25)

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Orange County, California:


538 caches within a 20 mile radius of 92725 (Santa Ana, CA - which is pretty much at the center of Orange County).


Not bad when you consider that you run into the Pacific ocean about 10 miles to the Southwest, thus losing a good chunk of potential geocaching area! <_<

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OK for those of you with too much time on their hands which state has the most caches per capita???

Here goes:


Number of people per cache by state:

Most cache per capita

1 Utah 1035 people per cache

2 Idaho

3 Oregon

4 Wyoming

5 Washington

6 Nevada

7 Alaska

8 Montana

9 Arizona

10 New Mexico


42 Illinois

43 Rhode Island

44 West Virginia

45 Georgia

46 Washington DC

47 Alabama

48 New York

49 New Jersey

50 Ohio

51 Louisiana 12553 people per cache


dave (dhenning25)

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