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  1. I've seen medals for a rowing competition made from glass, they were pretty cool. The hardest part wou;d be small details like the tracking number.
  2. Probably already posted, but go see "National Treasure" the movie, it is the ultimate geocache, although with no GPS.
  3. Get ready for Hurricane Frances everyone in Florida!! Hope everyone is safe.
  4. inventorjg

    Stop It!

    Sorry dude, but when I find just a bug with nothing else attached how am I supposed to know where it wants to go, even if it is just treveling around. People will not take bugs unless they know for sure what it's goal is. Therefore, put an informational sheet with it, it helps it.
  5. Sorry to say this, but some of the caches in central Florida will be missing come tomorrow because of Hurricane Charley. Just think about it a ammo box being in winds of 102 mph.
  6. I have heard about it and seen documentaries. It looks like a place for hippies, probably not my setting.
  7. CITO Container and bunches of H2O, travel bugs too.
  8. Here are mine: Gold one: 1989 Mercedes Benz 190E (mom's) Blue one: 1986 Mercedes Benz 190D (mine) Both are in great condition and people think they are only 5 years old!!
  9. That is a lot of time wasted that could be found more fruitful by doing other tasks.
  10. I want to make a Selector for my geocache page, but when I paste it in, and then I view the listing, it doesn't have any graphics, it just says in normal type "kid friendly, wheelcahir accessable, etc." How can I make it show the graphic?
  11. I was thinking about placing a cache involving a treasure map, or little symbols, instead of numbers, etc. The map could be printed out from online. What other unique caches have you all seen, and what do you think about the aforementoned ideas?
  12. Yes, weird, but that is what makes a TB, a TB.
  13. That is a cool idea. I thought you were talking about slime or something??
  14. I always thought about that too, because it really tracks miles the person drove, and only a small percent is hiking.
  15. Thats a great little story! Even cooler is that you scripted it out while geocaching!
  16. That is a cool idea. I should try it. The only hitch is that it would have to be the same card!
  17. Why aren't there any Jeep TB's in Florida?
  18. Hi, there are some good caches near the Ocoee river we have found. They are Goforth Creek, a pretty easy hike of at most 20 min. roundtrip, right on the side of road. And Boyds Gap, which is a nice scenic hike, which takes about 1 hr roundtrip.
  19. My Dad and I are going to Chattanooga for a whole day of caching. We want to know which are the best, like easily accessable, stop and go's. Thanks!
  20. Why is the contest void in Florida???
  21. A) Number of caches found-45 B ) Number of forum posts-83 C) Number of FTF's-0 D) Number of caches in a certain difficulty/terrain rating??? E) Number of Travel Bugs found lots F) Number of Hides-5
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